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SpyBubble call tracker is a great tool to spy on your target's call logs. With a tracker at your disposal, you can consistently stay informed about whom the device owner communicates most often and, if needed, view the purposely deleted call history. Get all the info about the incoming, outgoing, missed, and even deleted calls in one place! With our phone number call tracker, rest assured that no communication will escape your notice!

  • View incoming, outgoing, missed, and even deleted calls
  • Monitor duration, state, timestamps, and caller details
  • Track live calls in real time
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • Works without rooting/jailbreaking
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How to Track Someone's Calls with SpyBubble?

Let SpyBubble walk you through the process of monitoring call logs on iPhone and Android devices. Once you installed SpyBubble on the target device, you can use our call tracker software immediately. The installation process is straightforward, with detailed setup instructions for a smooth and stress-free user experience. To further enhance your experience with the call log tracker, our 24/7 support team will always guide you through any app download, installation, or usage questions.

After successfully installing the tool, log into your userspace and get access to the dashboard, where you will see a list of features to look through. Scroll down and choose "Calls" to view the user’s call history. See? Using our call tracker online is easier than eating a bar of chocolate!

How to Install the Phone Call Tracker App?

The installation process of the SpyBubble phone call tracker is fast and easy, requiring you to follow these simple steps:


Create an account and enter your valid email address, which will be used to send you the installation guide. Then, choose a preferred subscription plan and proceed with payment.


Check the email you used for registration and find detailed instructions for app installation on Android (via apk) or iOS device (the target's Apple ID and password are required).

Start tracking

Access your SpyBubble account and, using the dashboard, navigate to the "Calls" feature to start monitoring. Ensure a stable Internet connection for uninterrupted tracking.

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Why Choose SpyBubble for Tracking Call Logs?

Easy to start

To start with the SpyBubble call tracker, you only need to spend 5 minutes creating an account and installing the app on an iOS or Android device.

Regular data updates

Our system works by regularly checking the tracked device's data and sending the new call logging details to your user space so that you won't miss any important data.

No jailbreak or rooting

Although most systems require jailbreaking or rooting the device of interest, this is not true when using the SpyBubble call logger.

Absolute security and anonymity

The data you provide during registration or when using our application is encrypted and hidden by the system, so no one will be able to access it. We don't share it with third parties, prioritizing high-security levels and ensuring your absolute satisfaction with SpyBubble.

24/7 support

We are proud to offer our customers round-the-clock live customer support, meaning that regardless of your time zone, you will always get qualified assistance in case of necessity.

Compatibility with all iOS and Android devices

With SpyBubble, you shouldn't worry about the app's compatibility with the target cell phone. You can satisfy your tracking needs no matter the distance, cell phone carrier, mobile network, or web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track a phone call?
To track a phone call with SpyBubble, you must enter your valid email address to register on our website. Then, you must choose the device's OS whose call logs activity you want to monitor, select a suitable subscription package, and proceed with payment. Once the payment is completed, we'll send you a detailed user guide on installing SpyBubble. The guide is easy to understand, requiring no technical skills to cope with the task successfully.
Why do you need a call history tracking app?
Call history tracker is useful for parents, spouses, or businesses. For parents, it helps to make sure their kids do not interact with abusers, predators, or bullies. It aids in understanding the nature of their communication and how they treat other people and prevent unhealthy relationships. For spouses, it serves as a discreet means to uncover infidelity should suspicions arise. Entrepreneurs use call history trackers to prevent or detect sensitive data leaks. Although tracking call logs of your kid is allowed without their consent until they are 18, it is not legal in other cases. Therefore, always do it with other people's consent and follow your country's laws.
Can someone track my location with a phone call?
Yes, it is possible to track your location using a phone call. Some service providers can also use the IMEI number to trace a mobile phone's location through GPS. However, ordinary users are not allowed this option. Therefore, the best way to detect a cell phone location is to use a special remote phone call location tracker from SpyBubble. This tool provides a high-accuracy, instant location tracking service, ensuring you can instantly determine a person's whereabouts.
What does the SpyBubble Pro phone call log show?
SpyBubble phone call log shows incoming, outgoing, and deleted calls, their duration, timestamps, and call state. Everything is displayed in a table, making the data analysis process easy and well-organized.
Can a call-tracking app improve my children's safety?
Sure. Using a call tracker is a great solution to check what your child is doing now and what they are supposed to do, whether at school, doing classes, or communicating with people. It will also show you whether they communicate with unfamiliar people, allowing you to be aware of their social interactions. Using a call tracker can also help detect any suspicious activities, enabling you to take proactive measures to protect them from any potential danger.