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Don't pass by if you need a Facebook profile spy viewer. With SpyBubble, their page will be an open book for you!

  • Get full access to Facebook on iOS.
  • Have an eye on all their account activity.
  • Use SpyBubble on iPhones and Android devices.
  • Track partner’s posts, likes, and shares in real time.
  • Check who is on your object's friend list.
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How to Use SpyBubble to Find Out If Someone Cheats on Facebook?

Cheating on Facebook is one of the most widespread types of online cheating. Developing SpyBubble, our team aimed to create a trustworthy solution for couples, friends, employers, and parents to spy on someone's Facebook activity. We used all our experience and knowledge to create a stealthy tracker with the most useful features that would always be able to help you when you start feeling that your personal life comes apart at the seams.

If you need to find out what is happening, do not hesitate to turn to SpyBubble Facebook cheating app. All the important information from the target device will be at your fingertips in seconds. Catch Facebook cheaters before it is too late!

How to Install Facebook Profile Spy Viewer

3 easy steps to follow


SpyBubble offers three subscription plans. Choose the one you like more and register an account.


The installation takes only around 5 minutes. Install it directly on an Android device or via iCloud on iPhone.

Start tracking

Log into your account and start getting the reports from the tracked device.

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Why Choose SpyBubble for Facebook Profile Tracking?

Mobile compatibility

SpyBubble works with iOS and Android, the most popular mobile operating systems nowadays. The reports can be monitored via any browser on PCs, Macs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Flexible pricing

You can choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plan, depending on your preferences. The longer the subscription is – the better offer you get.

No-delay tracking

The information you get from the tracked device is regularly updated, so no Facebook cheating signs will be left without your attention.

Anonymity and stealth

Track someone on Facebook without them knowing and without revealing your identity. The application is designed to guarantee your privacy and safety.

Access to all information

Even if a Facebook message or post has been deleted, you will still be able to see it on your dashboard.

Vast features pool

Apart from Facebook spy tools, SpyBubble offers lots of other useful features. Combining all of them, you will get the most detailed reports on your object's activity.

Frequently asked questions

Can I track someone on Facebook without them knowing?
There are many ways to track a Facebook profile sneakily. If your spouse uses an iPhone, backing up their system and restoring it on your device may be an option. Another option may be brute-forcing the password, as many people still use their birth date, anniversaries, or names of their relatives as passwords.
One of the most certain ways to do it is to use a tracking application like SpyBubble. It operates on the target phone in stealth mode and does not save your (the spy's) information anywhere. Thus, even if the tracked device user somehow reveals the hidden tracker, your name will still be a mystery to them.
What are some clear signs of cheating on Facebook?
First, start paying attention to how much time they spend on this social network. Facebook cheating is a time-consuming "hobby"; if your partner starts spending more time online than with you – infidelity might be one of the reasons.
The expression "attack is the best defense" also works in this case. Try asking your husband if he cheats on you. If you get accused in response – it is a good reason to rethink and review your relationship.
How to track secret conversations on Facebook?
We bet you wonder what those secret conversations are. Facebook launched this feature not long ago; whenever it is activated, all messages get encrypted and deleted in some time. Consequently, the question about the Facebook secret conversation cheating arose.
There are not many ways to track secret conversations. In fact, only a proper Facebook spy app can help you with that. If, for some reason, you do not want to install the tracker, the only way for you would be to get the device in your hands and check the secret messages section in Facebook Messenger manually.
How to track an IP address on Facebook?
Unfortunately, you cannot track one's IP only by using the Facebook profile spy viewer. If you suspect your partner in an affair and want to know their IP, the easiest way would be to text them via messages and use a special control panel command, which can easily be found on the internet, or resort to GEOfinder.mobi IP tracker.
SpyBubble, unfortunately, cannot help with the IP tracking, nor most of the trackers can. But instead, you can use GPS location tracking and still be able to localize your object.
How to catch my wife/husband cheating on Facebook?
Should you suspect your wife of cheating on Facebook, first try to remember how they behave. If you suddenly realize that she has been very aggressive and stuck to her phone lately – it might be the first alert for you.
Try talking to your common friends. She may have mentioned something in an occasional conversation they did not initially notice. Turn to using an app for tracking Facebook cheating only if you have enough evidence of the latter; otherwise, it may lead to divorce.
How to track someone's location on Facebook?

You can check the person's check-ins as people often inform the whole internet of their location on their own will. Another option is to activate location monitoring in Facebook Messenger, but it requires confirmation from another person, which can be a problem if you want to do it secretly.