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    Are you constantly feeling uneasy? Are you beginning to notice more and more changes in your wife’s behavior? 

    Often signs of infidelity in a woman are easy to miss; however, if you have caught onto signs, you might just be right. Before you go accusing her of sleeping around, you need to be certainly sure. 

    Why Do Wives Cheat?

    Back in the day, there was a popular tendency for men to cheat more and for reasons like sexual variety, whereas women cheated less and because of relationship dissatisfaction. As years passed, the cheating rates have evened out, and so have the reasons. 

    Women might have an affair for many reasons, just like men, and the three main reasons tend to be: lack of love for a partner, desire for sexual variety, and circumstances like getting drunk or being away from a partner. 

    If we dig a bit deeper into wives that cheat, there is a tendency that women don’t reach their sexual pleasures with spouses, but instead of breaking up families and breaking their partner’s heart, they decide to cheat just to fill their sexual needs with no emotional connection. This isn’t a decision they make easily; it’s one they come to after years and years of trying to improve their sexual relationship.  

    10 Signs Your Wife Is Cheating on You

    Yes, women cheat as much as men, but women are better than men at maintaining a double life, making it almost impossible for men to notice the characteristics of a cheating woman. The idea of a cheating wife is terrifying for men, but what’s even worse is not being able to be aware of it. To save yourself from such a situation, check out these 10 signs your wife is cheating. 

    Lack of Intimacy: Avoiding Sex 

    If it has been months since you had some intimacy, that’s one of the physical signs your wife is cheating. If you used to make love like wild animals a few times a week, and now there has been no sex for over a month, that’s a big red flag.

    However, before jumping straight to accusing her of cheating, you should remember that there may be other reasons why she doesn’t want sex, that being small children, family problems, or difficulties at work.  

    Your Gut Feeling 

    A gut feeling isn’t something you should ignore, there might be straight signs your wife is cheating that you are unconsciously ignoring, but your gut is picking up on them and trying to tell you something. 

    You might notice that your wife is paying more attention to you, some unusual attention that is suspicious. Or the opposite, your wife might start ignoring you and not caring about having a conversation with you. 

    She’s Spending More Time on the Phone

    Sure, everyone pays a lot of attention to their phones these days, but if you used to sit down after work and have conversations, and now she chooses to respond to text messages instead, she might be cheating while on the phone. 

    Especially pay attention if she is hiding her screen from you, has her phone on silent, and takes it everywhere with her; she is probably hiding a text conversation from you. 

    Your Wife Becomes Emotionally Distant 

    Partners who love each other will cling to each other, miss each other, and want to listen to each other’s opinions. A wife that cheated, especially if it’s her first few times, will feel guilty, making her distance herself from you. 

    She’ll be ashamed of doing things behind your back, and by becoming emotionally distant and secretive, she will feel like she has the situation under control because fewer interactions and conversations lessen her chance of breaking in. 

    Lack of Interest in Sex

    During a long marriage, it’s common to experience fluctuations in the frequency of sex. Often you can notice two routes a cheating wife takes, that being very little sex in a relationship or the opposite of too much and unusual sexual activity like her wanting to constantly try something new. 

    Here is how to know if wife is cheating through her sexual activity:

    • Significantly less intimacy for a long time
    • A non-existent sex life
    • New practices introduced into sex that you never tried
    • Suden sexually transmitted infections 

    She Suddenly Devotes More Time to Her Looks 

    It’s nice to imagine that your wife is devoting more time to her looks to re-spark the fire in your relationship, but if she is changing her appearance and nothing changes in your relationship, she’s probably doing it for another person, and sad to say but your wife is cheating. 

    For example, if you go out on dates and she dresses like her old self, doesn’t apply makeup, and doesn’t even try, and then she says she has to go out with ‘friends’ and put on a new dress and full face of makeup, she’s probably not interested in you and meeting with another man, not friends. 

    She Shows No Reaction When Someone Flirts with You

    Cheating wife signs also include her attitude towards you. What is her reaction when somebody flirts with you? Which emotions does interest in you from others evoke in her? People tend to get jealous and overprotective when they see other people showing interest in their loved ones, so it’s strange if she doesn’t care about another woman flirting with you. 

    When your wife is being unfaithful and shows indifference towards you, you can notice that in other ways, like in the following cases: 

    • She doesn’t find you funny anymore
    • No signs of jealousy
    • Doesn’t show any interest in your achievements
    • No interest in family holidays and time spent together
    • Doesn’t want to make any plans with you

    Drastic Changes in Communication

    Communication is key in any relationship, especially marriage, and some minor cracks in it can sign your wife is cheating. If you can’t have a normal conversation, come to a partner’s decision, share your days, or even have a fight, there’s a likely issue. 

    Some signs your wife is having affair might be: 

    • Absence of body language
    • Ignores what you say
    • Storms off without reaching closure
    • Acts in a passive-aggressive manner 
    • Changes subject to avoid important topics

    She’s Out a Lot More Than Usual

    Usually, after a long day at work, partners are looking forward to finally getting home and spending some quality time with their partner; however, in the case of partner treason, one partner avoids going home at all costs. 

    If your wife, straight after work, goes out somewhere and comes back only when you have fallen asleep already, and this goes on for weeks, you should start to worry. If you ask where she has been, and she’s vague about what she has been doing, that’s a straight sign she’s hiding something. 

    She Leaves When She Needs to Answer the Phone

    Marriages are often these open spaces where partners share all their life details and secrets. For example, if you are making dinner and her hands are dirty, and she suddenly gets a call, what’s the problem for you to answer it or at least hold the phone up to her ear? 

    Well, if she is cheating in a relationship, she will not let you get hold of that phone at any cost. When she does answer, she will leave the room and talk very quietly or simply just not answer and tell you it’s not important. 

    Use SpyBubble to Bust a Cheater or Dispel Your Suspicions 

    SpyBubble is a monitoring software that you can download to various mobile devices. It records incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, as well as visited sites, GPS locations, and added photos. As SpyBubble says, “People cheat for different reasons. We’re not here to judge.” It’s a safe app that’s just going to make sure you know the truth about your partner. 

    Why should you choose the SpyBubble phone tracker? 

    • Fast installation. They have made the installation process super easy, it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and it takes just a few minutes, so you won’t get caught. 
    • Real-time tracking. You will get information within 5 minutes, meaning if your wife leaves the room to take a call, you’ll know who she was talking to almost right away. 
    • Reporting via screenshots. You won’t miss out on anything with access to screenshots made every second. 
    • Access deleted data. A cheating wife has probably googled ‘how to cheat and not get caught’ and then deleted her search history, but with the app, you will see all of her deleted searches. 

    If you have collected definite signs that your wife is cheating but need paper evidence to bust her, you should install this monitoring app without thought.  

    How to Deal with a Lying Wife

    If you have answered your main question, ‘Is my wife cheating?’ and it turned out to be true, you can’t stay in that relationship and should deal with it. Whether that is confronting her and giving her a chance to change or leaving her and filing for divorce, or opening your marriage and living an open sex life, you should always talk first and get things straight, at least as straight as they can get. 

    Final Words

    Therefore, if you have thoughts that your wife might be cheating, you should check out this list of 10 signs to make sure your gut feeling doesn’t trick you. To get evidence, use SpyBubble to get detailed information about the calls and texts, so you can confront her about her cheating. 

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