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Get full access to a person's social media via an online dashboard.
Use their social media as if it is your own, and view all the information people exchange there.

  • Track social media anonymously and remotely
  • View posts and stories that appear on any of the social networks
  • Read messages people exchange on social media
  • See likes and comments
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How Do You Reveal a Person Cheating on Social Media with SpyBubble?

Our social media spy app works in a hidden mode on iPhones and Androids. It guarantees access to social media a person is logged into on their cell phone. We know how to create the best-working monitoring tools, and we used all our knowledge to develop a first-class social media tracker. Now, we are ready to help you extract any information you need from your target's social media, and we can guarantee no one will know it was you.

Thus, if you think your partner is guilty of social media cheating or want to track your children's social networks – we have a solution for you.

How to install

Install SpyBubble in 3 easy steps


Register an account and choose the payment plan that fits your needs.


Install SpyBubble on iPhone remotely via iCloud (you will need iCloud credentials) or manually on Android. There is no remote installation for the latter.

Start Tracking

Log into your account and access the online dashboard. All the information received from your husband's or wife's device will be stored there.

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Why Track One's Social Media via SpyBubble?

Great pricing

SpyBubble social media spy offers several payment plans that do not differ in terms of features but cover various payment periods: 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Of course, the longer the subscription you purchase, the cheaper one month will be.

Android and iOS compatible

SpyBubble can be installed on Androids and Apple devices without any problems. The installation procedure may be different, but in both cases, it is simple, and all the instructions will be provided on the screen.

Full access

Spy on someone's social media accounts without limitations. You will be able to read their messages, see what they post and add to stories, who likes their content, etc.

Online storage

All tracked information is sent to a convenient online dashboard that synchronizes with the target device at certain intervals. These intervals are different for Android and iOS, but in any case, you are guaranteed to have the most up-to-date tracking data.

Quick start

You can start spying on social media as soon as you finish with the installation. There is no delay or any irritating activation procedure.


Your data is not mentioned anywhere. Thus, even if your target finds a social media tracking app on their device, they will not know who installed it. Of course, they may have some suspicions but no evidence.


How to spy on someone's social media?
The procedure is as simple as a cup of tea. First of all, check their messages, as people discuss many private things on social networks. Check if they added someone to their friend list lately and who likes their pictures or posts. If you see someone extremely active on their page and they communicate a lot, it might signal that you must start doing something and, probably, divorce in the future.
What is considered cheating on social media?
There is no clear definition of cheating on social media. It all depends on your perception. If your spouse plans a romantic date with someone on social media, and this someone is not you, it is cheating. If they send nudes – of course, it is cheating. But, for instance, if they just like one's posts – should it be considered infidelity? Well, it is only up to you. To avoid any misunderstanding in your couple in the future, it is better to discuss with your partner what is cheating and what is not and stick to these pre-set rules.
How to catch your wife cheating on social media?
The first sign of her having an affair on social media is the time she spends on them. If you suddenly notice your wife spending hours on the sofa surfing Instagram or Facebook, smiling and laughing all the time – it should be the first signal to install a social media monitoring app on her device. After that, all the information about her social media activity will be sent to your online dashboard. Check her listings. Even some light flirting can be considered micro-cheating, and if you see her sending nudes – you should have no doubts about what is going on.
What social media can be monitored with SpyBubble?
It all depends on what platform you install our social media spy tool. The Android version has a bigger pool: Facebook, Instagram, Reddit (have you ever met anyone cheating on Reddit?), TikTok, Tinder, YouTube, and Snapchat, not to mention messengers. The iOS version can only boast with Facebook and Instagram social media in its kit.
What are the signs of cheating on social media?
The best way to understand that your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on social media is always to be as close as possible with them and track their mood and emotions. If you notice any sudden change in their attitude, if they get colder, less emotional, or less interested in you, and you know that most of the time you are together and she cannot have a real-life affair – she might be cheating on you via social media.