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    Every IMEI number is connected to a GSM (Global Standard of Mobile Communications) database, and its primary purpose, in layman’s terms, is that it allows you to connect to your network. So knowing its IMEI may be a good idea if you’re trying to track phone.

    What Is IMEI?

    IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identity. It’s a unique 15-digit number that every phone has. Chances are, you may not have heard of IMEI until now, and it’s engraved in your device’s firmware.

    If your phone battery is removable, the IMEI number will most probably be indicated on the white label under the battery. In other cases, the IMEI number is printed near the SIM card tray.

    How to Find Out the IMEI Number

    Some may wonder whether it is possible to find out the IMEI number without disassembling the phone parts.

    On Android, go to Settings and then About Phone. Once there, see the IMEI number. On Apple, go to Settings, General, and then About.

    If, for whatever reason, you cannot access this menu or can’t see the IMEI, enter *#06# on your keypad dialer to receive the IMEI.

    In addition, some phones have the number on the back of the box. Take it to your local carrier store, and they can use an IMEI lookup to determine your number.

    How to Track Phone Using IMEI for Free?

    You may wonder if there is an IMEI tracker online free to track someone’s phone. If you surf the Internet in search of ways how to track phone using IMEI online free or something similar, many websites claim you are enabled to follow someone’s phone by entering their IMEI number.

    It is possible to track the stolen device for free only knowing its IMEI number. So, let’s meet with the way of doing it:

    • Look for “IMEI tracker” via your Play Store and proceed to the download process of the one named as “IMEI Tracker-Find My Device”. It is compatible with all smartphones. 
    • How does it work? The app installed will require entering the trusted person’s phone number. The latter can be from your family or close friends list. 
    • In case your device was stolen or missed, and the new SIM card is placed into the device, a notification will be instantly sent to the trusted person mentioned before, indicating IMEI number and location. The accurate spot on the map will be shown on the screen.  

    How to Track Phone Using IMEI Online?

    An IMEI tracker can help find a phone simply as long as you know the number you want to locate and have the tracking app installed. Then, enter the number and receive its location at any time.

    Pay attention, there are a few main steps that can lead to successful tracking phone using IMEI: 

    • Find your gadgets by IMEI number with the help of online digital tools or apps. Note down the exact location of the device.
    • Connect CEIR to blacklist this particular IMEI. Then tell your service provider to block the SIM card.

    The first step mentioned before is of key importance because, in some situations, an expert hacker can even make some changes in the IMEI number. If that occurs, there is zero chance of returning your gadget. The basic thing to note here is that you should have location service turned on on your phone. If it was turned off before being stolen, there’s very little hope of getting it back, unfortunately.

    Phone Tracking Alternatives

    If you need to track someone’s phone, there are several apps to try apart from IMEI phone tracking, each with its unique features. This section will show phone trackers that can work as spy apps and parental control devices as well.


    The first tracker we have is GEOfinder. This website lets you spot someone on the map by entering their cell phone number. Purchase a subscription and send your target a customizable text. Say that you’re sending a weather alert or pose as another person. The text message will have a link; when the person clicks it, they are asked to enable their location. When they do so, find out where they are.

    People love this tool for how simple it is and how well it provides accurate information. In addition, you don’t need to install an app on the target’s phone. However, the subscription plan is a bit expensive for what it’s offering, but there is a free trial available for 2 days. Hence it can be called a free phone tracker.


    Another phone tracking app you may want to try is SpyBubble. This app is marketed toward spouses who want to see if their loved ones are cheating. However, it also has more uses, such as monitoring one’s children.

    Either way, SpyBubble is a good app if you want to see if someone is up to no good. When you purchase a subscription, install it on the target device. For example, if you’re tracking an Apple phone, no installation is required, and the device is monitored via iCloud backup.

    Once the setup is finished, view their activities on the website’s dashboard. In addition, see their activities through texting, Internet use, call logs, photos, and even view their deleted files. With SpyBubble, the person needed won’t be safe from your watchful eyes. 

    SpyBubble has an accurate location tracker, enabling you to see where the person is even if they attempt to conceal their identity. 

    SpyBubble is an excellent tracking app if you’re looking for something that can do it all. However, it cannot be installed remotely on Android phones. 

    Track Phone Real-Time Location and Monitor Phone Activities

    When people want to track their phones, they usually want to do one of two things.

    See Location in Real Time

    A person who wants to do this usually wants to see where their target is. For example, if you have a child who says they’re at their friend’s house, see if they are there or somewhere else. Track a spouse who may be cheating or an employee who may be slacking off on company time.

    Most phones have a “find my lost phone” option as well. It’s also of use for people who wish to spot someone on the map. As long as GPS is enabled, phone trackers can show your target’s whereabouts quite accurately and in real time. 

    Monitor Phone Activities

    A person can do a lot on their phone. For example, if you have children, they may be on websites they aren’t supposed to be on or be chatting with someone inappropriately. A spouse could use their phone to cheat, or an employee could use their work device to waste company time.

    Many spy app variants allow you to see digital activities in real time. See every Facebook interaction, every text message, and every photo saved on their phone. And if the target is delete-happy, these apps can recover deleted content.

    These apps also run quietly in the background, letting you monitor the person needed without them ever knowing. Overall, spy apps work well toward tracking someone.


    The IMEI number tracker can trace somebody’s phone, mainly if there’s a tracker app installed. However, there are many other ways to track a target’s device. Therefore, we say to do your research and find the best fit according to your situation. Of course, the answer can depend on your budget, your needs, and how much information you have access to regarding the target.

    You can check the FAQ section below if you want more information about tracking IMEI numbers. We hope you find the best solution according to your needs.


    How to use IMEI tracker?

    You need to know the IMEI of the phone you wish to track. Find the number by visiting the “About” option on your phone’s settings. Once you do so, download an IMEI tracker app. Then, whenever you need to spot the device, enter the IMEI number into the tracker on your end, revealing the location.

    Which is the best IMEI tracker?

    IMEI Tracker is an app that lets you track phone via IMEI if you wish. One of the options we mentioned is IMEI Tracker – Find My Device. In any case, some trackers on the market can be unreliable, so we recommend you do your research and find the tracker best for you. We appreciate SpyBubble as the most advanced and reliable solution since it allows supervising not only location but also call logs, messages, social media activity, browser history, etc. So, it’s up to you to choose. 

    Can I track phone if the location is off?

    It can be challenging to track phone when its location is turned off, but not impossible. Cell towers, public Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth can reveal somebody’s location. In addition, you can track phone’s location via spy apps, which allow you to see their activities in real time. 

    Can IMEI be tracked without SIM?

    Yes, it is possible. Many devices have other features built-in to allow them to be tracked. Not only that, it’s still possible to track phone via IMEI if a respective app is installed beforehand.

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