12 Snapchat Cheating Signs: Sure-Fire Methods to Catch a Cheater

12 snapchat cheating signs

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    In recent years, Snapchat cheating has surprisingly become a trend. It’s a surprise to many social media users since the platform is not so commonly associated with infidelity. Yet, the app’s features make it the breeding ground for suspicious conversations to go unnoticed.

    Here, you’ll learn all the tell-tale signs to catch someone cheating on Snapchat, the best apps to use, and how to confront your partner. 

    What Is Considered Snapchat Cheating?

    Is Snapchat a cheating app? Technically, no. However, deceitful lovers may connect with a new man or woman using the social media platform, whether flirtatiously or romantically. Cheaters can share erotic pictures, videos, and messages on Snapchat that are hard to detect due to the app’s inherent self-destructing design.

    Is Snapchat Cheating a Common Issue?

    Snapchat cheating

    It’s increasingly becoming a common problem in relationships. The average person would be forgiven for assuming that the top options for a cheating app include Facebook and WhatsApp. 

    A study by IllicitEncounters, which surveyed 2,000 serial cheaters, found that Snapchat was the second-most preferred for cheating after Kik, grabbing 23% of the vote. This messenger is of interest to cheaters due to its disappearing messages and discreetness.

    12 Subtle Signs of Snapchat Cheating

    Now, we know a bit about infidelity on Snapchat. So, let’s learn how to catch someone cheating on Snapchat by looking at 12 subtle but effective signs.

    1. They Become Secretive About Their Phone. A partner being unusually secretive about their phone is generally a classic sign of betrayal. While this does not provide Snapchat cheating evidence, it indicates something may be amiss. Sometimes, the cheater may be secretive about their activities on Snapchat itself. Otherwise, look out for other clues like: frequent password changes, unwillingness to share passwords, closer guarding of their phone than before.
    2. They Appear Happier More Often When They Are Looking at Their Phone. It’s normal for lovers to smile while looking at their phone (e.g., looking at a funny meme), even with their partners around. However, you should be cautious if you see this happen more regularly. Your better half may light up after many audible notifications and feel down soon after being off their phone. It’s worth noting that signs of emotional cheating stem easily online with apps like Snapchat. This kind of cheating can often lead to the more dreaded physical cheating. So, kindly question your partner if you notice them being strangely cheery on their phone.
    3. They May Be on Their Phone More Often. Perhaps your companion isn’t secretive about their precious mobile device. However, Snapchat cheaters will spend more time on their phones than normal. Sadly, they could be expecting a fiery ‘cheating snap’ from their fellow ‘Snapchat babe.’
      Is your partner more focused on their phone than you or those around them? Are they getting more notifications (especially at night)? These are all hard-to-ignore hints. Furthermore, observe if your partner is on Snapchat more frequently. This app is less communication-friendly than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Hence, you shouldn’t take extensive presence on the platform lightly.
    4. They Get Defensive When You Question Their Behavior. The instinct of a cheating wife or cheating husband (or any cheater, for that matter) is to be defensive. Find a moment to casually question their Snapchat activities or behavior online and elsewhere. A guilty person may become irritated and lash out at your probing. While there are no direct links to Snapchat cheating evidence, it’s something to keep in mind. 
    5. They May Act More Judgmental Toward You. This factor is linked to the previous one. Is your partner more irritable or nitpicky around you? It may indicate a lack of interest, where your darling will downplay the strength of your relationship to justify their words.
    6. They May Become Less Intimate with You. A drop in intimacy may spell the possibility of physical cheating stemming from potentially sexting on Snapchat. This would inevitably make your partners less intimate in your relationship, whether they want to hug, cuddle, or respond to sexual advances.
    7. They May Have Someone Else as Their BF/BFF on Snapchat. Many signs to catch Snapchat cheating may be on the app itself, starting with the best friend feature. It’s a subtle indication of what someone is up to on Snapchat. BFs (best friends) have interacted with each other the most on the app, with some upgrading to ‘BFF’ or ‘Super BFF.’ Head to your account and see if your partner has a 💕, ❤️, or 💛next to their name. This confirms that both of you are best friends. However, if your partner does not have any of these emojis on Snapchat (or you’ve gone down a rank), they direct chats and pics to another person much more than you.
    8. They May Ignore Your Snaps. It’s worth mentioning that this may not apply if your significant other doesn’t use Snapchat often. Otherwise, not getting responses to your snaps from your partner should be a cause of concern. They could be unreachable or only reply when you contact them on other apps instead of Snapchat. 
    9. You Hear Them Snapping Pictures Behind Closed Doors. Observing signs of Snapchat cheating requires keeping one’s ears wide open. So, pay attention to moments when your partner is outside or in a different room (like the bathroom), and you hear snapping sounds. It’s a red flag that indicates they have removed themselves from your presence to be on Snapchat. Furthermore, someone spending more time on their own presents an opportunity for you to anticipate clicking or snapping sounds – these may be cheating snaps.
    10. They Bar You from Viewing Their Snapchat Contacts. Here, your partner may adamantly block access you from seeing their connections or friends. If they are not letting you see their Snapchat contacts (even for a quick glance), they are almost certainly concealing something.
    11. They Have Increased Their Privacy Settings. When given a chance, peep at your partner’s Snapchat privacy settings. Someone with more restrictions in this department is clearly preventing you from seeing all their interactions on Snapchat.
    12. They Frequently Delete Conversations. It’s unnatural for anyone to delete conversations on any social media platform. Hence, it should raise suspicion when you see this trend on Snapchat. Snapchat’s ability to send disappearing messages is linked to interaction deletion. Is your man or woman regularly sending snaps with the ‘disappearing’ timer? Something may be up.

    How to Catch a Snapchat Cheater

    By now, we’ve covered several methods to detect when someone on Snapchat cheats or is potentially doing so (there are a few more left). However, the most useful trick is with spy apps, which allow you to truly see a target’s activity in real time on Snapchat.

    4 Best Apps to Catch Cheating Girlfriend or Boyfriend on Snapchat

    The four best tools for catching cheating on the Snapchat app are SpyBubble, uMobix, XNSPY.pro, and Cocospy.org. Let’s briefly cover each of them.

    SpyBubble – Snapchat Spy App for Detecting Infidelity

    SpyBubble describes itself as an ‘investigative partner’ for cheaters. It’s well aware of the prevalence of Snapchat being among the go-to chat apps for cheating. However, it’s an all-around phone monitoring tool with numerous message, social media, and location-tracking benefits for Android and iOS devices. Snapchat monitoring is available only for Android in the form of screenshots and a keylogger. SpyBubble costs $42.99 monthly, $76.47 for three months, or $127.44 for a year in subscription fees.

    uMobix – Best Phone Spy App Overall

    uMobix phone spy

    Next up on this list is another comprehensive phone tracker – uMobix. It’s among the top Snapchat spy apps designed for parental control and adults. Users can view all their partner’s activity on an Android device. As a bonus, you have the ability to observe their presence on messaging apps like Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook and even Tinder. uMobix costs $49.99 monthly. Alternatively, users can choose a 3-month subscription for $89.97 or an annual subscription for $149.88. Customers can try the full service with a one-day $1 trial on request.

    XNSpy.pro – Affordable Snapchat Spy App

    XNSPY Snapchat spy

    Like SpyBubble, XNSpy is one of the oldest spy apps (launched in 2012). The platform offers a screen recorder for Android and iOS Snapchat users. It automatically takes five-second screenshots while the app is in use. For essential monitoring features, you can choose between the affordable Full Pack for $49.99 monthly (or $29.99/m quarterly or 12.49/m yearly). 

    Cocospy.org – Stealthy Snapchat Tracker for Android

    CocoSpy Snapchat tracker

    Cocospy brands itself as a parental control app with impressive tracking and remote surveillance features. It uses minimal system power once installed on the target phone and works 100% invisibly. Cocospy has a dedicated Snapchat spy app feature that allows you to track all exchanged messages and contact details. While the app is available for Android and iOS, Snapchat monitoring is not available for iPhones. Cocospy costs $49.99 monthly, with a three-month plan of $89.97 and a 12-month plan of $149.88.

    View Their Snap Map

    The Snap Map feature has long been the Achilles heel of Snapchat cheaters. It’s a way for users to share their real-time location with those in their friend list. If your partner has deleted you from the list, is secretive about their location, or turns it off, it may imply some level of deceit. 

    Take a Look at Their Snapchat Friends

    A healthy relationship is one in which both parties know each other’s family members and friends. It’s good to view your darling’s Snapchat friends list occasionally. Seeing a new, strange person that they haven’t shared with you is something worth questioning.

    Confronting a Snapchat Cheater

    Confronting a Snapchat cheater

    ‘How is Snapchat used for cheating?’ is a question that should be out of your mind at this stage. You are now armed with a plethora of options to catch your better half on the app. The last piece of the puzzle is confronting them.

    Gather Proof

    You more likely to get a cheating confession once you’ve gathered sufficient proof. This evidence can go beyond knowing the signs of Snapchat cheating. Receipts, physical changes, unexplained expenses, and anything else to support your suspicions will aid your cause.

    Choose for the Right Moment

    Now that you have the proof, the next step is finding the right moment to confront a cheating partner. Experts suggest a confrontation when neither party is busy. So, you can ask them ahead of time when they are free and suggest that something serious needs to be discussed. 

    Express Your Thoughts

    Don’t hold back on completely verbalizing your thoughts about infidelity and how hurt you are due to your partner’s devious actions. It’s key to be clear when expressing your thoughts so that you are on the same page. 

    Feel free to ask about any specifics regarding the cheating incidents to uncover the reasons behind their unfaithfulness.

    Talk to a Couples Counselor

    This step in confronting a Snapchat cheater applies when you and your partner are still committed to saving the relationship. A counselor can allow interaction between yourselves, provide a space for open expression, and build a list of issues that need fixing.

    Exit The Relationship If They Aren’t Willing to Stop or Change

    Sadly, a cheater may be unwilling to have a relationship with you and could carry on physical or emotional cheating. Consider it the last straw and peacefully end things with your now-former lover. While a challenging decision, moving on will begin the healing process for you.


    Many people are quick to say Snapchat is a cheating app. As with any other social media platform, the individuals determine the experience instead of the developers behind it. Nonetheless, the signs shared here to catch a cheater on Snapchat (along with the recommended tools) should hopefully bring closure to your relationship.

    Ultimately, social media apps have destructive consequences for modern couples. So, always be mindful of the clues and evaluate if your current relationship is truly built on trust, love, and commitment.

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