Free Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse: 5 Top-Rated Monitoring Tools

Free Android spy apps cheating spouse

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    If you’re concerned because you’ve noticed your spouse being tight-lipped while on a phone call or texting someone on their mobile phone, and you suspect they’re cheating on you with someone else, there is no need to sweat about it. In Hollywood films, people hire private investigators to spy on their partners. But we won’t charge you to hear it. Technology has advanced so far that you can now easily download some free Android spy apps cheating spouse that will provide you with the answers you seek in just a few clicks.

    We are going to show you how to catch a cheater using some reliable and trusted spyware for Android phones in this article. However, these apps have distinct features that set them apart. Still, they will give you access to helpful information such as call logs, messages, multimedia files, real-time location information, and key logs.


    SpyBubble is among the most popular free Android spy apps cheating spouse in recent years. SpyBubble is compatible with Android & iOS cell phones, allowing you to remotely monitor all of your spouse’s activities and access credible information about their communications and social life regardless of the operating system on their phone. It is also possibly the most straightforward spy app to install, as SpyBubble tends to be installed on mobile phones in a split second. However, the spy app’s most notable advantage is its simple interface.

    Some fantastic features that SpyBubble allows you access to include:

    • Contact list
    • Call tracking
    • Text Messages
    • Photos and Videos
    • Location Tracking
    • Web Browser
    • Screenshot reporting
    • 20+ social apps monitoring
    • YouTube Scanner


    • 100% hidden on the target device.

    SpyBubble keeps you under the blanket at all times by ensuring that the person you are spying on does not notice that you are spying on them. 

    • Intuitive dashboard.

    The most intriguing thing about SpyBubble is its easy and direct interface. You require no technical skill to find your way around the spy app. 

    Unlike some applications requiring that your phone be rooted before it can work effectively, SpyBubble is compatible with all Android operating systems and gives the same result regardless of the operating system.


    • No geofencing.


    Only a few years after entering the phone tracking app market, uMobix has established itself as one of the best phone tracking apps for Android devices. The app’s most intriguing feature is that it does not require permission. The tracking app is renowned for its accurate results and straightforward design. The app providers ensure that new updates are constantly released so that monitoring can be done more easily and quickly without raising suspicions. uMobix is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

    Some of the uMobix unique features include:

    • Monitoring text messages
    • Tracking live phone calls
    • Tracking browser history
    • A sophisticated GPS tracker feature
    • You can view the photo gallery of the target phone


    • Keep track of all SMS messages that are received, sent, or deleted.

    You can use uMobix to monitor phone conversations and view text messages received, sent, or deleted by the monitored phone.

    • Allows you to see all incoming and outgoing phone calls.

    This is a must-have app for anyone who wants to keep track of their spouse’s social activities, such as tracking incoming, missed, outgoing, or even deleted phone calls with full information.

    • You gain access to their socializing apps.

    Cheaters’ reliance on text messages and phone calls has recently decreased. They use social media platforms and cheating apps instead. As a result, uMobix grants you access to these apps without informing the spouse of the spying exercise. You will receive an accurate real-time location of the user and a history of visited places.

    • 100% undetectable.

    uMobix keeps your supervision hidden by ensuring that the person you’re spying on is unaware that you’re spying on them.


    • You will need to subscribe to gain full access to some of its features.


    Unfortunately, even serial cheaters dislike being associated with cheating. They would go to any length to conceal their cheating apps on their phone and stay on top of their cheating habits. Hoverwatch, on the other hand, can help you break through their defenses and catch a cheating spouse without them even knowing you were there. It is currently one of the best free Android spy apps for cheating spouses on the market. It is not compatible with iPhones, but it works great on Android phones.

    Hoverwatch provides the following features:

    • It allows you to read their text messages.
    • It records and sends you a selfie of anyone who attempts to unlock the targeted phone.
    • It gives you access to their contact information.
    • This spyware for Android tracking is entirely undetectable.
    • Allows you to install this phone tracking app from your online account.
    • It saves data about all websites visited by the Android device’s user.


    • It runs unnoticed.

    Hoverwatch is well-known for its ability to remain completely hidden. As a result, the spouse will never suspect you are already on their phone.

    • Assists you in rooting the target Android device.

    Suppose the targeted phone runs an unsuitable operating system. In that case, the Hoverwatch app can assist you in rooting the Android phone to an operating system that will allow you to carry out the task.

    • It has a geolocation tracking function.

    Using the available geolocation tracking function, you get a pinpoint location of where they are.


    • A target phone must be physically accessible to you.
    • It is most effective on rooted phones.


    Cocospy has built a solid reputation as a reliable free Android spy app for cheating spouses. The app is well-known for its exceptional capabilities, and it provides users with reliable data when it comes to remote surveillance. The app is available for both Android and iPhone.

    You can use Cocospy to access the following features:

    • It grants you access to the contact list of the targeted phone.
    • You can read their messages.
    • Individual and group conversations can be read.
    • Compile all keystrokes from the target Android device.
    • It gives you access to all media stored on the target device.


    • It provides real-time location information.

               You are given a precise location of where they are in real-time.

    • It conceals your tracking from the person.

    Cocospy is famous for its 100% discreteness. So the spouse will have no idea you are already on their phone.


    • To gain access to all features, you would have to pay.


    Spyic is one of the most reliable free Android spy apps cheating spouse. It has grown in popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness and simplicity. Spyic can be used as an internet-based solution by those who prefer to stick to the tried-and-true. It works with both Android and iPhone.

    You can use Spyic to access the following features:

    • Monitoring of phone calls
    • Monitoring of text messages
    • Tracing a phone call
    • Monitoring of Internet and social media activities


    • Real-time data is provided.
    • It is simple to use.


    • It takes some time to install and activate.

    How to Choose the Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

    Choosing the best app for finding out a cheating spouse depends on your needs and sometimes the kind of phone you use. However, there are some simple criteria you might want to look at while choosing an app to catch a cheating spouse. Some of the best app to catch cheating spouse gives you access to features like:

    • Their call and SMS activity
    • Their internet history and activity
    • Provides you access to other phone apps
    • Provide you their locational data

    How to Start Spying on the Target Device?

    Download one of the free Android spy apps cheating spouse we previously covered to your phone to begin spying on a spouse’s cheating phone. After downloading the app, follow the steps below to get started:

    • Visit the software provider’s website.
    • Create an account. 
    • Set it up by following the website’s instructions.
    • Install the spy app on your spouse’s Android phone.
    • Install the software on the target’s smartphone.

    Final Words

    We can thank technological advancement for making what would have been an expensive and stressful endeavor simple. You can quickly and remotely gather information about who your spouse is talking to and what they are talking about using the previously discussed free Android spy apps cheating spouse. Fortunately, these spy apps are simple to use and suitable for beginners. As a result, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to use them efficiently.


    Can I install spyware on my spouse’s phone without touching it?

    Yes, it is possible to spy on your spouse’s mobile phone without touching the device. The apps discussed in this article allow you to spy on an Android device remotely. To install it, you will only need to access the phone once; after that, you can use the phone tracking app to spy on them remotely.

    How can I spy on the target device for free?

    You can use any of the above-listed apps to spy on the targeted device. However, some apps have restrictions on their free trial version, so to effectively carry out the task, you might need to subscribe to their premium version. Today you can meet with the free Android spy apps cheating spouse just browsing.

    Can my partner find out that I spy on their device?

    The most intriguing aspect of these spy apps is that they are completely undetectable. So, unless you make a mistake, it is nearly impossible for your partner to discover that you are spying on them.

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