SpyBubble Features

SpyBubble has many features that you can customize for different purposes, such as catching a cheating spouse, parental control, or employee monitoring.

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View Their Social Media Accounts

icon Facebook Facebook icon Instagram Instagram
icon Snapchat Snapchat
icon Tik tok Tik tok
icon YouTube YouTube
icon Reddit Reddit
icon Tinder Tinder
icon Dating apps Dating apps

Monitoring Their Messenger Activity

icon WhatsApp WhatsApp icon Facebook messenger Facebook messenger
icon Zoom Zoom
icon Viber Viber
icon Telegram Telegram
icon Wechat Wechat
icon Skype Skype
icon Hangouts Hangouts
icon Kik Kik
icon Line Line
icon Signal messenger Signal messenger

Track Their Location

icon GPS location GPS location
icon Geofinder Geofinder

Tracking Their Calls and Messages

Find out What's Stored on Their Phone

icon Photo Photo
icon Video Video
icon Storage data Storage data
icon List of installed apps List of installed apps

See What They're Browsing Online

icon Record of browser usage Record of browser usage
icon Browser history Browser history
icon Browser bookmarks Browser bookmarks
icon Mailbox scanner Mailbox scanner

View Their Deleted Information

icon Deleted messages Deleted messages
icon Deleted calls Deleted calls
icon Deleted contacts Deleted contacts
icon Renamed contacts Renamed contacts

Remotely Control Their Device

icon Delete unwanted apps Delete unwanted apps
icon Restrict apps Restrict apps
icon Block website Block website
icon Block Wi-Fi Block Wi-Fi
icon Block Device Block Device
icon Disable messages Disable messages
icon Restrict calls Restrict calls
icon Keylogger Keylogger

Monitoring Their Device's Activity

icon Camera snapshot Camera snapshot
icon Video stream Video stream
icon Audio stream Audio stream
icon Online status Online status
icon Applications time record Applications time record
icon Device info Device info
icon Spy apps detector
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