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How to catch cheaters texting: the ultimate guide

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    Read Cheating Spouse Text Messages Free

    Have you ever wondered if your spouse is unfaithful? If you read this article, you probably have. Well, we think that a painful ending is better than endless pain. Catch cheaters texting, and end your doubts and suffering. 

    When Might I Need to Read My Spouse’s Messages?

    The moral aspect of breaking someone else’s privacy can be a problem. If you still have doubts, read this list of signs signaling that you’d better get this additional confirmation. Psychologists say that if you have constant suspicions about your partner’s faithfulness, it’s a sign by itself. Our subconscious reacts to the changes in behavior and sends warning messages to the conscious part of our brain. But it’s just a theory; let’s return to reality. What actions of your partner are enough reason to check their texts?

    Your Partner Has Changed the Password on the Phone

    It’s totally ok to change login information from time to time. But if previously you knew all your partner’s credentials and suddenly discovered that you can’t unlock the phone, it’s a reason for worries. If the partner refuses to tell you a new password, the situation is even more serious. 

    The arguments in favor of this sudden change can be different, including safety worries. Your partner may tell you that you should trust them or even accuse you of controlling and spying. Don’t believe in this motivation. If the person cares for their privacy, they do it from the beginning. Sudden changes should warn you: something is not right.

    Your Spouse Gets Defensive Every Time You Ask to Use Their Phone

    If a person has something to hide, it’s logical to ensure that you don’t have access to their device. You don’t need a free cheating spouse text reader if you can just open the conversation on your spouse’s phone. If previously your husband or wife had no objections against sharing their device with you, but this habit has changed just recently, it’s not normal. Usually, it’s a clear sign of cheating behavior.

    Your Spouse Leaves the Room to Answer the Phone

    This pattern should warn you only if it wasn’t like that before. People prefer to speak on the phone alone. If your spouse acts like that all the time, don’t jump to conclusions. It may be their habit. But if your partner leaves the room only to take some calls, it’s a decent reason to do some checking. 

    read mu spouse messages

    Your Spouse Smiles at Their Phone All the Time

    Remember when you were hanging on the phone with your future husband or wife for hours? After such conversations, cheeks hurt from too much smiling. We tend to smile when we talk to a person we have feelings for. So, if you spot such behavior, don’t think that your partner is just an extremely cheerful person ready to smile while speaking with colleagues. It’s a sign of very personal and pleasant conversations.

    Your Spouse Has Suddenly Become Careful with Their Phone

    The reason for this sudden attention is in the part of life your partner wants to hide. And it’s highly unlikely that they try to protect conversations with friends. Your partner can take the phone to the bathroom for two purposes, and both aren’t good. First, they can use privacy to chat with a lover. Second, it’s a guarantee you don’t check the messages while your partner is away.

    So, when is the time to clear your doubts and finally get access to the partner’s messages? Is one sign from the list above enough? Of course, it depends on the situation and your family habits, but if you see several patterns at the same time, the chances that your spouse is cheating are extremely high. Anyway, listen to your gut and trust your intuition.

    How to Check Your Spouse’s Text Messages for Free?

    For someone, it can sound fantastic, but nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to read spouse text messages free. We’ll discuss the best software in our opinion a little later. Now let’s analyze the common principle of such services. What do you have to do to discover your spouse’s secrets?

    Step 1: Choose the Right Spy App

    There are various services with different functions and pricing. They can vary from the simple tracking software giving you the data of geolocation and a person’s movements during the day to the complex spying systems providing information from all possible channels. 

    At this stage, we recommend studying the opportunities offered by each app and selecting suitable options. Don’t think that more information is better. For example, your partner works from home, and you don’t have to track their routes, but you want to find out if their texts are as innocent as they claim. In this case, you don’t need geolocation services. Find a software offering access to the text messages.

    Step 2: Download

    If the program you picked doesn’t require installing software on your partner’s phone, it’s the simplest part. The complications start if you have to get physical access to the device to install the spying program, and your partner never leaves the phone unattended. If you want to find out the truth, you’ll have to get creative and think of an opportunity. Some apps don’t need to be installed on the target phone to give you the necessary information; you can use them.

    Step 3: Sign Up

    You will need an account with an informative and convenient dashboard in most apps. Usually, the registration takes a few minutes, and after that, you can enter the service from any device connected to the Internet.

    Don’t be afraid that your registration data will be sent to the person you are spying on. Such programs take customer privacy very seriously, and the spying software installed on the target device is completely untraceable. It makes phone monitoring safe and easy.

    Step 4: Read Cheating Spouse Text Messages

    Finally, you accomplish all previous steps and can receive the desired data. In the dashboard, you’ll see all the partner’s conversations, including the deleted text messages. From this point of view, spying services are more reliable than reading texts directly on the phone.

    What’s the Best Spy App to Check Your Spouse’s Text Messages?

    Now when you know how such services function, let’s find out what brands to consider. There are tons of offers on the Internet, but avoid using the first one. Some apps can be inefficient; others are shady and unreliable. If you want to read cheating spouse text messages free without complications and unwanted consequences, check the tracking apps from our list.


    The first spying program we want to recommend is uMobix. This spying software works in stealth mode, so your spouse will never know about the program installed on their phone. This feature is extremely useful if you are not sure about your partner’s cheating. You can prove your suspicions without alarming the spouse.

    Another advantage of uMobix is almost unlimited spying opportunities. You’ll be able to read not only your partner’s texts but also monitor their activity on social media. Additional options, like geolocation tracking, are available in a convenient and user-friendly dashboard.

    In the “Calls” section of the dashboard, you can view the information about all the calls made and received, their duration, and time. The app will also show what calls and texts were deleted. Usually, it’s the most valuable information the person wants to hide.

    In the situation of spying after the unfaithful partner, you may be interested in the Keylogger function. This feature will allow you to see all the accounts the phone owner created. It’s an easy way to know if your partner is registered on any dating services.


    This phone spy is simple, informative, and extremely powerful. It also offers a free trial period, so you can catch cheating spouse text messages free. This software allows reading text messages online, monitoring social media communications, and tracking calls. The app is optimized for working in stealth mode and requires just a bit of resource. So, the device owner won’t notice it. 

    You can activate the phone camera from the dashboard to take a snapshot of the person your spouse is meeting. And remember that you have 3 days to test the service for free. This time may be enough to catch a cheating spouse. 


    Cocospy is a completely untraceable tracking app offering all the information of the person of interest just in three simple steps. You’ll have to create an account, install the program, and get access to the desired data. Using Cocospy on iOS devices is especially convenient since the app doesn’t require downloading.

    The offered options are enough to find proof of the adultery. Using the credentials received with the help of a Keylogger, you can check all your partner’s accounts and collect information about their lover.

    Is It Possible to Read Text Messages Without the Phone?

    If you didn’t skip the previous parts of the article, you know that it’s not only possible but also relatively easy. But what if you want to monitor other activities of your spouse? Let’s see different fields the spying app can provide access to.

    WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

    Social media is the most popular place for finding new partners and communicating with them. Any tracking software we mentioned above will provide you with a detailed report of the person’s actions. You’ll be able to view your partner’s WhatsApp messages, chats on social media, added friends, and favorite contacts. 

    Some systems offer to send notifications when a certain social media app is opened on the target device. It allows monitoring conversations in real-time. Anyway, loading Facebook while visiting the bathroom is not a good sign, so make sure you’ll check your partner’s communications.

    Text Messages

    Many people still prefer sending texts instead of chatting on social media. Spying apps will show you the list of contacts, and you can read the whole conversation. Usually, it’s enough to prove or dispel the suspicion that your husband or wife is cheating on you.

    We recommend complex checking. If you have already installed the spying app on your partner’s cell phone, don’t miss the opportunity to inspect all the aspects of their digital life.

    Incoming and Outgoing Emails

    Emails are not a common way of communication between lovers, but they are also worth checking. The spying software developers considered this option and included it in the apps. You will receive a report with the detailed data and content of the emails your partner sends and receives. Obviously, you’ll see the emails placed in the bin.

    Deleted Messages

    Careful people try to delete all the suspicious messages from their devices and think that they have protected the secret. But with modern spying apps, it’s not enough to erase the chat from the phone. The spy will show you these messages in the dashboard. You’ll see when they were sent and who the addressee was. Sometimes, just by checking this section, you can gain the proof you need.

    Keylogger Activities

    The extremely valuable function when it comes to catching a cheating partner. Smart people don’t use their accounts on social media for secret communications. They think that the new profile will ensure complete secrecy. But a Keylogger function available in most modern spying apps will give you the data of all accounts created on a certain device. 


    In this section, we’ll try to answer the questions you might still have.

    What are spy apps?

    It’s software that provides you with access to personal information from someone else’s device, such as call logs, texts, social media activity, etc.

    How does the phone tracker app work? 

    You install a special program on the target phone. After that, this app gathers information from all communication channels and services used by the owner. The software works in a stealth mode, so the owner has no idea their device is being monitored. Pay attention that there are online tracker apps with no download required as well.

    Is there any free Android phone spy app?

    All the reliable services require paying. But many spying systems offer free versions with limited functionality or a free trial period you can use to receive the desired confirmation of the cheating.

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    9 months ago

    This guide is incredibly helpful! I was able to catch my cheating boyfriend using the tips provided here.

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