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View private Instagram without human verification

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    Instagram gives you the option to make your account private. A private account is searchable through Instagram, but its contents are only seeable through its followers. To become a follower of a personal account, the person who controls the account must approve a follower request.

    However, you might wonder if there’s a way to view private Instagram without human verification. If you’re a parent, you might need to see what your child is up to. There are other reasons why you might want an Insta viewer that can see private profiles.

    This post will tell you how you can do this and provide you with a list of Instagram viewers to help you.

    How Can You View Private Instagram Accounts Without Following?

    With a private Instagram, the account owner is the one who decides who can see their profile. However, there may be cases where you know the account owner won’t accept your follow requests, or you do not want to follow them. Maybe you’re trying to ensure your teenager is safe and not up to no good. Perhaps you want to spy on a spouse you believe is cheating.

    Unfortunately, Instagram makes it difficult for you to view private Instagram without human verification. In addition, when their account is personal, you cannot see their uploads, making viewing a private account challenging.

    With that said, you have several options. Let’s look at them.

    Do You Know Anyone Who Follows Them?

    If you know someone following the account, you might want to ask if you can use their account to spy on the private profile. For example, if you have access to an account following your target, you can view the target’s photos, videos, and stories.

    However, this way can be problematic, as you might not know anyone who is a follower. Not only that, but due to the limited nature of followers, you may end up out the person who helped you.

    Wait for Them to Unprivate

    Some private accounts will switch between “Private” and “Public”. When this happens, you can view their profile and follow them without approval. However, the issue is that many private accounts have no intention of changing the mode.

    Use IG Story Viewer

    The last and best option is to use an Instagram account viewer. These tend to come in the form of a spy app or phone tracking app, and they allow you to view Instagram without account and view private Instagram without human verification.

    These apps require you to install them on the device the person with the private account uses. If you do this, you can view every post they have, including their stories.

    Most Popular Instagram Story Viewers

    Now, let’s look at several Instagram story viewers that let you view private Instagram without human verification. These viewers come in the form of spy apps.


    Glassagram is an app that allows you to view stories and updates after installing it on a private device. Like most spy apps, you choose your subscription plan, then install it on the target’s phone, PC, or other target devices.

    Glassagram also allows you to track direct messages, and it can track a person’s location. Another convenient feature is that it alerts you to updates.

    However, this app is mainly designed to track someone’s Instagram. If that’s the only app you want to follow, you’ll be in heaven. However, if you want to track more than that, we have other apps that can help.


    SpyBubble is an app designed for general spying. However, like any good phone app, there are several ways it can track the person you want to target. For example, you can listen to their calls, view their texts, see their screenshots, and access any deleted data.

    SpyBubble also allows you to monitor apps in real-time. As you could expect, this means you can view someone’s Instagram without them knowing. So this app works excellently for all uses. In addition, it does let you try it for free. So you can try and then decide if this app is for you.


    Finally, we have uMobix. This app is mainly designed for parents with children they want to spy on. Therefore, this app is simple to install and use. Like the other apps on this list, you need a subscription and a target device to work.

    If you’re a parent, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of your children. Instagram is a site where children can fall victim to predators and other dangers. Having an app allows you to track them to ensure their safety.

    In addition, you can limit the amount of time a child spends on these apps. Many teens can become addicted to the Internet or use it when they’re supposed to do homework. These apps help to limit their usage.

    We should mention that some of these apps require you to have a rooted device. In addition, check the local laws of your area to ensure you are not doing anything illegal.

    You can use other apps to spy on someone’s Instagram, but these are our three favorites. We recommend you research to find the correct app for your needs. 

    Why Do You Need an Instagram Story Viewer?

    • You want to keep track of your child’s stories and posts. While a fun app, Instagram can be a place with child predators. If you suspect your child is talking to a predator or is engaging in inappropriate behavior, a story viewer can let you view their private profile.
    • One example of doing this is by looking at the followers. When you’re allowed to see someone’s followers, you can see if the person following seems malicious or not. For example, an adult following your child’s profile might cause alarm.
    • You suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. Instagram can be a place where people flirt and cheat. Even with a public profile, your spouse could be cheating through their private messages. A story viewer can allow you to view DMs as well.  
    • Stories disappear after 24 hours. Often, a story can have spicy information, but you cannot see it if it’s gone. A story viewer allows you to archive the story, meaning you can keep it on you at all times.


    With story viewing and spy apps, private Instagram accounts are no match. However, if you have someone whose private Instagram you need to view, these apps can help you view that account and see every bit of it.

    Spying on someone’s account can be valuable to protect their safety or to see if they’re up to something dubious. While you do need to check the laws, once you are in the clear,

    We recommend trying some of these apps and seeing which is best for you.


    Is viewing private Instagram accounts legal?

    Viewing a private Instagram account is legal, but the software used to consider it might not be. Likewise, depending on local laws, putting spy software on an adult’s phone might be illegal. To ensure you’re in the clear, do your research to view private Instagram without human verification. If your target gave your permission or is under 18, it’s much easier to be in the clear when using these apps. Otherwise, you may face the consequences of breaking the law.¬†

    How can I see someone’s followers on Instagram if they have a private account and I don’t follow them?

    With a private account, all followers are secret too. Because of this, you need to follow them if you want to see their followers.
    If you cannot or don’t want to follow someone, a spy app can help you view a person’s private account, including how many followers they have.

    How to choose the best Instagram viewer?

    The best Instagram viewer can depend on your needs. If you want to track someone’s Instagram, apps such as Glassagram can suffice. However, if you wish to view more of a person’s device activity, using a more advanced app like uMobix might be a better decision. Look through all the apps and see which one fits your needs based on features, budget, and other factors.

    Can I stay anonymous while viewing someone’s Instagram profile?

    With spy apps, you will be anonymous. For example, the person using Instagram will not notice that someone is tracking them, ensuring you peace of mind as you follow them.

    Can I use a private Instagram viewer without human verification free?

    Instagram viewers can differ in how they monetize their apps. Some will offer free trials, so you can view them for a limited time. However, many will charge money based on a monthly or annual basis. Depending on your needs, some will have more affordable plans, allowing you to use them without much cost.

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