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From now on, tracking Facebook Messenger will not be a big deal! Every single message that goes through this popular social network will be visible in your SpyBubble dashboard. Start tracking the Messenger app today with SpyBubble!

  • Read both sent and received messages.
  • Check out the profiles of people taking part in the conversation.
  • Keep an eye on Facebook Messenger cheating signs.
  • View secret Facebook conversations.
  • Track the media exchanged.
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How to Track Someone Through Facebook Messenger Using SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a stealthy tracker that can be installed on any modern mobile device. The possibility that the owner of the device discovers you are watching them almost equals 0. We have already helped reveal thousands of affairs and helped hundreds of couples, and we improve our expertise on a daily basis. We are sure that with our help, you will finally end all your suspicions and forget about your concerns.

Thus, now is the best time to start. No character from the tracked device will be hidden from you. Getting all the information you need from the target device is unbelievably easy. Spy on Facebook Messenger right now!

How to Install the Spy App for Facebook Messenger

The easiest 3-step installation in your life


Decide on the subscription plan that fits you. When the payment is completed – you will be sent all the instructions via e-mail.

Set up

Install Spybubble on the device you want to track (if it is an Android gadget) or log into the iCloud account if it is an iPhone.

Start to monitor

Wait until the linking process is completed, and use your SpyBubble account to track your spouse's or child's data.

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Why Choose SpyBubble for Monitoring Facebook Messenger?

Exclusive compatibility

It does not matter what device you track; it can be either Android- or iOS-based. Your SpyBubble dashboard can be accessed from any browser on any gadget.

Simple installation

The installation process, which is not rocket science, can be successfully finished by a child!

Access to everything

Photos, videos, and audio sent via Facebook Messenger will be revealed to you.

Attractive pricing

Flexible payment plans make it accessible to almost everyone. Choose the one that fits you best and finish your payment in seconds.

Convenient dashboard

All the tracked information is sent to a unique dashboard with an intuitive interface in real time.

Access to deleted data

Even if the user has deleted the message on their device, it will still be visible on your dashboard!

Frequently asked questions

How to catch a cheater on Facebook Messenger?
Start monitoring their Facebook Messenger, and you will know all their cheating matters! People often think that if their chat is hidden behind their username and password – there are no ways to access it. Well, just let them live with this delusion and keep sneakily getting all their messages and media leaked to your dashboard.
Depending on the cheater's device, either install SpyBubble manually (for Androids) or via iCloud (for iOS). After finishing the setup process, you will be able to identify who they text with, what they discuss, and what information they exchange.
How to track someone through Facebook Messenger without them knowing?
The main advice we can give you for this matter – do not inform your object that they are being tracked. We understand it might be tempting to jump on your husband or wife immediately, shouting, "I know what you have done, I have a tracker installed on your phone!", but no need; chill, and do not reveal all your cards.
You can install SpyBubbly on their device, open the dashboard on yours, and track someone through Facebook Messenger without them knowing. Thus, if you do not approach a person and say: "Hey, I installed SpyBubble on your device, and I am tracking you through Facebook Messenger", the probability they would know they are tracked is very low.
Can I track the IP address from Facebook Messenger?
Yes, retrieving the person's IP address via Facebook Messenger is possible, and you do not need any spy apps for Facebook Messenger. Just follow the steps we describe below.
1. Start a chat session with your object using Facebook Messenger.
2. Ensure that you close all other active internet sessions (pages).
3. Open the Command Prompt tool if you use Windows or Utility Tool for Mac. Obviously, you must be at your desktop or laptop for this.
4. Enter the "netstat -an" command in the opened tool – you should get the IP address in the next line.
How to track someone's location on Facebook Messenger?
There is an in-built feature that allows one to track someone's location on Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, it has a huge disadvantage: the object has to approve location sharing. To avoid it, you can give SpyBubble a chance to help you expose infidelity or dispel your suspicions. When you add the device to the SpyBubble dashboard – you should be able to track their Facebook location, not breaking stealth.
Does SpyBubble work anonymously?
SpyBubble Facebook Messenger cheating tracker is a completely anonymous application operating in a hidden mode on a target device. Even if the owner of this device notices that the battery started dying a bit faster or the device itself is a bit slower and finds the hidden tracker, there is still no information about the person "on the other side of the line".
We totally understand that if a partner you are tracking is "clean", and they find out they are being tracked by their loved one – it may lead to divorce. Thus, we covered you from this side.
What are the signs that your partner uses Facebook Messenger for cheating?
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Cheaters cheat,
What else can they do?
If you notice your partner constantly changing passwords on their phone, always taking the device with them when they leave the room, reacting aggressively to questions like "Why do you take the phone?" or "Can I see the pictures?" – they most probably cheat on Facebook Messenger, and not only.
In fact, a cheater always lives in fear of being revealed; thus, any divergence in their behavior may be a sign of cheating. And when you get concerned – install SpyBubble and double-check your suspicions!