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    Family is a complicated thing. Two people swear to be together for the rest of their lives and love each other, but sometimes something goes wrong. One partner suddenly decides to indulge their primitive instincts and find someone on the side. The worst part for other spouses is to feel betrayal and deceit. 

    If it’s your case, you probably prefer to learn the hard truth other than being blind or suffering from suspicions. That’s why it’s important to know how to catch a cheater. Today, there are many ways to contact other people secretly, but there are also multiple ways to find out the truth. You can hire a private investigator or do some research yourself.

    Is your wife really cheating on you? Well, even the most significant signs of unfaithfulness can’t be the proof. They should warn you and can be a reason for certain actions, but don’t jump to conclusions. First, make a thorough check, and only after that confront your wife with cast-iron evidence of the affair. So, what exactly should you do, and how to catch a cheating wife? Let’s analyze the most effective methods available to the modern person.

    1. Catch a Cheating Wife with Her Cell Phone

    Nowadays, life is cell phone-centered. This small device contains information about your work, finances, hobbies, social contacts, and all other areas of life. It seems that a phone has become a part of the human body. It’s logical to start searching for proof of a spouse cheating from her cell phone. First, watch your wife’s behavior. If she began to put a phone with the screen down, changed a password, or became overly protective over her device, it’s a red flag signaling that you need to make an investigation.

    The easiest way is to wait till your wife leaves her phone unattended and check all the communication channels. Reading texts and seeing call logs can tell you much. View chats in the most popular messengers and social media accounts. By the way, while you are still holding the device in your hands, you may install one of the spy apps we’ll describe further. 

    Don’t forget to check contacts and write down the most frequent numbers. The contact name can be changed for security reasons, so it’s better to dial these numbers and make sure it’s not a man saved under a girl’s name.

    2. Rummage Through Her Laptop or Computer

    The second device in terms of popularity is the personal computer. It allows communication in social media and with emails. So, these are the first places to check. Images and video files stored on the hard drive are also worth viewing. Sometimes people risk having their lover’s photo on their PC to watch it from time to time, so launch a search throughout all photo files on the device.

    As with a smartphone, read the chats in all messaging services installed on this computer. Message history can help you reveal your wife cheating or dispel all suspicions. But be careful; a smart person can create a hidden folder for the compromising materials or use separate accounts to communicate with the lover.

    The best way to hide something is to place it right in front of your eyes. So, after checking hidden files, make an inspection of folders with boring names, like “files from work” or “Project for a client.” They can contain some surprises like nudes or photos from secret vacations.

    3. Go into Their Chrome History

    If you can’t find anything useful, don’t end your search. The chances are that your doubts were just groundless suspicions, but it’s better to check everything. The browser can tell you many useful facts about the person you live with. 

    First, watch history. What resources does your spouse visit the most often? Are these dating services? Nowadays, online cheating is very common; maybe your wife hasn’t met the lover in real life and prefers to select candidates online. Search history can also reveal interesting details. Pay attention to inquiries about motels, romantic locations, and restaurants.

    It is possible to find all the passwords your spouse uses for online services and accounts in browser settings. Save them and use them to check from your own computer later. It’s much safer because you eliminate the risk of being caught in front of your partner’s laptop. 

    4. Check Google Chrome or Other Browser History

    Google Chrome on laptop

    The first sign of guilty conscience is an empty browser history. Don’t forget to look through all available browsers installed on your partner’s device. You may restore the cleaned history, but it requires some skills and software installation. In short, it’s possible to see what information your wife is trying to hide, and if you are determined to find out the truth, try. In this case, a spying program installed on the person’s cell phone is a valuable source of information. 

    First, it’s much more convenient to monitor your spouse’s browser activity from your own device without looking over the shoulder. Second, the tracking software will show all the links, including the deleted ones. So, once again, consider using a spying app.

    5. Analyze Her Finances

    Cheating is not cheap. The person has to spend money on transportation, presents, renting places for secret meetings, etc. That’s why your wife’s finances are a great place for searching. Highlight all the unusual spending you can find and compare the dates with your wife’s “late working hours” and “meetings with girlfriends.”

    Sometimes just one receipt from the hotel can uncover the affair. But don’t forget that her lover can take all expenses, so don’t concentrate only on spending. Remember all the new things she has. Expensive pieces of jewelry or designer clothes can be a present from a lover. So, if your wife states that she bought the necklace herself, but you can’t find this transaction in the bank report, it’s a bad sign.

    6. Catch a Cheating Wife on Facebook

    Social media is a perfect place for an affair. They are designed to connect people, so your wife can meet her old love online and decide to try once again. Or maybe she made a new acquaintance in a local group and fell in love. Well, it’s easy to check.

    First, inspect her page on Facebook from your own profile. Pay attention to the likes and comments under her posts. If one man likes all her photos and comments on all her posts, chances are they are intimate. Remember our advice to write down all the passwords? Now it’s time to use these credentials and log into your spouse’s account. As soon as you open the conversations, the nature of her relationships with other people will become clear. Facebook offers a “Secret conversations” option. Obviously, it’s the first place to check.

    7. Get into Her Phone

    Still no signs of adultery? Well, it can be good news, but let’s finish the investigation. If you want to catch a cheating wife, getting into her cell phone is the best option. The most reliable way to learn all about the digital life of your partner is to install a special invisible program that will send all the information you need directly to your device.

    Does it sound like a miracle? Well, it’s not magic, just a spying app providing you with all data about text messages, calls, social media communications, and other aspects of a person’s activities. Just several days of using such a service, and you’ll get all the proof you need. 

    Such systems have one major downside; they are not free. But your peace of mind is worth spending some funds on. Moreover, some programs offer trial periods, and others provide a limited version available for free, so there are some ways to spare money. 

    8. Track Her Movements

    monitoring location

    Data on the exact location at the moment and the routes during the day is a valuable source of information. By simply tracking geolocation, you will see if the person tells you the truth. The coordinates of your partner’s whereabouts will help you catch a cheating wife free and easily.

    There are three ways of getting access to geolocation. First, install a tracking app on the target phone or use the functionality of a spying system. After that, you’ll be able to see your wife’s location on the map at any moment. The second way is to put a tracking device into her car or bag. This small thing works just like the app on the smartphone, sending geodata to your account. 

    The third method uses a tracking system that doesn’t require installation. In such services, you generate a message or an email with a special link and send it to your partner. Right after she follows the link, you’ll receive access to her whereabouts and see the exact coordinates on the map.

    9. Look for Encrypted Photos

    When checking your spouse’s phone, inspect the gallery very carefully. Modern tools allow hiding photos right in front of your eyes. So, if you see a lot of beautiful landscapes and cute animals, don’t sigh in relief. These innocent images can hide secret texts or hot photos. 

    Unfortunately, without the code, you can’t watch the content of these tricky photos. Try to find this password on the phone or the PC. Even if you can’t, the presence of apps designed for hiding information in the form of images on your wife’s device should be a red flag.

    10. Catch Cheaters Texting

    The best thing about people in love is that they can’t think clearly and behave reasonably. That’s why they contact each other despite the high risk of being caught. This makes texts the best source of proof. By getting the chat’s history, you’ll be able to end your doubts. 

    You should pay attention if your wife puts her phone aside as soon as you enter the room or always keeps it in silent mode. Sudden changes in behavior are also suspicious. If you don’t wait till your wife is asleep or can’t get access to the phone because of a changed password, try to catch her red-handed.

    When your wife is texting, wait for a moment and just look over her shoulder or take a phone from her hand. The messages you’ll see on the screen can be painful, but the ignorance is much worse.

    11. Track Absolutely All Activities with the Help of the Spy App

    Modern spying systems are a magic wand if you want to know the truth. They can help catch a cheating wife on iPhone or Android devices. These apps offer detailed reports on every side of a person’s activity. There will be no place for doubts after checking all the data, including call logs, messages, and geolocation data. You’ll know for sure if your wife is faithful.

    12. Download Keyloggers

    Keyloggers are a powerful tool for collecting all passwords and account data from the device. Easily enter all these accounts, read messages, and track communications knowing the credentials. The keylogger will also show if the person registers a separate account for secretive reasons. So, just this one tool can give you everything you need to prove adultery.

    13. Check Text Messages and Other Messaging Apps

    Messaging platforms are extremely popular, so you have all chances to catch a cheating wife on WhatsApp or another popular app. If you have installed spying software on her phone, you’ll be able to view the chats in the convenient dashboard in your account. In the case you use just a keylogger, use the received credentials to enter the account and read the conversations.

    You can always wait until your wife falls asleep and launch these apps on her phone. This method is not really reliable since your partner can delete the messages or block your access to the phone by changing a password.

    What Is the Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

    We frequently mentioned spying apps as the best way to get information from someone else’s device. Now it’s time to describe the most popular and trustworthy services.


    This powerful system will provide access to all activities your wife has online. You’ll get detailed reports of calls, texts, conversations in different apps, and, of course, geolocation. You can read these reports at any time in your account’s dashboard. 

    uMobix is user-friendly and convenient, but you’ll have to pay for the app. The price is relatively reasonable, considering the number of available functions and options.


    Spy Bubble is proud of its stealth mode. It is optimized to consume as few resources as possible, making the spy undetectable on the phone. The functionality is also extremely wide. One of the features even allows activating the camera remotely to take a photo of your cheating wife with her lover. 

    Access your account from any device connected to the Internet and view the reports at any convenient time. The system includes a keylogger and an option for listening to surrounding sounds. 


    This spying app requires no installation for iOS devices, which makes it the best option if you want to track your wife’s iPhone. In a convenient web-based interface, you’ll receive all data about Instagram and Facebook activities and can set a geofence option and different notifications about using certain apps. Cocospy is a complex solution for checking all spheres of digital life, and it’s also undetectable on the target device.


    Spyzz was developed especially for catching a cheating partner. It will notify you if your wife changes the SIM card in her phone and provide all the data about her online activities. This program has a 14-day refund policy, so returning money if the functionality doesn’t satisfy you is possible.

    Concluding Thoughts: A Warning Against Rash Actions

    Having suspicions about the closest person can be unimaginably hard, but don’t act on the spot. It’s very easy to ruin relationships, and you won’t be able to turn back time. So, before confronting your spouse, make a thorough investigation and get cast-iron proof of the adultery. 

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