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All the pictures and videos saved in the gallery will be available for viewing on your dashboard.
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  • Gain full access to a person's gallery
  • Check even deleted photos and videos
  • Get visual data received in any messenger
  • Install on iPhones without physical access
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How to Catch a Cheater Using SpyBubble

SpuBubble photo tracker is a 100% hidden tracker installed on your target's cell phone. People love saving their memories by taking pictures, and they are not always aware that pictures, like messages or phone calls, can also be tracked. We managed to add a SpyBubble feature that allows you to view all photos and videos stored on the device, even those a person deleted. Thus, if your partner has cheated on you or your child lies about with whom they spent their time, you can always check their photos and find the truth.

Thus, do not waste your precious time if you have at least tiny suspicions or fears about your loved ones. Spying on someone's pictures has never been as easy as with SpyBubble. Track visual data right now!

How to install

Meet with an easy 3-step installation


Choose the payment plan to your liking. Register an account and proceed to installation.


Unlock the Android device and install SpyBubble manually. If it is an iPhone – log into your target's iCloud and follow the steps on the screen.

Start Tracking

Use the login and password you received on your e-mail to log into your online dashboard. All the tracked information from the target device will be sent there.

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Why Track One's Visual Media with SpyBubble?

Android and iOS compatibility

Some people use Android, others – iOS, but you do not care, as SpyBubble works on both. Although the installation procedure is different, the way you access the dashboard is always the same – via any working browser.

Start immediately

No delays, you start spying on photos as soon as you finish with the installation. The only thing you must do is log into your account to access the dashboard.

Access to deleted media

People may delete photos and videos and think they are safe, but with SpyBubble, you can still spy on people's pictures. Deleted does not mean lost for you.

Fast updates

The dashboard receives updated tracked data every 5 minutes. You will always know the freshest news from the target device and won't miss any important photo or video your partner saves in their gallery.

Dreamable price

SpyBubble picture tracker offers an ultimate toolkit for the price many of its competitors offer at half or even less. Do not miss your chance to get one of the best cell phone trackers at the most affordable price!

Reports on all visual media

All videos and photos, even sent via various messengers, will be revealed to you. You will be notified about adultery at the very moment a photo is taken.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to pay for SpyBubble if there are free trackers?
We know there are applications claimed to be "free" on the Internet. Empirically, however, most of these apps are scams. Just think, why would a service be free? People spend their time developing it, and they support it. On the other hand, scammers attract attention by offering a "free" product and then disappearing with all your personal data. Is that what you are looking for?
If you are not sure about SpyBubble - request a free trial from the support - we are sure it will help you decide.
Why do I need to track other people's photos and pictures?
You need to spy on photos of your loved ones or children because of a whole bunch of useful information you may get. Every image tells you where your target was, what they were doing there, and even what their future plans might be. Human nature is such a tricky thing. We value visual memories so much that we may take pictures of valuable moments even at the risk of being revealed. Thus, checking photos and videos on your target's phone is never a bad idea to know all the recent events in their life. Who knows what you can see there?
How do you look at other people's pictures on their phones?
The simplest way to look at one's photos or videos is by installing a photo tracker app on their device. Such software usually has an online dashboard where all the information obtained from the tracked cell phone is stored. In this way, you can track phone pictures at any convenient time. Another option – get the required mobile device in your hands and check everything on the spot.
Is using an app to see what someone is doing on their phone safe?
Photo tracking with SpyBubble is 100% safe and anonymous. You stay invisible all the time, and your personal data is not shared with your target in any way. Thus, even if they somehow find out that there is a gallery tracker on their device, they will have no evidence you installed it.
Why is the SpyBubble photo tracker the best solution on the market?
If you ask this question, we recommend you request a free trial via our support service and see everything with your own eyes. SpyBubble allows you to spy on the photo and video content secretly and effectively. If the target device is an iPhone – you do not even need to download anything, as remote installation is available for Apple devices. Androids are not so lucky, but even manual installation on them is super simple. A great feature kit, reasonable pricing, intuitive interface, and responsive support – do you need more reasons to choose SpyBubble for tracking phone pictures?