15 Trick Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend to See If She’s Cheating in a Long-Distance Relationship

Trick questions for long-distance relationships

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    Different things happen to people during their lives, and sometimes, there is no other choice but to start a long-distance relationship due to work (40%) and studies (31%), according to the new study. If this happens, it is extremely important to have open and honest communication on this matter and discuss all the nuances before this long-distance challenge starts. People who are about to spend some time away from each other are to face and go through doubts about each other’s faithfulness. The best way to break this knot of doubts is constant communication with each other + probably using a spy app. Of course, during this communication, you may want to ensure that there is no cheating happening, so here are 15 questions to ask your girlfriend with this aim.

    15 Questions to Check Your Girlfriend’s Faithfulness Remotely

    Long-distance relationships

    Cheaters are usually tricky, and you must ask trick questions to catch a cheater (both puns are intentional). According to a survey by SexualAlpha, 22% of all people who go through a long-distance relationship end up cheating on their partners, which is almost 1 of every 4. So, even if you are confident in your partner and do not believe something like this can happen, a sudden change may become a trigger, and temptation may be unbearable. All in all, asking a couple of questions won’t make things worse, will it?

    1. What Did You Do Last Weekend? In fact, it can be a question about last Monday, last week generally, or even yesterday. One of the main signs of infidelity has always been “inconsistency in the evidence”. A person who has nothing to hide can easily tell you what they were doing at any time, occasionally taking some time to remember if you are asking about events that took place a couple of days before. On the other hand, those who know they did something wrong often stick to secretive behavior, which means they may not be ready to answer simple questions on the go.
      People who cheat need to remember what they did on that day, and if they were with a lover – they need even more time to invent a cover story. If you notice your girlfriend not answering your question quickly enough or avoiding a direct answer – chances are she was with someone.
    2. Have You Got Any New Friends? In fact, getting new friends is normal. People come into our lives and go, some move to other countries, and some may rent the next flat or come for beers at the same bar. It is not a sign of infidelity – having new friends. However, the reaction to this question is important. If you see that your girlfriend blushes, gets worried, cannot build her speech properly, or something like that – she might be unfaithful. On the other hand, if she happily tells you about her new friends and wants you to meet them when you come back – you have nothing to suspect her for.
    3. What Do You Usually Do in the Evening? A very simple question. The idea of asking it is to make your girlfriend feel you know something (in case she cheated). This one is not one of those frequently asked questions people can answer automatically, like, “How are you?” If she has nothing to hide, she may be surprised or answer something like, “Nothing special, I was just reading a book at home”. However, if your partner is cheating, they will start building a whole alibi, mentioning people who could support her words and places where she could have been potentially noticed. A cheater cannot hide their guilty feeling, and the more they try – the more obvious it becomes to you.
    4. Can You Send Me a Selfie Now? When you are in a long-distance relationship, selfies are one of the main means of communication. It is a remote way to compensate for physical intimacy, which both of you lack. Of course, your girlfriend may be at work or on the bus and refuse to send it – fine. But if you ask for a selfie the night before going to bed, and she does not reply or refuses to send it, the two most logical questions arising are: “Where are you?” and “With whom are you?”
    5. What Is the Most Interesting Thing That Happened to You? If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong – ask your girlfriend about the most interesting or exciting events that have happened to her. It is important to analyze her answer and notice people she avoids mentioning. For instance, you have a friend, Joe, who usually hangs out with you and other guys. If your girlfriend starts telling you a story about your usual company but avoids mentioning Joe – why is that? Maybe it is because she is in a current relationship with him and is afraid to attract accessive attention to his personality.
    6. Who Do You Hang Out with? Look for inconsistencies in your girlfriend’s answers here. Generally, inconsistencies are one of the most common signs of cheating. So, of course, it is totally normal for her to hang out with her friends. And it is normal to make new friends and hang out with them as well. But one of the signs she’s cheating is if she starts inventing obviously artificial stories or suddenly stops hanging out with someone without any explanation. So, for instance, let’s take the same Joe. Your girlfriend has often been hanging out with him for beers. And suddenly, you stop hearing these stories. She does not tell you that she argued with him or that he moved to another city, nothing. Maybe she sleeps with him now and subconsciously avoids mentioning him in conversations with you now? Think about it.
    7. Do You Mind If We Have Meals Together Everyday via a Video-Call? This seems like a normal question for people in love who temporarily live far from each other and want to preserve their closeness via video calls. Even more, there is no wrong answer: yes and no are both okay. People may be busy with their work or studies, tired, or simply want to chill and hang out or eat out somewhere in the evening – it is all fine. What you should pay attention to is their emotions. If they get angry and start telling you about personal space – their personal space may be occupied by someone else.
    8. Let’s Do Something Together Online? It can be anything – playing an online game, watching a movie, or getting into a discussion on a forum. The point is that you spend time together by doing so. A cheating partner may not be interested in doing so simply because, mentally, they are not with you, and doing something together with you is not important to them anymore. 
    9. Is There Something You Would Like to Change in Our Relationship? A person who cares about their relationship will always have something to say here, and often something very simple. You can be asked not to leave your socks on the floor, put the toilet seat back down after using the bathroom, or preserve your emotional connection by more frequent communication. A cheater, on the other hand, may either say that everything is fine or dive deep into a philosophical monologue about the importance of mutual respect and freedom in a relationship to cover their physical and emotional cheating.
    10. Why Do You Think We Argue More? From your side, it is a normal question for a distance relationship as it is harder to understand what is going on non-verbally, and the best way to discuss what is wrong is a conversation. However, a cheater may take this question as suspicion and accusation and start arguing with you to prove their innocence. However, if they are innocent, why would they need to prove anything?
    11. Where Have You Got This Bracelet from? It is better to ask this question during one of your video chats, and in its essence, it is a provocative question. You may even ask it about the bracelet you gave and then pretend you do not remember or do not recognize it. The main point is that if it is your bracelet, if she bought it, or if she got it from any of her friends – nothing is stopping her from telling you. However, if infidelity occurs and it is from her lover – she may start mumbling, get unreasonably angry, or even try to avoid answering directly.
    12. Do You Think Lies Are Sometimes Important in the Relationship? Another provocative question that can be perceived as an accusation if she really lies to you. Cheating in a long-distance relationship is a very accessible thing because cheaters feel safe and impossible to get revealed. Still, that little thought about them doing something wrong never sleeps in their heads and will keep alarming them all the time, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. So, if your girlfriend starts her answer with, “You know, I have never lied to you”, it might be the first sign of your partner cheating.
    13. I’ve Got Something Important to Tell You, But First, Is There Something You Would Like to Tell Me? This is one of the most tricky questions to catch a cheater! It is a bluff, and if it does not reveal any sign of cheating, you can easily finish your part by saying something romantic. However, if your partner violates faithfulness as the basic concept of relationships, they will be terrified that you know everything and may even confess directly. Ask this question only if you are ready for any possible result.
    14. I Cannot Remember What You Said You Did Yesterday. Can You Remind Me? Oh, you are such a trickster if you ask this question, as it even borders on gaslighting. If you suspect your partner is cheating, you can try to make them hesitate, think about excuses, and invent new stories. You must understand that a person who has nothing to hide would just answer this question without even noticing the first part. A cheater, however, will start trying to remember what they told you before because they need to repeat the same lies.
    15. Can You Share Your Social Media Passwords with Me? Let us make it clear first: it is totally normal not to share passwords, and generally, you bluff when you ask this question; you need to know the intention. A person who has nothing to hide might be surprised but have nothing against doing so. A cheater will find hundreds of excuses not to do so or even become aggressive towards you.

    How to Check If She Is Cheating Without Asking Any Questions?

    Well, there is no big difference in how people cheat long distance with normal relationships. Thus, all the methods to check it are pretty much the same.

    Use a Phone Tracker

    SpyBubble for long-distance relationships

    Install a phone tracker on your girlfriend’s phone to know what is going on in her life, who she communicates with, where she goes, and if she has any intention to cheat on you. People may often discuss such things with their friends on messages or social networks, and a phone tracker like SpyBubble will reveal it to us. It is 100% stealthy and anonymous, and you do not risk anything installing it on your girlfriend’s device. Even if you have clear boundaries in terms of what is allowed in your relationship and what is not – she will never know.

    Talk to Her Friends

    Trust in a long-term relationship is important, no doubt, but it may need some “doping” sometimes, and one such is information from her friends. Do not hesitate to ask them about how your girlfriend is, if she is okay, and so on. You may not be directly informed about her cheating, but you may hear some hints in their answers.

    Ask Her Directly

    The main point here is to be unexpected. “Do you cheat on me?! Tell me the truth!” It is all personal, of course, but many people can be so shocked by such an “attack” and tell you everything unconsciously, even before their brain blocks their tongue. It is still a question, though, oopsie.

    Final Word

    You can suspect your partner of cheating even if you are in a long-term relationship and live in one city. Of course, such suspicions only grow when you separate and have to spend some time far from each other. In fact, infidelity in a long-distance relationship seems to be more accessible and less punishable.Do not throw any accusations without evidence; there are some trick questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she’s cheating. You should always remember that your depression and anxiety may have no real reason under them, and it is better to check if there is something to worry about carefully instead of making conclusions only based on your suspicions. Ask questions, do not hesitate!

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