How to See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook

See who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook

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    Did you notice that your boyfriend has been acting a little weird on Facebook? If he’s staring at someone else’s photos, making flirty comments at them, or seems defensive about his activity in general, there is a chance that he’s cheating. Of course, the best way to confirm your suspicions is to peek into his DMs, but that can be challenging.

    How to Track the Facebook Messenger App?

    One of the most obvious ways to track someone’s messages is to log in to see their messages. However, there are two challenges to this.

    The first one is that you may not know the person’s login information. The second issue is that some people delete their messages, meaning you may not find anything suspicious. However, there is a solution to track someone’s messages in real-time, letting you catch a cheater in the act.

    A Facebook spy app can help you see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook. These apps typically come in the form of standard phone spy apps, enabling you to see all activity happening on the phone of interest.

    With a phone tracking app, it is possible to see a person’s real-time private messages, including messages they may have deleted. So a cheater is not safe from the watchful eyes of a spy app.

    How Does the Spy App Work to Check Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages?

    Most apps involve installation on a boyfriend’s phone. When installed, they quietly run in the background, allowing you to view the phone’s activities via a dashboard or app, alerting you to a new activity. For example, you may receive a notification that your boyfriend has received a message. Now view it and its archives in the event he deletes it.

    Think of the software as your little spy buddy. It not only lets you spy on Messenger but other apps as well.

    See Who Your Boyfriend Is Messaging on Facebook with a Reliable Facebook Hacker App

    In order to understand which app performs this function best, we have collected materials on several. All information is from reliable sources; we offer you to get acquainted with it.

    SpyBubble Pro

    SpyBubble Pro works well for Facebook messages and a phone at large. This is an app to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook, calling, or sending Snapchat photos.

    Installation involves physical contact with your boyfriend’s Android phone or remote spying through iCloud backup if he uses iPhone. Once installed, it quietly runs incognito. If you’re asking yourself, “Who is he talking to on Facebook?” SpyBubble can answer that by delivering real-time data. As the conversation is happening, keep a watchful eye on your boyfriend’s activities.

    Another feature that SpyBubble Pro has is that you gain remote access to your boyfriend’s camera and microphone. With it, see what photos are on his camera roll and monitor who he is talking to.

    SpyBubble also provides GPS location reports. With this feature, be aware of where your boyfriend is. If he claims he’s going somewhere, the GPS location can tell another story. This feature is a great way to know if he’s cheating or not.


    Alternatively, xMobi is a spy app that lets you see who your boyfriend is texting on Facebook. Once installed, it can send real-time updates on all all activities – who he is texting, calling, or interacting with.

    While SpyBubble is marketed toward cheaters, xMobi is more marketed toward parents. However, both apps provide the same quality monitoring with real-time updates. We suggest checking both out and seeing which one works for you.

    Ultimately, the best app for your situation can depend on which UI you prefer and which has the better sale. They are both excellent ways how to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages.

    Start Monitoring in 3 Simple Steps

    If you don’t want to use a spy app, there are other ways to gain access to his account. For example, here’s how to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages without touching his phone.

    Check Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages by Resetting Facebook Password

    A classic way to log into someone’s account is to reset their password. When you go to the login screen, select “Forgot password?” below the login credentials. There, enter your boyfriend’s mobile number or email.

    Of course, you will need access to either the email or the mobile number to click the link and reset the password. If you have those, it’s pretty easy to log into Facebook, view the messages, and see what your boyfriend is up to.

    The only downside is that your boyfriend may notice someone changed his password. We recommend deleting the password reset emails and texts if you do this. He may believe that he forgot his password or it was the work of a hacker.

    Check Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages via Phishing

    Another way to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages is through a phishing page. In other words, you send your boyfriend an email or text that tells him to log in to his Facebook account, complete with a link. However, this leads to a fake page, and your boyfriend hands over his login credentials. Afterward, you use them to log in and see his messages.

    Other phishing attempts can come in the form of texting. For example, you send your boyfriend a text saying to click this link, and once they click on it, all his information is taken. Several apps allow you to do this, but each comes with its result. For example, some of them let you see his location.

    Of course, this method comes with its downsides. For one, creating a convincing phishing page is a lot of work, and there is a chance it won’t fool your boyfriend. For that, we recommend this method only as a last resort.

    Check Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages by Keylogger

    A keylogger is a surveillance tool that monitors a person’s keystrokes. In other words, when a person logs into their Facebook account, the keylogger records their credentials and sends them to you. In addition, you will receive other information, such as his conversations and Google searches.

    Fortunately, many tracking apps already come with a keylogger, some of them being a free Facebook messenger spy thanks to a trial period. 


    By all accounts, the best method to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook is through a spy app. You can not only see his messages but monitor all his other interactions as well. We only recommend spying as a last resort, but there are times when you have no other choice. Research and find the best app to see who your boyfriend is texting to catch him in the act.


    Can you log into someone’s Messenger without them knowing?

    If you have a person’s login credentials, you can log into their Messenger without them knowing. There are exceptions, of course. For example, they may figure out if you reset their password or if the person has two-factor authentication.
    A spy app can allow you to view a person’s information without logging on. Therefore, we recommend installing a spy app to help you see a person’s messages.

    What is vanish mode on Messenger?

    Vanish Mode describes a message that deletes itself shortly after sending it. Facebook introduced it in 2020, and since then, it’s been a way for people to send personal messages that self-destruct within a few minutes.
    If you have a spy app, you can archive a person’s Vanish Mode messages despite disappearing, thanks to screenshotting snaps or keylogging.

    Why is someone always at the top of Messenger?

    If you frequently notice people at the top of Messenger’s sidebar, it simply means you frequently interact with them. For example, if you’re trying to figure out if your boyfriend is cheating on you, one way to gather evidence is to see who he’s frequently messaging. A sidebar can be an excellent tool in this regard.

    Can you recover deleted secret conversations on Messenger?

    The best way to recover deleted conversations is to use a spy app. These apps can collect conversation data in real time and preserve even deleted secret conversation data. Otherwise, it can be challenging.
    Sometimes, messages are sent to an archived folder, but deleted secret conversations tend to be gone forever once deleted. Therefore, if the secret conversation is deleted and there is no spy app, it can be impossible to recover them.

    How much does SpyBubble cost?

    SpyBubble uses a subscription-based service, meaning that you pay monthly. However, if you choose a more extended plan, you can save more. For example, a monthly plan costs about $49.99, but its annual plan costs $149.88, meaning you only pay around $12.49 monthly. The 3-month plan costs $29.99/mo. It’s a perfect balance if you want something affordable but don’t need it year-round. Of course, which plan you choose ultimately depends on your situation.

    Is it legal to check my boyfriend’s Facebook messages?

    The legality of checking your boyfriend’s Facebook messages without him knowing is questionable. In some areas, it may be considered a breach of his privacy. We recommend consulting your local laws before spying on your boyfriend without him knowing.
    We should mention that, regardless of its legality, many people snoop on someone’s social media daily. Many would argue that if you have a good reason to, and as long as the other person doesn’t know, there’s nothing wrong in doing it.

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