Top 3 Hidden Cheating Apps for Android to Catch Your Partner Red-Handed

Hidden cheating apps for android

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    Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? They may be using hidden apps to do so. This article will look at hidden cheating apps for Android and tell you how you can catch them in the act. We have a lot to go over, so let’s begin.

    What Apps Do Cheaters Use?

    A cheater may have a handful of apps when it comes to cheating on the phone. If you look at your partner’s phone, some may seem obvious, but others? Not so much. Let’s look at several apps cheaters use.

    Dating Apps

    Cheaters who don’t know how to cover their tracks may have a dating app on their phones. Tinder, Grindr, OKCupid, and the list goes on. No one loyal has these apps on their phone, so if you see a dating app on their phone, it’s probably an indication that something is happening, especially if they have an app such as Ashley Madison, a website designed around affairs and considered the best cheating app.

    Secret Messaging Apps for Cheaters

    Many cheaters will use messaging apps that are not designed for cheaters explicitly. For example, your partner may use WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, or any other messaging app. These apps can hide messages, meaning finding proof they are cheating can be challenging.

    Some messaging apps are secret apps that look like games or common applications. For instance, there’s an app called Calculator Pro+ that looks like an ordinary calculator app but is a secret messenger. When it comes to hidden cheating app icons, you should click on them to see what the app is.

    Ordinary Social Media Apps

    Finally, some cheaters may use ordinary social media apps like Facebook or Twitter. However, they may have a secret profile they use to send cheating text messages.

    Using some apps can be suspicious in itself. For example, if your partner has Snapchat, there’s a chance they are using that to cheat and hide conversations.

    Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating on You

    • They suddenly start improving their appearance. While there’s nothing wrong with self-improvement, your partner suddenly wanting to hit the gym for no reason can be a sign they are cheating.
    • They use their phone a lot more, and when using it, they smile or seem more guarded about others looking at their phone.
    • Their work schedule suddenly changed, with them coming home much later or earlier. But, of course, this could be a lie.
    • You see odd financial changes or weird charges from your bank account.
    • There is a sudden change in their attitude not brought on for other reasons.
    • Your partner starts to be different sexually, being either less or more sexually active.
    • They may project, accusing you of cheating.
    • Your communication starts to change. For example, they may not respond to your messages as much.
    • A cheater may spend more time away from home than usual. This is similar to #3, but there may be other reasons besides work.
    • Finally, if there’s any other odd, sudden change, it could be a sign.

    If you notice one sign, it may not necessarily be cheating. However, if multiple signs are evidenced, it is a red flag.

    How to Catch a Cheater with a Phone Tracking App

    If you suspect your partner is using one of the hidden cheating apps for Android, your best bet is to install a spy app on their phone. These apps can track their movements and help you catch a cheater. Let’s look at some of them.


    First, we have SpyBubble. This app allows real-time tracking when installed on the cheater’s phone. In addition, you’ll receive notifications, with you being notified every time your spouse does something significant.

    SpyBubble has everything you’d expect from a tracker. First, you can view their Internet browsing and social media activities. In addition, it is possible to read their text messages without them knowing. Finally, GPS tracking lets you learn whether or not they work overtime.

    SpyBubble is for both Android and iPhone. All features, including reading Facebook messages or DR on Instagram, do not require jailbreak or rooting. Functionality is somewhat limited for iOS if compared to Android, but it should help you catch the cheater red-handed at an affordable price.


    • It has all the essential features
    • Easy to use
    • More affordable than some spying apps


    • 1 subscription – 1 tracked device

    How to Install SpyBubble on Android Devices?

    SpyBubble is not an app you install remotely. Instead, you’ll need access to your partner’s device. Before you proceed, see what Android version they’re using. SpyBubble is compatible with most versions, but it does not hurt to check.

    Also, ensure the phone is set to install apps outside of Play Market. Select this option via Settings > Security > Install Unknown Apps > then select the web browser your partner’s phone commonly uses.

    After purchasing a subscription, you will receive a link to download the app. Open it on their phone and install the software.


    This app is marketed toward parents who want to keep tabs on their children. However, many people use uMobix to spy on their partner to expose infidelity.

    This app has similar features to SpyBubble. You may use it to spy on your partner in real-time to learn whether they’re cheating on you.

    What we love about uMobix is its sleek interface and how it can be adjusted so that you receive notifications from apps that matter to you. Overall, it’s an amazing app for many reasons. However, it lacks a free trial (though it may be offered by support representatives to lucky ones), meaning that it’s not the perfect way how to catch a cheating spouse using cell phone for free. 


    • A sleek interface that’s easy to use
    • It comes with many tracking features
    • Real-time, customizable notifications


    • No geofencing and call recording


    Our next so-called cheat tracker is Hoverwatch. It claims to be a free Android spy app since it offers a 5-day free trial. However, if you want to uncover the hidden cheating apps for Android your partner may be using in the long run, you have to pay a fee. The price is less than that of competitors.

    This free app allows you to take it out for a spin if needed. It has all the essential features, including a front-facing tracking mode. With this, you can see your spouse’s location if they claim they are at work or with friends.


    • Advanced phone monitoring features
    • Designed specifically for Android phones
    • Affordable


    • It says it’s a free app but not truly free

    Other Ways to Catch a Cheater

    While spy apps are a surefire way for you to catch a cheater, there are times when you may not want to do so. For example, you don’t have access to your spouse’s phone, or you’re concerned with the legality of it. No worries. Here is how to catch a cheater without their phone.

    Watch How They Behave with Their Phone

    One of the most common ways to know if your spouse is cheating is to see how they behave with their phone. For example, if they don’t use their phone often but are suddenly on it all the time, this could be a sign that they are cheating.

    In addition, they may be more defensive of you trying to look at their phone. While everyone values their privacy, a spouse going from not caring about prying eyes to looking over their shoulder could be a sign that they are up to no good.

    Track Their Movements by GEOfinder

    One website you may use to see your spouse’s location is GEOfinder. For a subscription fee, you send a text message to your partner’s phone with a link. They click on the link, turn on their location, and you see where they are.

    Of course, you must send them a text message to entice your significant other to open it. For example, many send texts about weather reports, but you can send something you know your spouse will be interested in.

    Check Their Bank Statements

    Few cheaters cheat without spending money. However, your partner may spend money on nice dinners, gifts, and travel expenses.

    While your spouse may try to cover their tracks, the bank doesn’t lie. If you have a joint bank account, it should be easy to uncover some odd spending. If not, you should look into your spouse’s bank statements if you know where they keep them.

    A few odd expenditures here and there is nothing to raise an eyebrow over, but if you see constant spending in an odd location, it’s time to confront them.

    Use Voice Recorders or Hidden Cameras

    Using remote devices is one way to know if your partner is cheating. For instance, you could place a hidden camera inside their car or a voice recorder in your bedroom when you’re away and your spouse is alone.

    You may purchase hidden cameras online, many of which are small and invisible to the naked eye or disguised as ordinary household objects. For example, it is possible to purchase phone chargers with cameras inside them.

    Many of these hidden devices can give you real-time updates, too. Open an app, and as long as the camera is connected to WiFi, you will see what’s happening in real-time or receive notifications whenever the camera or recorder detects motion or a voice.

    Hire a Private Investigator

    Following your partner to ensure they’re not cheating is difficult. It’s easy for your partner to trick you, and you will have no idea where they are. If you have the money to spend, consider hiring a private investigator. A good investigator knows how to keep themselves hidden and will give you the low down when they catch the person in the act.


    We’ve now told you how you can find hidden cheating apps for Android your spouse may be using. Many spouses will use these apps for sexting or to hook up with someone. However, by using a spy app or by being aware of the cheating signs, you may uncover a cheating spouse text messages and be able to confront them about their infidelity. We hope this article was helpful to you. Now that you’ve read it, be sure to uncover the truth.


    Can I spy on someone’s phone without installing software?

    If you want to uncover hidden cheating apps for Android, you can unlock the phone yourself. In addition, you are able to use websites such as GEOfinder to see your spouse’s location. However, the best method is to use a spy app.

    What to do if my partner is cheating?

    If your partner is cheating, you must gather evidence. Once you do so, confront them. It’s not going to be easy, but by bringing the truth to light, you can decide if you want to go your separate ways or if you want to try fixing the relationship. There is no easy answer, and it can depend on your relationship’s circumstances.

    What are free Android apps to catch a cheating spouse?

    Hoverwatch is a spy app that’s free to download. However, you must purchase a subscription to get the most out of it. For example, you could use Find My Device by logging into your spouse’s Google Account. Then, you may see where their phone is and if they’re really at work. However, it’s not discreet.

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