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    Unfortunately, marriage does not always mean a safe haven, and both sexes aren’t immune to infidelity on the part of their partner. If there are signs that you have entered troubled waters in your relationship, or you have more than once wondered how to find my wife’s phone when your partner is suspiciously not getting in touch, a phone locator is not just a nice-to-have thing – it should be properly chosen and always be at hand. If you want to know how remote device tracking works and which method to choose, you have come to the right place.

    Why Would I Need to Track My Wife’s Phone?

    Whenever a relationship goes sideways, finding common ground with a partner with whom you once had no secrets and seemingly complete mutual understanding may be difficult. They may go to extra lengths to keep you in the dark so that your life together can continue to flow as before. This may require them to be hypervigilant around their devices, sneakily texting and making calls, keeping their phone activity away from you.

    Here are the reasons why you might decide to track your spouse’s cell phone:

    • Gathering bulletproof evidence. Sometimes, it can be difficult to confront your partner and accuse them of cheating without being 100 percent sure and having proof. Using a battle-tested solution like a phone tracker to find your wife’s phone that can determine a location in real time or provide you with a report on chats can be a game changer.
    • A tool to stay connected in any situation. The find my wife’s phone request may arise out of concern about her not responding to your calls or messages for a long time or can be a precautionary measure if she often travels to new places for work. Finally, having this kind of service installed and activated will help you track your wife’s phone if she forgets it or loses it after meeting her friends at the bar.
    • Find out what exactly she is hiding. In marriage, we expect maximum openness and sincerity from our better halves – and of course, we feel this even subconsciously if there is a change in their behavior. A phone tracker can be a great way to keep your head on a swivel and know what important information they may be blocking you from.

    Find My Wife’s Phone via a Spy App

    SpyBubble to find a phone

    Many may ask why I need to track my wife’s phone using a spy app if I live with this person and I can go through their phone at any time. But this is not exactly how things always are: firstly, you need to make sure that their gadget or individual apps are not password protected, with the latter especially possible on Android devices. Secondly, even if your wife keeps her devices without a password, she can delete messages and/or calls, use an additional SIM card, and use other tricks to lead you astray. Third, even when trying to figure out what’s really going on, you’ll probably want to maintain a certain level of discreetness and caution without the risk of seeming too intrusive or obsessive.

    There are numerous nuances to keep in mind, but the SpyBubble app is able to cover them all for you and provide a truly stealthy tracking experience. This application involves installing software on a target gadget to track your wife’s Android phone and interacts with iOS backups for iPhone tracking. Namely, to start with SpyBubble, you’ll need to do the following:

    1. Click on Try Now and enter your valid email.
    2. Select the gadget’s operating system you will monitor (Android or iOS).
    3. Opt for a one-, three-, or twelve-month subscription and complete the payment.
    4. Get your instruction letter via email and start seeing where is your wife through your newly created account.

    After such one-time access to the gadget, the user will no longer need to get their hands on the device and will regularly receive reports on its various activities, namely:

    • information about all contacts, calls, and messages, even deleted ones
    • see interactions with dating sites
    • read chats on the most popular messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.)
    • learn how to see who my wife is messaging on Instagram
    • have access to sent photos and videos
    • have access to a live location 
    • connect with the device through audio and video streaming

    Although SpyBubble comes as a paid subscription-based solution, the service regularly offers discounts, especially for new users, and trial periods.

    Find My Wife’s Phone via Find My on iPhone for Free

    Find my iPhone

    Now, let’s explore a method that has a significant advantage – it is free, and it is available on every iPhone by default. However, you need to be aware that any person more or less knowledgeable in smartphone technology can easily change the setting that allows you to track your wife’s cell phone location free. But first things first.

    Find My is a built-in iOS service that allows you to create a network between trusted parties to share information about each other’s current location. At the same time, you can connect any device from the Apple ecosystem – iPhones, tablets, and MacBooks. To start spying on wife’s cell phone, for example, you need to do the following:

    1. Open the Find My application on both your device and your wife’s device, where you will need to perform the same steps.
    2. Go to the Me section and turn on the toggle near Share My Location.
    3. Please note that for the application and its find my wife’s phone feature to work correctly, you must also activate the device’s location services (go to Settings—Privacy & Security—Location Services, and turn on Location Services).
    4. Go to the People section and click on the plus icon to enter the phone number or email of the person you want to reveal your location to (in your case, this needs to be done on your wife’s device).
    5. After that, she can independently share location when she goes to some place or must allow you access to Share Indefinitely (there is also access for One Hour or Until the End of the Day).

    How to Find My Wife’s Cell Phone Location on Android for Free

    Cell phone location for Android

    The Android ecosystem offers free functionality similar to iOS devices. You can find this program for tracking your wife’s phone called Find My Device in the Google Market or use it in the browser. The algorithm for setting up and further tracking is as follows:

    1. In the application or the browser, log in to your Google account. Check the target phone settings to make sure that location sharing is active.
    2. You will see a device or a list of devices connected to the account in the sidebar. Select the one you want to track.
    3. The target gadget will receive a notification about the request, and after that, you will locate your wife’s phone, but only approximately. If retrieving this information in real time fails, you will see the last captured location.
    4. On the screen, you will see prompts about playing sound, remotely protecting the device using a PIN code, or an offer to clean the device if you realize that it has fallen into the malicious hands of attackers.

    Location sharing via Find My Device may stop at any time after the device holder manually suspends the service. In order to find your wife’s location free and block or clear it in case of loss, it is also necessary that the smartphone is turned on, charged, and connected to Wi-Fi or the mobile Internet and also remains logged into the appropriate Google Account.

    How to Find My Wife’s Phone by Number via GEOfinder.mobi

    GEOfinder to track a phone

    Modern technologies change the nature of social relationships, and internet infidelity has become pretty common nowadays. To combat this, you need to have an additional ace up your sleeve in addition to the methods mentioned above for spying on wife. The peculiarity of this location tracking service is that it eliminates the access stage and the necessity to adjust any settings on the target gadget. All you need to do is register for a subscription and then send the recipient a message, by clicking on the content of which their location will be automatically transferred to your account.

    In addition, GEOfinder.mobi allows you to see which Wi-Fi network the gadget is connected to, determine its IP address, and many other perks – track phone by phone number only. What’s more, you won’t need to worry about compatibility issues that may arise when using some free services for device tracking. Also, the decision of whether to disclose your identity remains solely yours.

    How to Find My Wife’s Phone by Google Maps?

    You are probably well acquainted with this application for searching places on the map and plotting routes. It can also be useful when you are wondering how to find my wife’s phone on a map.

    1. Click on the icon with your image, then Location Sharing, and click on the plus to add a contact. Both on iOS and Android, the account owner can choose who exactly gets access to their location, name, photo, and battery information.
    2. If the person you want to allow to track a cell phone doesn’t appear in the list, add their Gmail to Google Contacts.
    3. If the person with whom you will be sharing a location does not have or is not logged into a Google account, the person sharing their location can send them a link to follow their location and determine how long they can do this.

    Let’s Recap

    For a relationship to work well, it takes commitment from both partners, 4 aspects, to be specific. If one party continuously fails another, it is necessary to find out why. Open communication is important for maintaining trust in a relationship, but if you want to set the record straight and have evidence of your wife cheating on phone and in real life, spying apps will do the job for you.


    How to track my wife’s phone calls and texts legally?

    In most cases, using monitoring apps in a relationship may be completely illegal. This depends on the laws in the place where you live and other factors that can be discussed with a legal specialist.

    What is the difference between a spy app and built-in Android/iOS location trackers?

    Spy apps to find someone’s phone are a third-party development that usually offers a paid service for monitoring not only locations but also messages, calls, browser history, and other activities on the gadget. Built-in Android/iOS location trackers are absolutely free, focused only on location determination, and offer some options for remote device control.

    How can I track my wife’s phone without a SIM card?

    You can track your wife’s phone without a SIM card using spy applications if the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Accordingly, it will not be able to make calls or write SMS without a SIM card, or you will find that your partner sometimes uses a different SIM card.

    How to track my wife’s phone when it is turned off?

    You can only access the latest data received via the Internet if you want to track your wife’s iPhone or Android that’s run out of charge or was deliberately turned off. This applies to both location (in the case of Google Maps or Find My Device) and data such as messages and calls (in the case of third-party applications like SpyBubble).

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