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    When we love and are fully immersed in the relationship, the last thing we want to think about is infidelity. Unfortunately, even if people are long together, it frequently happens that one of them looks for an affair partner. The reasons may be different, but the most popular of them is a lack of emotional support or sexual satisfaction. 

    Over time, as we become accustomed to our loved one’s behavior, knowing their likes, how they dress, and how they spend their free time, we might realize that the person we fell in love with seems different from the one by our side now. The worst thing is this change can plant seeds of doubt and fear, gnawing at us with the worry that they may be cheating.

    Is My Boyfriend Cheating? 11 Signs

    If you suspect your man of betrayal, here are 11 clear-cut warning signs of cheaters’ guilt. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out how to catch a cheating partner and how a guy acts after cheating. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. 

    1. Emotional Distance

    One of the signs of a cheating partner is emotional distance. It can be hard to detect because of your subjective perception of your partner’s behavior. You should pay attention to whether he has really become emotionally distant or it’s just your paranoia. 

    Numerous studies have shown that in monogamous relationships, dissatisfaction with communication or time spent together can lead to other romantic connections outside the relationship. They will look for another way to fill this gap, and when they find someone who can do it, the innocent communication can become a physical connection between the two. 

    Emotional Distance

    So, suppose you notice that you are bored when spending time together or prefer to watch TV separately in different rooms instead of doing it together. In that case, you should immediately act by starting an open conversation with your partner. 

    To restore emotional and physical intimacy, start with open and honest communication with your partner. Express how you feel about your relationships and what you would do to improve them. Do this when you both are in a good mood and then ask your man what he thinks and how he feels about it. 

    1. No Sexual Life 

    Has your sexual engagement in bed suddenly come to a halt with just a simple “goodnight”? If previously you could spend hours doing “it”, and now you feel you are not the object of their interest, there is a high risk they may contribute to infidelity. Will it be pleasant to kiss that person who hiddenly kisses the other one but sleeps in the same bed with you? The answer is yours. 

    No Sexual Life

    However, if you ignore signs of cheating, things will worsen. It’s because sexual activity increases testosterone, the hormone that can act as a major driver of sexual behavior in men. So, if they have sex outside of relationships and do it often, their desire to do it more often will increase. 

    Low levels of sexual desire are not always an indicator of infidelity. If your relationship is otherwise healthy but sexual attraction is low, it may simply reflect your partner’s low libido. This can be due to stress, physical health, or mental health issues affecting their level of desire. So, the earlier you start to act on it, the higher your chances of saving your relationships. Try something new, travel abroad, change the atmosphere, and discuss your pains. 

    1. Acts Differently

    You probably know your man inside and out. You know how he acts when he is sad, angry, happy, confused, and feels anxiety and depression – but what when you suddenly cannot detect his real feelings? What if he starts responding to things that could irritate him emotionless? You notice that his predictable behaviors begin to shift, and it is hard for you to understand his feelings.

    Acts Differently

    If someone appears happy without you understanding why, it could signal they’re finding happiness elsewhere. When this happens regularly, you will notice one of the following: they will either distance themselves from you or become overly attentive because of coping with guilt. A serial cheater might do things that make you sad to create space for himself, or he might seem very happy while ignoring your feelings, prioritizing his desires.

    1. Attached to Their Phone
    Attached to Their Phone

    Do you know the other sign to detect how a guy acts after he cheated? A man who cheats is overly protective of his phone. He takes his device everywhere with him, uses strong passwords, and does not let you touch it even when you ask. A cheating husband always uses a silent mode or renames “suspicious” contacts. You won’t suspect anything unusual. However, it might make you worry if his “boss” or an unknown friend named Mike, whom he mentioned meeting at the gym, calls him nonstop, and he always leaves the room to take these calls. 

    Those men who are not involved in cheating are casual with their phones because they have nothing to hide from their women. 

    1. Becomes Suddenly Busy

    Suddenly, he’s constantly busy and can never stick to plans. He always cancels at the last minute with flimsy excuses that don’t add up. He does it regularly with excuses and comes home late at night, full of energy and with a wide smile. He might say he was at work, but how can you check it? You can support your suspicions by observing his appearance and clothes and possibly detecting the scent of women’s perfume lingering on his neck when he returns. A better solution would be to use SpyBubble – the spy app will tell where he is, with whom, and what communications he has online.

    Becomes Suddenly Busy
    1. Odd Friend’s Behavior

    How do their friends act? What are the signs you can look for? Boys, regardless of their age, like to share new things with their friends. Be it a new car, last-model Nike shoes, an expensive watch, or a new girlfriend, they will undoubtedly boast the news with their friends. 

    Odd Friend’s Behavior

    Because of the so-called “bro code”, his friends won’t tell you anything about your man’s new affair. His friends, even if you previously had good relationships with them, will no longer know how to act near you, or, what is worse, you will notice that your relationships with his friends have suddenly changed to awkward. They act oddly, and your gut tells you they hide something from you and that “something” is definitely unpleasant news.  

    1. Makes You Guilty

    He tries to erase the feelings of guilt and remorse from you. When you do something wrong or not the way they want you to do it, they point you on it, making a mountain out of a molehill. It makes them think it helps them justify their actions and take responsibility for their actions so that what they are with the other woman is nothing to worry about. So, they always look for things they may use to make you feel guilty, increasing their ego and self-esteem. They think this way: they will eliminate their sins, clear their guilty conscience, and not feel guilty about cheating. It won’t change the situation, but it does help them sleep at night.

    Makes You Guilty
    1. Cares More About His Appearance

    Has your man used to wear one t-shirt a week? Does his wardrobe suddenly change from sportswear clothing to costumes and shirts? If you notice that and you know that it is definitely a decision he has not made himself (except in cases when he does it because of the new work requirements), then this may be a sign he has someone outside your relationship. 

    Cares More About His Appearance

    Has your man suddenly become extremely obsessed with his appearance, such as dying his hair, buying expensive clothes, wearing hand watches, getting spray tans, and whitening his teeth? While you may notice the other signs of changes according to his appearance, this personality shift out of left field can indicate that your man may be playing the field, especially if he does not explain the reason for such abrupt changes.

    1. Controlling Behavior 
    Controlling Behavior

    What is the other sign that will tell you how a guy acts after he cheated? If your man turned from a loving and caring man into a real monster, it’s another red flag indicating a behavior after cheating. Many men who cheat may act like they suspect you of cheating, which could just be their own remorse. They may purposely do it to deflect suspicion by making you defensive. And the worst thing they can do is so gracefully that you may experience feelings of guilt and sorry for things you have never done. 

    They may even track your activities, schedule, and real-time whereabouts to protect themselves and avoid being caught red-handed. 

    1. Frequent Lies

    One of the most popular signs of a cheating man is that he lies nonstop to his partner. They hide all their tracks, lying about their whereabouts, who they communicate with, who they interact with through social media and IM apps, and more. If men cheat regularly, they transform their lives into one big lie, and, as a rule, they frequently become the victims of their own lies. However, it is easy to detect if you have a reliable tool in your arsenal like SpyBubble, which can not only help you catch a cheating partner texting but will also help you find the answer to how and why they cheat

    Frequent Lies
    1. Calls You by the Wrong Name

    It is a classic case. When a man calls you by another name, also known as a Freudian slip, it is an evident sign of infidelity in relationships. These slips happen when someone yells out thoughts or feelings they didn’t mean to share. If your husband is cheating, he might accidentally say the name of the person he’s cheating with, especially when he’s feeling stressed or distracted. 

    Studies show that when people are stressed, their hidden thoughts can emerge quickly. So, if your guy seems nervous or distracted around you, his unconscious mind might give away his secret by mentioning someone else’s name. 

    Final Thoughts

    Regardless of how long you are in a relationship, your well-being and self-esteem should be on your priority list. As one wise person says, a “happy wife, happy life” is a good idea. If a woman is unhappy, the whole family will suffer from it. So, if you take care of the harmony in your family and want to save good and romantic relationships with your man, you must prioritize your happiness and self-worth above all else. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs of a cheating partner, ask your man directly about it. Tell them all your concerns and worries and, if needed, use an effective spy app to help you clear the water and decide how to act after revealing the truth. Love yourself, and never let anyone humiliate you, even if it is the person you spent 20 years with.

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