8 Best GPS Phone Tracker Apps to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

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    Having your spouse cheat on you can be devastating. But once you get over the initial heartbreak, you might want to gather a little evidence before you confront them. If you think they are lying to you about their plans and location, tracking them down and confronting them with GPS evidence can be your most potent weapon.

    Today, we will share the 8 best GPS phone tracking software to spy on a cheating spouse and catch them red-handed, so read until the end.

    Grounds to Use a Spy App

    You have to understand that the reasons to install a spy app on spouse’s phone to track down their location must be justified. If you do not proceed carefully, you might land in legal trouble under The Wiretap Act, amended by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act in 1986. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that because we have created a set of ground rules to help you spy on your spouse legally.

    For starters, make sure you use the app to evidence some valid civil offense like infidelity. If you are doing it just out of spite or jealousy, you might get into trouble if your partner finds out. 

    It’s also important to use safe and reliable spy software to track someone’s phone, like the ones we are about to discuss, to ensure data privacy for both you and your partner.

    Say you want more proof to confront your partner. In that case, the following ways to legally spy on your partner will come in handy:

    • Go through their phone when they are not around
    • Observe them in public places 
    • Check their financial records
    • Keep track of their social media activity
    • Use CCTVs in your own property and car

    All of these methods are perfectly legal, so you can gather enough evidence without breaking any civil law. 

    If you want to stay out of legal trouble, make sure you are not impersonating anyone, luring your spouse with false promises, or risking their privacy in your effort to gather evidence.

    Comparing Top Cell Phone Tracking Apps

    This is your cue to stop scouring through hundreds of self-proclaimed competent spy software. We have already done the research for you and selected the top 8 cell phone tracking apps. 

    1. Cocospy

    Cocospy is a popular spying software primarily used by parents to control the activities of their kids under the age of 18. But who’s to say you cannot use the smart feature of this application to catch a cheating spouse red-handed?

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of using Cocospy is its SIM card change detection technology. This means if your partner tries to fool you by using a different SIM card, this app will immediately notify you of the change.

    Features of Cocospy:

    Here are our favorite features of Cocospy:

    • Monitors both incoming and outgoing calls
    • 24×7 real-time data update 
    • User-friendly interface
    • No need for complicated root or jailbreak 
    • Responsive customer service
    1. uMobix

    uMobix is another device monitoring and spying service popular among parents trying to keep an eye on their children’s online activity. It also offers a dedicated service for people suspecting their spouses of cheating. 

    Whether you want to track your spouse’s location or get into their phone from your own device, uMobix has it all covered. 

    Features of uMobix:

    Here is what we love about uMobix:

    • Simple to install and 100% undetectable
    • Comes with live updates on phone calls, messages, and location 
    • Comes with a special screen recording feature
    • Can even recover deleted messages 
    • Affordable price and comprehensive 1-day free trial provided by support specialists

    Moreover, uMobix is compatible with both Android and iOS. However, the only problem with installing it on an iOS device is that you will need your spouse’s iCloud credentials.

    1. SpyBubble

    Unlike the previous two applications we discussed earlier (which were primarily for children monitoring), SpyBubble is exclusively meant to catch a cheating wife or husband in the act. That is why they have features like screenshot reporting and browser history tracking to help you get inside your partner’s phone.

    Features of SpyBubble

    Here is what we love about SpyBubble:

    • Offers a whopping 15% off for all new users 
    • Real-time updates around the clock
    • Tracks deleted messages and browser history
    • Effective and seamless screenshot reporting
    • Covers every basic tracking service, including GPS, SMS, and phone calls

    All in all, if you are looking for a high-end tracking app, SpyBubble will be your friend.

    1. Spyzzz

    What makes Spyzzz popular in the spying applications industry is its 14-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of the application at any point, you can get a full refund within 14 days. 

    Features of Spyzzz

    Top features of Spyzzz include:

    • Consistent monitoring of call log and contact list
    • SIM card replacement detection 
    • Geofencing and GPS tracking
    • Comprehensive monitoring of text messages and browsing history
    • Undetected spying through the target device’s camera
    • Record every keystroke made on the target device 
    • Block websites as per your choice 

    This application is 100% safe to use and comes with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

    NOTE: It’s exclusively designed for Android devices. Also, breaking into an Android device is much easier than iOS, so you will have an easier time setting it up if your spouse has an Android-based mobile.

    1. Hoverwatch

    Founded in 2002, Hoverwatch is the ultimate mobile tracker free of privacy and detection concerns.

    Indeed, it’s a great location and phone number tracker, but it also tracks your partner’s Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber activities. Also, you get phone call recordings, audio reports, camera tracking, and much more.

    Features of Hoverwatch

    Here is what we love about Hoverwatch:

    • Compatible with both mobile devices and desktops 
    • Comprehensive suite of tracking and monitoring features 
    • Monitors all popular chatting applications 
    • Best for monitoring SMS and call logs 
    • Creates screenshot-based user activity report

    If you are looking for a cheap and affordable tool with almost every spying feature, Hoverwatch is all you need to gather evidence against your spouse.

    1. Mobile Tracker Free

    Mobile Tracker Free is another popular app designed to monitor children as well as catch cheating spouses. Along with the basic GPS tracking and phone call monitoring features, mSpy also offers an additional benefit of online activity tracking.

    Being user-friendly and rich in features, it is easily one of the best phone tracking apps in the market.

    Features of Mobile Tracker Free 

    Here is what makes Mobile Tracker Free a good cell phone tracker:

    • Easy installation and practically undetectable
    • No requirement to root or jailbreak
    • Multiple pricing plans for different needs
    • Offers free use 
    • Individual data on your partner’s website and application usage
    1. FlexiSpy

    If you’re looking for feature-rich spying software, look no further than FlexiSpy. Its 150+ features will give you everything you need to keep a close eye on your partner. 

    Along with SMS and phone call tracking, you can also monitor your partner’s digital communication and internet activities. A standout feature of FlexiSpy allows you to venture into your partner’s gallery undetected. So, if you think your partner’s gallery has some private pictures that could prove their wrongdoing, no other application can help you better than FlexiSpy.

    The only issue is that it’s not as simple to set up on an iPhone. Since iOS has strong firewalls, you’ll need to do a jailbreak to set up FlexiSpy on your partner’s device. Naturally, this isn’t a very feasible option for people who aren’t tech-savvy. 

    1. GEOfinder.mobi

    If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing spy software on your partner’s phone, pick GEOfinder. This application tracks down the location information of your partner.

    The best feature of this phone tracker is that it doesn’t limit the number of devices you follow simultaneously. The process is pretty simple, too; all you have to do is enter your target device’s phone number. 

    The only problem with GEOfinder is that apart from your partner’s location information, it doesn’t track extra data, such as messages or calls. However, it gives an insight into VPN usage, Wi-Fi connection, IP, and cell phone carrier lookup.


    We hope you now have the answer to “How to track a phone without them knowing?” Gathering evidence against cheating spouses, especially if you’re not technologically adept, can be an uphill task, but we hope our simple-to-use spy apps have proved to be a breath of fresh air for you. Whether you need evidence to get favorable divorce conditions or simply to satiate your aching heart, these applications will get you all the evidence you need. 


    Is it possible to turn a phone into a listening device?

    If you want to bug someone, turn their phone into a listening device by installing a phone tracker like FlexiSpy. Install this application and send an SMS to the target phone or dial the number to turn it into a listening device.

    How to check your phone for spy apps?

    If you’re concerned your smartphone is bugged, look out for signs like unexplained high data usage, battery drainage without much activity, unexplained text messages and noise during calls, and activity on your device even when you’re away.

    Is it necessary to install any software to track a cell phone location?

    If you want to spy on someone, you’ll almost always have to install a phone tracker on their device. Using regular applications like Google Maps or Find My Phone isn’t a good idea since you’ll need the login credentials to get your partner’s location information with these applications. The other option is to use software like GEOfinder to access public location info.

    What features to pay attention to before buying a mobile spying app?

    When looking for a quality spy app to track your spouse’s location, make sure it offers easy tracking activation, consistent monitoring, multiple types of tracking, including location, calls, and messages, and excellent customer support.

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