How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android and iPhone

How to text someone who blocked you

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    In today’s digital age, texting has become the most convenient and preferred mode of communication. However, sometimes messages we send are left without a response. It may be explained by issues with a recipient’s SIM card, depleted phone battery, or weak cellular signal. Additionally, accidental activation of Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb features could be the cause. However, if none of these explanations apply, the risk of being on the blocklist of the other party is high.

    Getting blocked can leave us frustrated and wondering what to do next. But don’t worry. There are still ways to communicate with the person who blocked you on Android and iPhone. This article will show you how to text someone who blocked you through special methods and platforms. So, let’s get started and improve your communication strategies.

    How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone

    iMessage has long been a beloved messaging platform amongst individuals worldwide, thanks partly to its affiliation with Apple, a company adored by many. Thus, it is no surprise that in 2022, iMessage popularity achieved the remarkable feat of 71%. Furthermore, Statista states that iMessages took third after Facebook and Instagram, the leading messenger platforms in the United States, as of July 2020. 

    Although iMessage enables remote communication with others, situations may arise where individuals choose to block a number of specific contacts. In such cases, it is possible to verify if your phone number has been blocked to prevent any confusion.

    You Get an Automated Message

    Feel free to send a text and receive an automated response in return, as it can only be prompted for iPhone numbers that are not blocked. However, if you don’t receive an automated response, it’s a cause for concern as it may mean the person has enabled the Do Not Disturb mode.

    Your Message Doesn’t Get Delivered

    It’s worth verifying whether your message has been successfully delivered or not. For example, if you do not see the “Delivered” label under your text bubble, it could indicate that the recipient has blocked text messages. Consequently, you wouldn’t be able to see the “Read Receipts” that appear in your message thread. 

    It’s important to note that the delivery notification feature might be disabled by default, resulting in the absence of the subtle grey “Delivered” notification. So, check it as well.

    You Get the “iMessage Not Delivered” Error

    You probably have been blocked if you see the “iMessage Not Delivered” error that switches below the text bubble. In case you meet this issue, enable SMS texts on your iPhone. It could help your iPhone use your cellular data to send text messages.

    How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

    If you have difficulties with sending a message from your phone to a recipient, there is a high possibility they have blocked a number or banned you from their phone. Unfortunately, when someone blocks your number, there isn’t any notification. You’ll only notice one ring when you call them, and your text messages will fail to deliver without any “delivered” or “sent” notes visible on the recipient’s end. 

    How can you check whether someone has blocked you on Android? Check the guide below:

    Step 1: Access the “Contacts” app on your device and find the person you consider has blocked your phone number.

    Step 2: Choose the three dots on the upper right side of the screen.

    Step 3: Tap “Remove” to delete the contact’s information from the app. It’s also advisable to create a backup of the preferred contact’s information before deleting their entry if you decide to re-add them later.

    Step 4: To close the “Contacts,” tap and press the home button or swipe up from the bottom of the display until all open applications are shown. 

    Step 5: Slide “Contacts” upward and off the screen. 

    Step 6: Open “Contacts” again.

    Step 7: Use the upper search box to find the removed contact. If you see that the number you removed appears recommended, your phone number was not blocked.  

    How to Text Someone Who Blocked You on Android or iOS

    Experiencing blockage on your Android or iPhone gadget can be infuriating, especially when you have something significant to convey. Luckily, there are some techniques you may try to send a message to the person who has blocked you. So, how to text someone who blocked you on Android or iOS?

    Use a Different Phone Number

    If you cannot contact someone through your phone number, buy a new SIM card or ask your friend to let you message them from their phone (number).

    Use Instant Messaging or Social Media Apps

    Blocking on Android devices prevents SMS, cellular calls, and RCS messaging while blocking on an iPhone restricts communication on iMessage, SMS messages, FaceTime, and cellular calls. 

    So, how to text someone who blocked you? Use third-party instant messaging and texting apps: WhatsApp, Telegram, and TextFree app. Social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram may also help communication. Messaging using a different account is an option if primary social media accounts are blocked.

    Use Free Texting Websites

    If someone has blocked your phone number, don’t worry. Free texting websites like TextforFree, Textfree by Pinger, OpenTestingOnline, etc., are the other ways to send a text from a blocked number. These websites allow you to send text messages to any phone number for free. In addition, SendAnonymousSMS is an alternative anonymous texting application that you can use to contact a person and ask why they decided to block calls or block texts from you. So, even if someone has blocked your number, you may still send them anonymous messages and communicate. Head to any free texting website, enter the phone number you want to send, type your message, and click send.

    Use an iMessage Address

    Would you like to know how to contact someone who blocked you via your Apple ID email address? First, check whether your iPhone or iPad can start a conversation from your email address. How to text someone who blocked you on iPhone using Apple email? Follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your iPhone/iPad.

    Step 2: Choose “Messages” and click “Send & Receive.”

    Step 3: Choose your preferred email address.

    Step 4: Choose the email address that will appear in the “Start New Conversations From” section.

    Use an iMessage Address

    Call the Person or Send Them an Email

    If you do not know how to send a text from a blocked number, consider making a call instead. However, if your call repeatedly goes to voicemail, the person has probably blocked you. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to place a call by concealing your caller ID. 

    To do so on an iPhone or iPad, navigate to: “Settings”> “Phone”> “Show My Caller ID” and toggle off the “Show My Caller ID” option.

    Show My Caller ID

    If all of the attempts mentioned above fail, you must accept that the person is not interested in interacting with you. It’s crucial to always appreciate someone’s personal space and limits, despite the inconvenience you face.


    So, now you know how to text someone who blocked you on iPhone and how to unblock texts on Android. Nevertheless, don’t be in a hurry to conclude that you’ve been blocked if your calls or text messages aren’t going through. There could be many reasons, such as network issues, an unpaid phone bill, a depleted phone battery, or a weak cellular signal. That is why it’s best to avoid jumping to conclusions and instead give the person some time. If you cannot contact your beloved anyway, consider using SpyBubble beforehand to keep abreast 24/7. It will allow you to track your spouse’s location and read cheating spouse messages if there are any.


    Can I text someone who’s blocked me on their iPhone?

    No, if someone has blocked you on their iPhone, you won’t be able to send them any text messages. However, you may use alternative solutions, including sending a message from another phone number, using instant messaging and texting apps, free texting websites, or using an iMessage address.

    Are third-party apps affected when you block someone?

    No, they aren’t. You may easily use third-party text messaging apps to contact a person. The most popular free text apps are WhatsApp, Telegram, and TextFree app. You can also use social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter.

    Can I message someone who has blocked me if I text them from a text app?

    Yes, you can. If someone has blocked your number, you may easily use any text message app you like to contact the person. Be sure the text message you send via the text app will be delivered to the recipient. It’s one of the commonly used ways how to text someone who blocked you.

    How to text someone who blocked me on WhatsApp?

    You cannot text a person who blocked you on WhatsApp. Nevertheless, you may message them through a different platform, like Signal, Telegram, or TextFree app. However, they won’t receive any notifications through WhatsApp.

    With my Caller ID off, can I text someone that has blocked me?

    No, texting someone who blocked you is impossible. If someone has blocked your number, they have also blocked any text messages from your number. Even with your Caller ID off, the recipient’s phone will still recognize the number and prevent the message from being delivered.

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