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We all love Telegram's quick and unrestricted ability to share text, audio, or video messages. Many use it to contact friends, relatives, colleagues, or loved ones regardless of the distance, cell phone carrier, or network. But what if you need a tool that would give you access to every message that goes through this IM app? Regardless of whether your goal is to protect your sensitive data leak or prevent your kid from sharing private photos with someone they barely know, the Telegram monitoring app from SpyBubble is what you need!

  • Check information and contact info
  • Read sent, received, and deleted text messages
  • Access secret chats
  • Spy on Telegram messenger DMs and group chats
  • See the timestamps for each message
  • No rooting
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How to Track Someone Through Telegram Using SpyBubble?

SpyBubble Telegram spy app is an excellent tool for accessing someone's sent, received, or deleted messages. What sets this tool apart is its seamless data collection capability, allowing users to discreetly gather information without the risk of detection by the phone owner. This feature makes SpyBubble an ideal choice for various purposes, such as safeguarding children's online activities, uncovering potential infidelity, or ensuring a secure work environment.

Starting with this Telegram tracker is as easy as ABC. Once installed on an Android device, the app will immediately gather the Telegram chat data and send it directly to your userspace. SpyBubble's beauty lies in its confidentiality. Your secret stays safe – only you and SpyBubble know about your monitoring activities. Thus, rest assured your ID is well protected as we take responsibility for your safety until you disclose your monitoring activities to the person.

How to Install Spy App for Telegram Messenger?

Follow the simple steps below to install the Telegram monitoring app:


Create an account and choose a preferred subscription plan. Complete the payment process and check your email for further instructions.


Follow the instructions in your email to install the Telegram online tracker on the target Android device. The process is fast and easy.

Start tracking

Log into your SpyBubble account, and you will see a dashboard with all the app’s tracking features. Navigate to "Telegram" and get the detailed reports from the person’s device.

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Why Choose SpyBubble for Monitoring Telegram Messages?

Detailed user manual

If you decide to track Telegram user location or spy on Telegram messenger chats, you'll receive comprehensive instructions sent to your email. Should you encounter any challenges while using our hidden app and require professional assistance, feel free to contact our 24/7 support team.

No rooting

The app supports almost all Android devices, be it smartphones or tablets. To ensure SpyBubble supports your target’s device, enter their cell phone model on our "Compatibility" page in the main website menu. Wait for a moment to get results. It’s so easy!

Different payment plans

SpyBubble offers you different payment plans so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Payments are accepted via credit cards, Google Pay, or crypto payment methods.

Regular data updates

Our tracker's dashboard is connected with the tracked device, so the information about their Telegram activities is constantly updated, providing you with live, real-time data.

Stealth mode and data encryption

When using our Telegram tracker tool, you should not worry that the user will notice you tracking their messages. This Telegram spy app scans and sends new messages to your user space in an easy-to-navigate table, even before the user sees them. Don't worry – our algorithms encrypt your data, ensuring maximum security and safety.

Access secret chats

With SpyBubble, you can monitor secret conversations on Telegram to discover what information your child wants to keep secret.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track a Telegram number?
It may seem impossible to track Telegram as it offers end-to-end encryption. However, the reality is different from what you are thinking. You should use a reliable spy-tracking tool like SpyBubble to track Telegram numbers. Once installed, the app will monitor all Telegram activities linked to the specified cell phone number.
How to track someone's location on Telegram?
One of the ways to locate someone using Telegram is to go to "Contacts" and tap on "People Nearby". You’ll see a list of friends around you. If they’re not showing up, just ask them to do the same and choose "Make myself visible". If you want less complex access to obtain someone’s location data, choose a spy-tracking app. One of the best Telegram spy apps to track someone’s geolocation is SpyBubble. It works anonymously, so they won’t know you are spying on them. Besides Telegram tracking, the software can monitor your loved ones’ other activities, like calls, text messages, media files, browser history, etc.
Is it possible to use a Telegram tracker to see deleted messages and groups?
Yes. With SpuBubble, you can access sent, received, and deleted text messages, spy on Telegram group chats, and access secret DMs. It's an app that gives you full access to the target user's Telegram messages and shared media files so that no essential data will be lost.
How to catch a cheating partner on Telegram?
Download and install SpyBubble on your cheating partner's device, and do not forget to hide the icon during installation to avoid raising suspicions. Once done, the software will provide data about text messages sent via Telegram and other popular social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.
How to track a Telegram user?
Tracking Telegram users with SpyBubble is as easy as 2X2. The one thing that is required from you is to create an account and select a preferred subscription plan. Once done, we will send you a detailed user manual on installing the Telegram tracker on the target Android device. The tool will gather all the data automatically, regularly updating it and sending it to your user space. To check the results obtained, all you need to do is log in to your SpyBubble userspace and tap "Telegram".
What can be seen with the Telegram monitoring app?
SpyBubble provides access to sent, received, and deleted text messages, including shared photos and videos. With SpyBubble, you can also check the contact details of those your target communicates with via Telegram, access secret chats, and identify those with whom they engage most frequently.