How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating? 4 Signs and 4 Working Ways to Catch a Cheater 

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating

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    Suspicion of infidelity can strain any relationship. If you’re grappling with concerns about your girlfriend’s fidelity, recognizing possible cheating signs and employing effective strategies is vital. In this guide, we’ll outline signs on how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating and actionable steps to address and clarify doubts in your relationship.

    Why Do Some Women Cheat?

    The misconception is that men cheat far more than women. However, a growing body of research suggests that women cheat more than you think. But why do girls cheat? Many cheaters do not get caught or don’t admit it, so the numbers may be higher than imagined. This is important to consider since many hide the evidence until long after the relationship is over. 

    With that said, how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating, and what are the reasons? It ultimately depends on the relationship’s circumstances. Here are some common reasons why some women cheat:

    • Relationship issues. An empty void, anger, or a lack of attachment may be some reasons for this. If there’s been a change in the relationship, this can be fertile ground for cheating. This can especially happen if one or the other isn’t around as much. They may look for another person to fill that little void of loneliness that forms. 
    • Low self-esteem. A woman who feels poor about her appearance may cheat to boost her confidence. With that said, low self-esteem may not necessarily be due to confidence but could be due to depression that forms from the feeling of inferiority.
    • Midlife crisis. Older women may cheat as a way to feel young again. They may cheat with someone, especially someone younger, to feel like they still have it. Midlife crises usually occur in a woman’s 40s or 50s but can be as young as 35.
    • She likes sex. One misconception is that women cheat for emotional reasons, and men do it because of their sex drives. However, women can cheat for this reason as well. Women not caring about sex is an old-fashioned view of how the sexes behave.

    No matter the reason, a cheating girlfriend can ruin a relationship. Let’s look at some common points on how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating.

    4 Signs She’s Cheating on You

    While there can be many signs she’s cheating, let’s look at the four main ones.

    She Is More Secretive

    Since cheating on the phone is quite common, you may notice that your girlfriend spends more time on it and acts secretive about it when you’re around—cheating while on phone may mean that she keeps it with her at all times and has added a password when she initially did not have one. We’re not saying your woman should disclose 24/7 who she is talking to, but she should not get aggressive if you ask.

    There’s Been Relationship Trouble

    If there’s been a recent conflict in a relationship, or the chemistry doesn’t seem there like it used to be, this may be a sign that she is cheating, especially if the two of you have not made up. If your girlfriend has expressed constant dissatisfaction with the relationship, this may also be a sign of some trouble. This may be a case where you may want to seek help from a therapist or another mental health professional.

    There’s Been a Sudden Change in Her Appearance

    If your girlfriend is buying new clothes, putting on new makeup, or getting fit, this may be a sign that she’s trying to impress someone new. Wanting to improve her appearance does not mean your spouse is cheating, but it may be a sign when combined with other reasons.

    She Is Projecting

    If you feel like your girlfriend is cheating, one way to tell is if she says you’re the cheating one. Cheaters will often try to gaslight and project their actions onto you, making you feel like you’re the wrong person in this situation. Don’t let her fool you! If you know you have never cheated, this should not bother you.

    These are just several signs that she may be cheating. Sometimes, it may not be obvious, and you may have to go with your gut instinct. Now, let’s look at 2 types of cheating.

    The Difference Between Physical and Emotional Cheating

    Cheating is complex, with many types of cheating in existence. You may think there’s only one type, but it can be a spectrum, with one example being physical versus emotional affairs.

    Physical is when a person uses their body to cheat—for example, kissing someone else or having sex with them. Meanwhile, emotional cheating can involve a person having a deep mental connection with someone, but it does not necessarily mean they are physically intimate.

    You may wonder what the line between emotional cheating and friendship is. A passionate affair is not platonic and is often a secret. Your SO may have strong feelings for another person, and your relationship may fall apart. None of these factors are present when you’re just friends with someone.

    Of course, someone can be in a long-distance affair with someone that goes beyond an emotional affair but is not physical. Again, cheating can be a spectrum. With that said, just because it’s not physical doesn’t mean it’s not cheating. Emotional cheating can evolve into physical, and it can cause a rift in the relationship if not treated.

    How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend (100% Effective Methods)

    So, how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating? Here are some proven methods.

    1. Find Out If She Is Cheating with SpyBubble

    One way you can catch a cheater is through SpyBubble. It is designed to catch cheaters in the act. You install it on your girlfriend’s phone, and the app hides in the background. It then sends you information about her phone activities, such as who she is texting, her location, and more. Receive real-time alerts via the dashboard and choose what to monitor.

    How to Install the SpyBubble App?

    1. Create an Account. Sign up for SpyBubble and create an account by providing the necessary information.
    2. Select Tariff Plan. Choose a tariff plan that suits your needs and budget.
    3. Select Android or iOS. Select the operating system of the device you want to monitor.
    4. Finalize the purchase. After that, you will receive login credentials to the email provided and an installation guide.

    Note for Android:

    • Ensure the Android device is on hand and unlocked.
    • Physically install the app on the Android phone with the help of an installation wizard.

    Note for iPhone:

    • Obtain your girlfriend’s iCloud login information.
    • Use this information to remotely install the app on her iPhone. You will be guided by an installation wizard, prompting you to scan the QR code and give necessary permissions on the target device.

    Pros of SpyBubble App

    • Easy installation.
    • Versatile compatibility.
    • Remote installation for iPhones.
    • Diverse tracking options.
    • Responsive customer support via 24/7 live chat.
    • Scam-free and effective.
    • Encrypted data.
    • No jailbreak or rooting.
    • Unique features (such as full access to FB and IG on iOS without jailbreak).

    2. Look for Changes in Your Relationship

    Relationships will have their ups and downs, so we’re not saying that if there’s an off-week in your relationship, it means that your girlfriend is cheating. However, if she seems distant, does not want to be intimate with you, or you two are fighting more, this may be a sign that your girlfriend is into an affair.

    3. Watch Her Behavior

    Unusual behavior can be a sign that she is cheating. If she clings to her phone more often, leaves the room to answer a call or message, or smiles at her phone frequently, this could prove that she is unfaithful. Another sign is that she is out with her friends on a regular basis or works extra hours. If you never see her posting photos with her friends, and she doesn’t seem to be making any extra money, this may be a sign that she is cheating and using work or friends as a cover story.

    4. Talk to Your Girlfriend

    The best way to know if she is cheating is to talk to her and discuss cheating in general. If she looks uneasy, wants to change the subject, or gets aggressive, this could be a sign that she is unfaithful. Another sign is that she doesn’t seem interested in talking to you.

    How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating with SpyBubble?

    The SpyBubble app has a robust list of ways to catch your girlfriend cheating. Here are some ways.

    Text, Internet, and Social Media Monitoring

    This method is a sure way to catch your lovely one in the act. If she is secretive about her texts or deletes them before you see them, SpyBubble will save all messages. These messages also apply to social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. See who she is texting and read the contents with it.

    Another point on how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating is through her Internet searches. See if your girlfriend is looking up ways to cover up cheating or if she is using websites dedicated to it.

    GPS Tracking

    GPS tracking is another tool SpyBubble provides. Catch her location as long as the GPS is turned on, which you can do when SpyBubble is installed. If she claims she is with friends or at work, learn whether it is so. This can give you an idea of where she frequents, and you may use this information to find her and catch her in the act.

    Photo and Video Viewer

    SpyBubble also allows you to see photos and videos on her phone. If she is cheating, there is a good chance she’s taking some racy pictures of herself to send to the person she is cheating on.

    Bottom Line: How to Deal with a Cheating Girlfriend

    These are several ways on how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating. Cheating in a relationship can spell the end, but if you catch it early and can see a therapist, the relationship can heal or at least end somewhat amicably. 

    Ask yourself certain questions to evaluate the situation and your relationship, reach out to your friends and relatives for advice, educate yourself on the factors that encourage cheating, or maybe even consider an open relationship. Always remember that relationships require constant work. 

    Pay attention to the sex life; it is the most critical point. Try to have intimate conversations with your girlfriend; let her feel calm in your tone of communication. It all starts with understanding, which you should strive to achieve. 

    We hope this article was helpful to you in case you wanna catch a cheating girlfriend.


    What are the signs of female cheating?

    If she is more secretive than usual, seems more distant, and is always at work or with friends, these can be signs of cheating.

    What is the root cause of infidelity?

    People cheat for many reasons, but they all boil down to a similar factor: being unhappy in a relationship and wanting something different.

    What chat apps do cheaters use?

    Cheaters can use apps such chat apps as Messenger, WhatsApp, or apps designed around cheating like Ashley Madison. Some may use the text messaging app built into the phone. Using spy apps may bring truth to the surface.

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