Do Women Cheat More Than Men? All You Need to Know Is Here πŸ‘‡

Do women cheat more?

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    Well, let’s talk about a subject as old as time – infidelity. If you have happened to become a victim of cheating, have suspicions about your partner, or cheated yourself, this review is what you need to read. 

    Here, we’ll tell you all about cheating and what makes people have an affair. We’ll let you know about the cheating statistics and explain how cheating in your relationship can change your life or further new connections. 

    Intrigued? Betcha! Keep on reading this review to find out which gender cheats more! 

    Who Cheats More? Infidelity Statistics

    According to the Institute of Family Studies (IFS), the 2010-2016 General Social Survey among married or divorced men and women says that men cheat more often than women.

    Over 20% of married men and 13% of married women had sex with someone other than their SO. However, the infidelity statistics vary by age, which can be seen in the picture below. What does it mean? Do women cheat more than men? Yes and no. At the age of 18-29, women are slightly more likely than men to be guilty of infidelity: 11% vs 10%. However, these statistics on cheating significantly change when men and women are at the age of 34 and in older age groups.Β 

    Cheating gap between genders

    Based on the same report, men cheat more often than women. Women at the age of 60-69 report the highest rate of infidelity in marriage, which reaches 16%, but the share goes down when they are at the age of 70-80 and drops down to 6%. 

    The infidelity rate of men, in contrast, is the highest when they reach the age of 70-79 and reaches 26%. And what is even more surprising is that they still cheat at the age of 80 (24%).

    In the updated 2020 IFS report, only 10% of women admitted an affair, while the number of cheating men exceeded 20%. Compared to 2016 data, the 2020 report showed that both young age genders at the age of 18-34 and those who are over 64 cheat similarly with the same infidelity rate of 16%.

    Demographic factors

    While the gap between women cheating and men cheating is narrowing, men still lead the infidelity rate. This disparity hints that both genders have different motivations to go down the same crooked path.Β 

    Further research showed that when including emotional connections and non-intercourse sexual activities in the definition of cheating, about 69% of marriages are affected. According to the same study – women are more likely to cheat after experiencing emotional infidelity, while men tend to engage in an affair after the physical one. So it is hard to say who cheats more, men or women, since types of infidelity vary, and it’s a grey area.

    Types of Cheating

    Cheating in a relationship hurts and can be obvious or discreet. But what exactly is cheating? It’s not just about physical affairs. Emotional connection with someone is also one of the cheating types. 

    So, why do people cheat, and what are the most popular types of cheating?

    1. Sexual cheating – it’s about constant or a one-night stand physical affair with another person.
    2. Financial infidelity – when your partner might not tell the truth about how much money they make, how they make it, how much debt they have, or how they spend or lend it.
    3. Sexting – it’s about sending sexual content (photos, videos, or text messages) to another person via social media platforms or IM apps.
    4. Micro cheating – when you flirt with someone else but have no intention of straying outside of the relationship.
    5. Romantic feelings – having warm and romantic feelings for someone else who improves their self-esteem.
    6. Hidden chatting – when you secretly chat with another person, and the character of your communication is more than just friendly.
    7. Commemorative infidelity – when someone stays in a relationship out of obligation but seeks love elsewhere, claiming their relationship has ended.
    8. Object infidelity – when a person is obsessed with work, hobby, or cell phone, which can cause a distraction from relationships.
    9. Dating apps – if you are happy with relationships, you won’t use dating apps to make new acquaintances or have an affair list.
    10. Combined cheating – more than one type of cheating, e.g., sexual and emotional infidelity.

    How Likely Is It for Men and Women to Cheat?

    So, do men or women cheat more? In short, men cheat more often than women. It’s because men have a stronger desire for sexual exploration. 

    According to the Journal of Family Psychology, women will tell the person they have an affair with about their already committed relationship, whereas men tend to hide these details. It’s so because women want to share this info to explain to their partner that they are in a relationship and that they only seek an opportunity for sex without any further obligations or connectedness.

    Cheating can happen in both dating and committed relationships, regardless of gender, relationship satisfaction, or relationship length. A person’s ability to control themselves psychologically is a significant factor in determining whether they cheat.

    12 Factors That Drive Women to Cheat

    While men cheat for sexual exploration, what is the reason for women’s infidelity? So, why do women cheat in relationships? 

    1. Lack of attention
    2. Emotional dissatisfaction
    3. Lack of communication and support
    4. A desire for new experiences
    5. Lack of intimacy
    6. Revenge or retaliation
    7. Emotional disconnection
    8. Bullying in relationships
    9. Incompatibility with an SO
    10. Sexual dissatisfaction
    11. Your partner does not attract you anymore
    12. Personal issues

    There may be other reasons explaining why women cheat. But in most cases, women cheating can be explained by the emotional disconnection they feel towards their partners. This emotional gap can lead them to seek intimacy and connection elsewhere.

    17 Factors That Drive Men to Cheat

    Women might be tormented by the question, “Why do men cheat?” “What percent of men cheat?” Frequently, women find their cheating men in long-lasting affairs and wonder what made them do it and seek attention outside of marriage. 

    So, if you want to know what influenced your devoted partner to become a cheating husband, here we’ve gathered a list of the most common reasons to help you understand the factors that drive men to cheat: 

    1. Lack of maturity
    2. Shame about their sexual desire 
    3. Intimacy disorder
    4. Selfishness
    5. Lack of attention and value
    6. Disappointment with their marriage
    7. Sexual addiction because of past trauma
    8. Willingness to try something new
    9. Boredom
    10. The chemistry is gone
    11. For adventure
    12. When their SO is unavailable (journey, loss of fertility, etc.)
    13. Lack of intimacy 
    14. When they see their woman is always unhappy
    15. Cheat when feeling unvalued
    16. Seek something new
    17. To satisfy their ego

    How Does Women’s Infidelity Differ from Men’s?

    Generally, women are better at hiding their infidelity, and this may partially be the answer to, “Why do women cheat more than men?” Women cheat in different types of phases. Texting, calling, giving eye contact, flirting – all these are phrases of cheating women that men rarely notice and, for this reason, rarely detect infidelity. According to a study where 1,500 heterosexual adults participated, both men and women were able to predict a man’s infidelity by looking at their faces in the pictures, while neither could reliably asses a woman’s.

    How to Catch a Cheating Wife or Cheating Husband?

    If you have noticed changes in your spouse’s behavior you do not like, express your worries and thoughts to your partner. Tell them what you dislike and what you feel. Be careful with words and let them explain their actions. Installing a reliable spy-tracking app will be handy if they do not even want to answer you but you still want to know the truth.Β 

    SpyBubble and cheaters

    With SpyBubble, you cannot only access your significant other’s text messages but also view all their incoming and outgoing calls, read all the text messages shared via social media platforms, check whether they use dating apps for communication, and even view whether a new contact has been recently added on renamed in their contact book. SpyBubble even allows listening to their surroundings and accessing their cell phone camera, meaning you can catch your cheating wife or husband on hot. 

    The best part? You can grab the tool for just $1 and enjoy all its benefits for two full days.


    Is it true that women cheat as or even more often than men but hide it well so that in most situations, husbands do not find out?

    It’s difficult to say which gender is more likely to cheat. According to statistics, men cheat more often. Women, in turn, hold their affairs so good that it may take a long time till their SO reveals infidelity. So, the real numbers about women’s infidelity are unknown.Β 

    Why do people cheat even if they are in love with their partner?

    People cheat for various reasons. Some are looking for emotional support, while others are looking for novelty. Some cheat because of revenge, while others to satisfy their ego. Those who are in love also frequently cheat when their sexual desire is unfulfilled or when they see their partner is always unhappy.

    Is once a cheater always a cheater, or is it a myth?

    It is not the truth that if a person cheats once, they will do it again. However, there are serial cheaters who are sexually addicted and engage in a consistent pattern of infidelity, seeking out sexual partners repeatedly.

    So, Who Cheats More?

    According to statistics and data obtained, men cheat more often than women. It’s probably because women better hide their affairs and are less likely to admit to infidelity when surveyed. 


    So, now you know the truth about who cheats most in a relationship, as per statistics. Simply put, statistics show that men cheat more often than women, possibly due to strong sexual addiction, past traumas, and low self-esteem. Women, in turn, cheat when they lack emotional support and attention in their relationships. Despite this, there may be other reasons that contribute to infidelity, such as dissatisfaction or external temptations. So, if you suspect your partner is cheating on you, ask them about it. If it does not help, or you have already caught a cheating partner and simply want to gather proof, install SpyBubble on your SO’s cell phone. This app will reveal all the truth you deserve to know!

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