Web Browser History Tracker

Keep a log of websites, the time and date, and even the frequency of each visit. Effectively monitor and record all online browsing activities of your target user, with all gathered data securely stored in your designated user space. Use our anonymous app to track internet history on iOS or Android devices and leverage the full suite of advantages offered by the best cell phone tracker!

  • Reveal what your target searches for
  • Get a list of all URLs the target user visited
  • Check the time and date of each visit
  • View what websites they attend most often
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SpyBubble – Best Web Browser History Tracker

How to track internet browsing history via SpyBubble

SpyBubble guarantees 100% security and safety of your data. It operates as anonymous spyware, ensuring that your surveillance remains confidential. Our discreet tool operates invisibly on the target device without sending any notifications or leaving traces.

With the SpyBubble internet activity tracker, you can easily detect what your kid, employee, or partner browses on the Internet, what interests them, and what they look for before they delete their browsing history. If you suspect infidelity in your marriage and want to catch a cheating partner, SpyBubble is the solution for you!

How to install web browser history viewer

Meet with the three main steps of the app’s installation


Create an account using a valid email address on the website. Then, choose a preferred subscription plan from the three SpyBubble browser history tracker offers.


Check your email for a detailed installation guide for Android or iOS. If the device is iOS-operated, you must know your target's iCloud credentials to use all SpyBubble features. However, for web browsing monitoring and GPS tracking, iCloud credentials will not be required.

Start tracking

Log into your SpyBubble account to couple the target's device with your SpyBubble account and start anonymous tracking of their cell phone. All the reports obtained will be stored in your user space.

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Why choose SpyBubble for monitoring internet history?

Access to all visited websites

When you use the SpyBubble website history tracker, you get information about each website the target person has visited, the date it was visited, and the number of entries.

Tracks the leading web browsers

SpyBubble tracks the top web browsers, regardless of which your target prefers. It provides detailed Internet history reports for major ones, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Access to deleted history

SpyBubble enables monitoring internet history, even if the user attempts to delete it. All the data the spyware retrieves will be automatically sent and displayed in your user space.

Regular data updates

SpyBubble ensures regular updates, refreshing every 5 minutes to capture all crucial information. Rest assured, you won't miss any significant details while monitoring the browser history of your target device.

Affordable pricing plans

We offer 3 different subscription plans to suit every user's tracking needs and budget. Moreover, for those who want to test the application before purchasing, we offer a 2-day trial for a mere $1! To get it, just contact our customer support.

24/7 live chat support

At SpyBubble, you'll receive expert assistance around the clock, ensuring any queries you have are promptly addressed. Count on us to guide you through any questions or concerns you may encounter while utilizing our SpyBubble internet history tracker.

Frequently asked questions

Are website tracker apps safe?
Not all website tracker apps are safe. Many are plagued by inconsistencies, such as irregular data reporting or outright failure post-purchase. However, this is not the case when you choose SpyBubble browser history viewer. This web browser history tracker ensures the encryption of your private data, thereby assuring absolute security and preventing the target user from detecting any suspicious activities on their smartphone.
Can Internet tracker apps be detected?
With SpyBubble, you can be confident your target won't detect the app when installed on their device. Once installed on iOS, the app will not need any additional manipulations. However, for Android devices, it's necessary to conceal the app by accessing the "Settings" menu on the target cell phone. If you need our assistance, do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll instantly send you a detailed guide on how to do it quickly.
How can I see what websites my spouse has been on?
SpyBubble offers comprehensive web browser history reports, allowing you to monitor the websites your partner visits on their cell phone. It lets you track browsing history using your user space with a regular interval of data updates. So, if you suspect your spouse has an affair, do not rush to divorce. Log in to your account and review the reports regularly to gather evidence. Suspicions should be confirmed first.
Which web browsers can be tracked with SpyBubble?
SpyBubble supports all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. This broad compatibility ensures effective tracking of internet activity regardless of your target's browser.
Is it possible to track deleted web search history?
Yes. SpyBubble allows for the tracking of websites visited on cell phones even if the web browser history has been deleted. So, whether your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife tries to conceal their tracks, all the data related to their cell phone web browser search history will be captured and dispatched to your account.