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    Jealousy is a companion of love. But it’s not a pleasant feeling. If you spot some signs of jealousy in your partner, you may want to talk and clear the situation in order to avoid unnecessary tension and stress. It means that every girl should know how to detect this emotion in her boyfriend’s behavior. 

    Another reason you can be interested in signs of jealousy is that you are trying to attract the attention of a certain person or find out how they feel about you. In this situation, it would be helpful to know if they are envious of you. 

    Another meaning of jealousy is also important. You don’t want to communicate with people who are angry about your success. Jealous people can create only toxic relationships harming you. Considering this, we made a guide to give you the information you need to spot even the slightest signs.

    The Signs That Someone Is Jealous of You

    Is it possible to hide your jealousy? Well, if you can do that, we recommend taking part in a poker tournament. Usually, if you can’t tell if the person is jealous of you, you just don’t know where to look. This feeling is intense and extremely hard to control and hide. So, read the offered list of proven signs carefully and analyze the behavior of people in your surroundings.

    • Jealous People Are Insincere While Complimenting or Praising You

    If someone can’t be sincerely happy for your success, it seems logical that this person can’t make compliments from their heart. But how to detect false praises? Well, your intuition is the best advisor. If you think that something’s off, then it really is. We can easily feel the discrepancies between the words and body language. 

    When the person is congruent, their actions, words, and feelings are aligned. But when someone is being jealous, it’s really hard to control both words and micro-movements. So, you’ll see or at least feel the false component of the compliments.

    • Jealous People Can Copy You

    If someone copies your behavior, it’s not necessarily a sign of envy. When the person sincerely likes your style or manner of speech, they tend to acknowledge it and even tell you about their intention to implement these aspects in their life.

    But if the person criticizes you for some action or choice and after that does the same, it’s one of the signs someone is jealous of you. Envy means that this person wants to have what you have or be like you. So, no wonder they try to mimic your actions.

    • They Try to Look Better Than They Are

    When the person is envious of you, they can try to flaunt themselves in front of you. They do it in order to show that they are more successful and their achievements are more significant. They might not even realize the reasons for such behavior, but it’s made to make you feel smaller.

    The tendency of notifying everyone about the smallest achievement is a feature of envious people. There is often deep insecurity underneath the jealousy, so if someone is jealous of you, they will use any opportunity to look more significant.

    • Jealous People Want to Discourage or Harm You

    As we said before, jealous people don’t want you to be successful in any field. Some of them can even deliberately harm you. They will be glad to give you a piece of bad advice just to see how you’ll ruin something important. If you have a good habit of thinking for yourself, they’ll try to break your dreams by showing you all the weak points in your plans.

    From this point of view, they can be good testers of your plans. Even a mangy sheep’s good for a little wool, so you should use their jealousy to your benefit.

    • Jealous People Talk Bad About You

    They may compliment you in the face, but behind your back, they would love to gossip about your life and personality. Such people find pleasure in throwing mud at you. You are too good for them, and they try to draw you down to their level.

    If you suddenly find out that someone spreads rumors about you, it’s a clear sign that this person is jealous of you.

    • They Try to Beat You

    Don’t get us wrong; we mean it in a non-physical sense. Jealous people consider you a rival and try to win in this competition by any possible means. And it won’t be a fair competition. Their motto is all’s fair in love and war, and their feeling for you is far from love.

    Be ready for anything if you have to deal with jealous colleagues or partners. Such a person can do any low act to ruin your reputation or spoil your project.

    • Jealous People Are the Worst Critics

    Be prepared that your life will be scrutinized to the slightest detail. A jealous person will do everything to find your flaws and tell you about them. They find real pleasure in criticizing your actions and your work. Moreover, their criticism isn’t constructive. They don’t want you to improve, just to put you down.

    Try not to listen to such “experts” and ignore their toxic comments. The greatest pleasure of an envious person is to get you discouraged. So, don’t give them such pleasure.

    • Body Language Betrays Jealous People 

    Psychologists found out that if your friend is envious of you, one of the signs is that they tend to cross their legs. This is the sign that the person wants to close up. So, if one of your friends always crosses their legs when you are talking about your achievements, it’s a red flag.

    Be especially careful with this person and look for other signs described in this article. Maybe you have to reconsider your closest circle and stop communicating with such people.

    • Jealous People Are Happy When You Fail

    This point is so obvious that it doesn’t require any further explanations. Your failures give envious people a chance to feel good about their own life and prove that you are not perfect. If you spot a happy smile while complaining about your wrong decisions or misfortune, you are talking with the wrong person.

    Clear your closest environment from such toxic people because they’ll try to hit you when you are the most vulnerable. Make sure your friends support you sincerely and aren’t jealous of you.

    • Jealous People Like to Ruin Your Plans

    An envious person will do everything to prevent you from reaching success. They can provide false information or inaccurate data if you are working together. False friends will say bad things when you share your plans with them, trying to discourage you. Be careful on this point, some of your plans are not worth the risk, and your true friends can try to warn you. You should see the pattern of constant joy spoiling coming from one of your acquaintances. 

    • They Would Like to Humiliate You in Public

    What can be better for an envious person than having a chance to show everybody that you have flaws? Jealous people wouldn’t wait till you are alone to talk about your failures. Moreover, they’ll use any opportunity to put you in an embarrassing situation.

    If someone is jealous of you, they can tell you things you confined them secretly in public. So, be careful sharing with other people. 

    • They Hate You Without any Reason

    Envious people can’t admit even to themselves that they admire you. Instead, they choose to hate you for your success and personal qualities. If someone suddenly shows hateful behavior without any definite reason, it’s a clear sign that this person is jealous of you.

    • They Try to Diminish Your Success
    man and woman

    As much as they try to over color their own achievements, they will try to make your success insignificant. You’ll never hear from them that you have good skills and deep knowledge. Such people will say that you got a better position because of personal relationships with your boss or something like that. They can’t acknowledge that you are more skilled than them for this job.

    • They Don’t Want to Celebrate Your Success

    Can you imagine how hard it is for a person who is jealous of you to congratulate you? That’s why they prefer to avoid parties and celebrations of your achievements. Even if they come, they’ll spend the whole evening texting someone or surfing the Internet. They don’t want to be there for you in your moment of glory. 

    At the same time, such people would love to hear about your failures and demonstrate false sympathy. If you have a friend who is always glad to talk about your fiasco and misses all the praise, this person is most likely to feel jealous.


    What is the root cause of jealousy?

    The feeling of jealousy is based on low self-esteem and self-worthiness. When these qualities are combined with the fear of rejection, jealousy appears. The person is afraid that everyone will see that you are better and worthy than they are. Such people can’t accept themselves and others as they are. The success of others is proof of their own worthlessness.

    What are the signs of a jealous man?

    Psychologists found out that men aren’t good at hiding their emotions. In moments of jealousy, they tend to become reserved and closed and often refuse to talk to you. They can also show signs of anger because the achievements of others put them down in the hierarchy in their own eyes. They see your achievements as their own failure at these moments.

    What makes a man jealous?

    Men are naturally more focused on achievements than women. For their self-esteem, good results are vital. So, when someone beats them in this competition, they become jealous. The second aspect is the sense of their property. Men are more likely to think that other people belong to them. It causes a lot of anger when their “property” suddenly wants to get free.

    Is jealousy a sign of love?

    Jealousy is a sign of low self-esteem and possible psychological trauma. It has nothing to do with real healthy love. Pathological jealousy can lead to physical abuse and other unpleasant actions. Slight signs of jealousy can look cute and be a confirmation that this person is afraid of losing you. But in long-term relationships, this feeling causes more damage than good.

    What are the signs of a jealous woman?

    When a woman feels jealousy, she’ll demonstrate the following behavior patterns:

    1. anxiety;
    2. aggression;
    3. increased interest;
    4. joy-killing mood;
    5. crying.

    If you see several patterns in her behavior and can’t find any reason for them, it’s a clear sign that she is jealous of you. Sudden insincere and too intense compliments and praising can tell you the same.

    How do you deal with a woman who is jealous of you?

    If this person is your colleague, and you can’t stop your interactions, just be careful. Don’t try to help such a person; it’ll only make her feel worse. Don’t share sensitive information with such a woman, and don’t count on her in your work. If you find out one of your friends feels jealous, it’s better to stop communicating; such relationships are toxic.

    What does a girl do when she is jealous?

    A jealous girl can act in two ways. She can ignore you altogether, trying to attract attention or show you how much she cares about you. Anyway, you’ll see the definite sudden changes in her behavior. And if at the same time, she talks bad about other women, it’s an obvious sign she is envious of you.

    When a girl gets jealous, does it mean she cares?

    She definitely cares. But the real question is, is she afraid of losing you or cares about her own reputation? Don’t try to confirm her feelings for you by making her jealous. It’s not a healthy way to build relationships.

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