E-Mail Spying

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  • View all e-mails, both sent and received
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  • Track files attached to e-mails
  • Spy in a 100% hidden mode
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E-Mail Spying

How to Spy on E-mail Using SpyBubble?

E-mail spying with SpyBubble is extremely simple and does not require much from you. The app works in stealth mode, and it is almost impossible to detect it. Our team of developers did their best and applied all their knowledge to provide you with a decent remote cell phone tracker. Regardless of which e-mail service is used, Gmail, Outlook, or else, the SpyBubble mailbox scanner will peek an eye. In case you face any problem during installation or usage, our customer support is always there to assist you with any issues.

Enough of words, it is better to try it yourself and see what it is capable of!

How to install

A simple and quick installation


Come up with your unique username and password; register an account and decide on what subscription plan you will use.


Download the installation file on the target Android device and install it manually; if you need to track an iPhone – use your target's iCloud credentials to install it remotely.

Start Tracking

Open your favorite browser and log into your tracking account. An intuitive dashboard with all the tracked information will be waiting for you there.

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Why Choose SpyBubble for E-mail Spying?

Constant updates

SpyBubble remote e-mail spy is connected with the target device in real-time, and you get all the freshest updates from the Android device you track every 5-30 minutes, depending on your settings. iPhone synchronization may take up to 24 hours, but usually, it happens much faster.


Although the installation procedures for the two most popular platforms are completely different (as they are for most e-mail spy apps), SpyBubble still works perfectly on iOS and Android.

Acceptable pricing

3 plans and attractive prices make SpyBubble an e-mail spy tool desired for any customer. You can even dive into free e-mail spying with our trial available via customer service. Try it personally and learn how its features work.

Access to deleted messages

Even if your target deleted a compromising e-mail, you can still track it live as SpyBubble provides you with access to spam and trash folders.


You can be sure that neither your name nor your e-mail will be viewed anywhere and anytime. We guarantee that even in the case someone finds a tracker on their device, they will never find out who installed it unless you personally confess.

Responsive support

SpyBubble remote e-mail spy support service is active 24/7 and is ready to advise you on any issues that might possibly arise during the whole app usage cycle.


How does e-mail monitoring work?
E-mail spy apps work in a straightforward and intuitive way. After you finish installing the tracker, you must log into your online dashboard and find an e-mail tab on the menu. You will see all the information about e-mail tracking there. This dashboard is synchronized with the target device on a regular basis, so you should be informed about all the new e-mails on time.
How to spy on someone using their e-mail address?
Well, the most obvious way to track e-mail is to get one's credentials and log into their account from your device. It is pretty easy to do with your family members: you can check usernames and passwords stored in the browser.
However, the method we mentioned above may not be possible for many various reasons. In this case, installing an e-mail monitoring device on the object's cell phone makes sense. In such a way, you will be informed about all e-mails they send and receive, and you can even view the attachments. Moreover, people make lots of plans via e-mail, buy tickets, book hotels, and share invitations for online meetings. You can literally observe their whole life live!
How to monitor employee e-mail?
E-mail monitoring at the workplace is an important aspect of your business as an employer. They might sell corporate info to your competitors or simply solve their personal problems via e-mail during their work time. Introduce phone trackers installed on their mobile phones as your corporate rule, and inform them that you would know if they start booking a trip to Greece when they are supposed to write a code or buy stakes.
How to detect e-mail monitoring?
If one uses a tracking app installed on your device for e-mail monitoring, you should look for unknown and new icons on the menu and keep track of battery and memory usage. Compare it with the times when you were sure you had no tracker. If you see that consumption has increased for no obvious reason – you might have something on your phone.
There are other ways to spy on e-mail, so it is good to follow some rules. First of all, never open images attached to unknown e-mails. Never click on the links received from strangers; better do not open e-mails from strangers at all. Finally, install a browser extension that automatically blocks suspicious e-mails.
How long does SpyBubble keep tracked e-mails?
If you spy on e-mail with SpyBubble, all the tracked information is stored for 90 days by default. It means you can log into your Internet dashboard and check e-mails received 89 days before your login date.