Track Instagram Account

Get one's Instagram account into your hands as if it is your own. No message or story will be hidden from your eyes, as all the information is displayed on your dashboard. SpyBubble is a new solution to track Instagram accounts in a matter of seconds!

  • Get full access to Instagram on iOS (block users, unfollow, control DMs, etc.)
  • View every detail on Android via screenshot reporting.
  • Track stories and messages.
  • Ignore the vanish mode and stay in the loop.
  • Check what your object posts on Instagram.
  • Monitor likes and shares
  • Restrict unwanted content.
  • Get updates every 5 minutes.
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How to Catch Someone Cheating on Instagram via SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a reliable hidden app for tracking the Instagram account of your partner. The main concern people have using Instagram spy apps is anonymity. We assure you that SpyBubble guarantees your data is not mentioned anywhere and not shared with anyone. Our team has gained an impressive skillset and tons of experience working in this sphere for years, so now we can pretend to be your Top 1 Instagram tracking app.

So, do not lose your chance to check what your spouse does on Instagram and who they communicate with. From now on, cooking scrambled eggs in the morning is more complicated than revealing Instagram cheating.

How to Install the Instagram Spy App

An easy 3-step installation guide


Decide on the subscription plan that you would like to use. Complete the registration process and follow the instructions you get.


If you want to install it on an Android device – you must get it physically in your hands. If it is an iOS gadget – installation can be done via iCloud.

Start tracking

Use the credentials sent to your email provided during signing up and log in to access the online dashboard, where you will get all the information about cheating on Instagram.

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Why Choose SpyBubble for Instagram Account Tracking?

Clear instructions

If you decide to use SpyBubble, you will get detailed instructions on how to track an Instagram account. If you struggle to use the application after this, responsive customer support is ready to help you 24/7.

Full compatibility

SpyBubble can be installed and used on any modern mobile device. The installation procedure for Androids and iPhones is different, but you get a first-class Instagram monitoring app in the end anyway.

Flexible pricing

SpyBubble offers you different payment plans, so based on your needs and financial situation at the moment, you can choose the one that fits you best.

Vanish mode access

Even if the target device user activates the vanish mode in the chat, you will still reveal the Instagram DM cheating.

Immediate updates

SpyBubble dashboard is linked with the target device, so the information is constantly updated at the best possible frequency (almost in real-time).

No jailbreak/rooting is required

It can be installed on the device directly without any previous operations.

Frequently asked questions

How to track an Instagram account?
There are many ways to track your husband's or wife's Instagram account. First of all, simply check their Instagram page and look through the pictures. You may recognize the location or even see it mentioned by the account owner. But it is not always possible, right? Especially if the account is private or you wish to stay anonymous.
Thus, we recommend that you consider the SpyBubble Instagram account tracker. With it, you will access the target account like your own and stay completely anonymous.
How to know if my boyfriend is cheating on Instagram?
We would like to highlight that we are for equality here. We reckon that boyfriends cheat on Instagram not more often than girlfriends. Anyone having an affair on Instagram can be tracked with the help of SpyBubble. Install it on the device of the suspected individual, log into your dashboard, and check all the information you need.
What are the signs of cheating on Instagram?
Couples must pay attention to many Instagram cheating signs if they want to be aware of their partner's infidelity. One of the main things is probably the time and attention your partner gives you. If you notice they prefer to spend time on Instagram rather than cuddle with you – pay attention to it.
Another thing to notice is if your partner is glued to their phone. If yes – there might be something you would like to know.
Is DM flirting on Instagram cheating?
We are definitely not the right people to ask this question. It all depends on your personal attitude and the relationships you have in your couple. If you know that your partner is okay with any type of flirting – go on. However, if it can cause divorce – it is better not to get into it.
How to spy on Instagram DM for free?
There are not many options for doing it. Most Instagram cheating apps are paid; a good keylogger also costs something. You may try checking the browser password manager, hoping the person you want to track has stored their password there.
Another thing you go for is backing up the system via iCloud if your object uses an iPhone and restoring it on your device. Unfortunately, you need to know their iCloud credentials for this, and you also must pass the 2FA procedure.
Is following Instagram models cheating?
Again, it is a very personal question. To our mind, it is not cheating. Friends often discuss models and pictures they have seen; it is a part of communication (male communication, particularly). Considering the overall sexualization of everything nowadays, following Instagram models is the most harmless thing that can happen.
On the other hand, if you know that it makes your partner mad – you better avoid following Instagram models. Save your real relationships instead of committing to static pictures of strangers on Instagram.
How to find out if my girlfriend is cheating on Instagram?
Pay attention to how much time she spends on Instagram and what she does there. Of course, if she prefers her phone's company to yours and always smiles at the screen – ask her what's so funny she sees there. In case you do not get a reply – consider installing SpyBubble on her device.