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    WhatsApp is a popular platform with multiple features for communications. It allows texting, making audio and video calls, etc. It offers great privacy options and protects the users’ data. That’s why the possibility of reading WhatsApp chats looks so tempting. 

    Don’t think that only criminals are interested in reading someone else’s chats. In most cases, the reasons causing such actions are quite understandable. For example, you are worried about your kids’ safety or want to have proof of your partner’s unfaithfulness. In all these situations, you are interested in how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages.

    Can WhatsApp Texts Be Traced?

    The short answer is yes. The system ensures protection only from hacker attacks. If you can get physical access to the phone, installing a special app and reading the person’s text messages is no problem. But let’s discuss this topic in detail.

    Why Do People Want to Track Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

    There are many possible reasons for your interest in other people’s chatting. The most common is a desire to ensure the safety of children, especially teens. At a certain age, they become very secretive and don’t want to share with their parents. It makes them perfect prey for criminals. Unfortunately, kids have too little experience in detecting fake profiles. That’s why it’s essential to control their digital life and know all the people they communicate with.

    Another high-risk category and favorite victims of different criminals are senior citizens. If your parents are old, you may want to check them just as you do with kids. It’s wise to monitor their communications and make sure that no shady person will worm themselves into the confidence of your naive mother or father.

    The third reason is the desire to know the truth about the partner. If you notice that your spouse always takes the phone to the bathroom and tries not to leave it off-hand, it’s not a good sign. If they have also changed a password and are constantly texting with someone, you have all the grounds to suspect adultery. In this case, you have only one way to confirm or dispel the suspicions: read the texts your partner sends and receives.

    How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Their Phone

    Read Someone's WhatsApp

    All the apps you may find for this purpose have similar mechanisms. In the first stage, you have to install a special spying program on the phone you want to track. Usually, such apps are untraceable, and the device’s owner can’t find one or even suspect the program’s presence. When the spy is ready, you can read chats. The icing on the cake is that you don’t need to touch the target phone anymore; all the information will be displayed in your account.

    Some systems send notifications to your phone when the device owner launches a certain app, so you’ll be able to watch the communication in real time. Others provide you with a detailed report with the date and time of each message. Since WhatsApp hacking is not an option, spying software is the only way to perform parental control and read WhatsApp messages.

    Spying on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages on iPhone/Android

    To get the data of a person’s communications, you need to use proper software. The most well-known and reliable systems can be used both with Android and Apple devices. Moreover, the programs we’ll describe further don’t require rooting or jailbreak. It facilitates the installation and makes spying available even for people without technical skills. The process is similar for all programs.

    Step 1. Choosing a Spy App for WhatsApp

    First, you have to decide on the app you are going to use. The variety of choices can be confusing, that’s why in the next part of the article, we’ll give some recommendations about the best spying software. But if you want to choose by yourself, carefully read the options offered by each app and compare the reviews. 

    Don’t download the first program you’ll see. Some systems have unreasonably high prices; others don’t provide access to messengers. A shady program can collect data from your device and send it to criminals in the worst-case scenario. So, be extremely careful at this stage.

    Step 2. Register an Account

    When you make up your mind, it’s time to create an account. Enter the account from any device with an Internet connection and receive the desired information using your credentials. A convenient dashboard offers many useful options besides access to WhatsApp messages on the best platforms. For example, you may see the person’s exact location on the map or view their call logs.

    Step 3. Install Spy App on Device

    You’ll have to install the spy on the device in question in the next stage. It can be tricky, especially if the person has something to hide, but you can’t obtain the necessary information without this installation. So, use all the powers of your imagination or use the first opportunity. The installation process doesn’t take much time and leaves no traces.

    Step 4. Start Spying on WhatsApp Messages

    The hard part is over. Now you can enter your account and find out the content of WhatsApp chats. The most useful feature provided by the majority of systems is the list of deleted WhatsApp messages. Usually, they are the most interesting part of communication, containing the most valuable data. In this sense, spying software is more useful than having the person’s phone in your hands.

    Top WhatsApp Tracking Apps Without a Phone

    We discussed all common points and characteristics of tracking apps; now it’s time to discuss the best programs to read messages without the person knowing. 


    This powerful platform provides all the spying opportunities you can think of – track the person’s movements on the map, read their chats on social media, copy all the passwords, and monitor freshly created accounts. A convenient and intuitively understandable dashboard is another advantage of uMobix. In other words, in one program, you receive all necessary information and control all areas of the digital life of a certain person.

    In the sense of parental control, the program provides a useful function of blocking the contacts of your choice. After blocking, these people won’t be able to contact your child anymore. The function is available for messengers and social media contacts.


    • incredible functionality;
    • user-friendly interface;
    • reasonable price;
    • convenient for Android.


    • complicated installation process on iOS devices;
    • significant battery consumption.

    Think about what features are essential for you and decide according to the situation.


    SpyBubble offers you detailed reports on all aspects of the digital activity of the person you want to track. You can view the data about calls, messages, browsers, and social media activities. The Geo tracker comes without saying. Using the keylogger, you’ll get the passwords of all accounts this person created on their device.


    • affordable price and free trial period;
    • installation doesn’t require root or jailbreak;
    • completely untraceable;
    • full access to social media.


    • different options in Android and iOS versions;
    • iCloud login data are needed for use on iOS;
    • absence of geofencing function.


    This spying app can notify you if the person changes the SIM card on the phone. It’s a useful function if you are trying to catch a cheating partner. By using Cocospy, you’ll also receive a record of phone calls, full call logs, and the possibility to track gallery content. Other spying options are also available.


    • an incredible amount of functions;
    • jailbreak is not necessary;
    • easy registration;
    • real-time information;
    • great support.


    • no call recording;
    • 1 subscription – 1 tracked device.

    Now you know the strong and weak sides of the most reliable and trustworthy spying programs on the market. Use this knowledge to choose a suitable solution for your situation.

    Additional Ways

    Spying software is not the only way to obtain information about a person’s communication. If using such apps is unacceptable or inconvenient for you, try other methods.

    Get WhatsApp Chat History of Others Online with the Help of Chat Backup

    The first option is provided by WhatsApp itself. In order to save chat history, the program makes daily backups. This feature is implemented to protect your history if you want to change the device or just uninstall the app for some time. The user can decide to save the chat history to the phone memory or Google Drive in the settings.

    So, if you know your kid’s account credentials, just log in, and the backup is at your disposal. It is also possible to export chats from your kid’s device and read them later. The downside of this method is the high risk of being caught.

    Use Google Drive Backup to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

    If you want to eliminate this risk and read the chats remotely, you have to select the option of saving backups to Google Drive. This way implies that you need physical access to the target device only once. After that, all the history will be available in the person’s Google account. The minus is that you need to know a password to access the account.

    Check WhatsApp Messages by Spoofing the Phone’s MAC Address

    This way is the hardest, but it is quite effective. You’ll need a target phone and a decent level of computer skills. The main idea of this way is the creation of the target phone’s clone. When you get the same MAC address as the person’s cell phone, you only have to reinstall WhatsApp. Now you have an exact copy of this messenger with all chat histories on your phone. In comparison with spying apps, this way has one significant advantage: it’s free. But the complicity of this method is too high.

    Final Words

    Now you have the information about all possible ways to access personal chats in WhatsApp. Read other reviews and compare the descriptions of these spying apps in the store to make an informed decision. Yes, spying software requires some costs, but the security of your children is worth paying for. The possibility to stay updated about your close relatives lives is truly priceless. It’s better to choose a reliable program once and use it for a long time than constantly sneak trying to get a target phone and read the messages.

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