What Are Secret Cheating Apps That Look Like Games That Cheaters Use?

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    While using well-known instant messengers may seem too risky to cheaters, they seek new loopholes to spice things up outside their relationships. After all, there are dozens of chatting programs, and not all of them look or are advertised as dating apps, which attracts the attention of those who are looking for new acquaintances and ways to have fun. While their basic and work communication may still occur on Telegram or Viber, it is important to keep your eyes open and know which entertainment applications are often used as secret cheating apps. We have analyzed over a dozen of the most popular ones and are eager to fill you in on the details.

    Possible Signs They Are Cheating on the Phone

    Seeing your partner devote more and more time to activities in the virtual world and increasingly avoiding you? Remember, these are only signs, but it is very important not to overlook them:

    1. Increased level of secrecy and protection of the smartphone’s contents. This is unnatural behavior if your loved one fusses and gets nervous when you approach their gadget. Chances are they are keeping something secret there, such as cheating secret messaging apps, especially if you notice regular password changes.
    2. Their behavior around you has changed. If you notice that your partner has become overly indifferent to you, is not contributing to your common life, but at the same time has begun to pay a lot of attention to their looks and is trying to hide your relationship on social networks, this may be alarming.
    3. Keeping their gadgets clean. Let’s face it – without a particular inclination towards meticulousness and order in other aspects of life, a person is unlikely to constantly delete their chats. A large clutter of apps can also be suspicious – hidden cheating app icons may be tucked away among them.
    4. Strange calls, messages, financial transactions. If your partner sneaks out with their phone while you don’t pay attention, receives messages from unknown numbers with phrases like DTF, A/L/S, NSFS/P, addresses, etc., and hides their transactions list from you, you could be tailing a cheater.

    How to Find Hidden Cheating Apps

    Suspecting something is wrong in the behavior of a loved one, suspicious partners usually act in two ways: they decide to talk directly or take the search for direct evidence into their own hands. For example, they opt for programs that will help recognize cheating secret messaging apps that look like games or are disguised as other entertainment. This second option allows you to act slowly, analyzing the frequency of app use and even seeing what exactly a person is doing in a particular program – as in the case of using SpyBubble.

    Designed to provide the best discreet experience for those looking to expose their partners, SpyBubble offers solutions both for iOS and Android devices. If used on an iPhone, it shows every app that was opened thanks to the phone activity feature (if the app works via an internet connection). As for Android, users enjoy comprehensive monitoring via screenshots and keylogger. This service is well-honed to expose cheating on the phone, among other things, due to its ability to spy on social media and messengers:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Telegram
    • WhatsApp
    • TikTok
    • Tinder
    • Discord and others

    13 Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games for Android & iOS

    Even if the secret messaging app your partner uses doesn’t come with respective features of auto-deletion or hidden icon mode, cheaters will always find ways to mislead you and cover their tracks. Apart from their main purpose, the following apps allow doing that if you don’t take a closer look at what’s going on.

    Calculator Pro+ and Calculator #

    Calculator cheater

    This name is not some sort of advanced calculator but a multifunctional secret text app that allows messages to be hidden under a PIN code. To receive messages within this application, a person needs to save the needed number as Private Contact. All the messages are backed up into Calculator Pro+ automatically.


    • allows to keep text and visual content hidden
    • supports phone call screening
    • text exchange is allowed for free within the app
    • option to block phone numbers
    • hidden app icon feature 

    Compatibility: this service is supported both on iOS and Android devices.


    Hago cheater

    Spending time with friends online and even having online parties has become a pretty normal occurrence. While facilitating all this and even more, Hago is one of the cheating secret messaging apps that look like games and is also frequently used as a dating spot for people who can connect in chat rooms or even start a private chat. 


    • an abundance of online mini-games (around 200)
    • supports live streams
    • virtual gift exchange and monetization option
    • text and voice chat rooms
    • allows user avatars and profiles

    Compatibility: available on official stores as well as APK files to download. Compatible with iOS, Android, and PC.


    This service has collected on its platform many opportunities for finding like-minded people and new acquaintances for both business and easy communication. At the same time, there is a selection of thematic blogs and channels for scrolling.


    • encrypted chats and calls
    • access to a diverse community of bloggers and content-makers
    • chats featuring end-to-end encryption, with general and private access
    • algorithms and AI are used to provide tailor-made content and interesting personalities
    • audio and video communication

    Compatibility: compatible with iOS and Android.


    Plato cheater

    Plato was designed as a game-packed service for online mobile gaming with friends and strangers from all around the world and can be easily used as a secret texting app. One can enter a like-minded group or get matched with someone randomly. The application is positioned for teenagers and older, and finding love interests is easy here. 

    According to research, among partnered adults in the US, 51% say that their partner is often distracted by their phone, and what if they are not just playing games but use secret cheating apps for communications?


    • groups for games and chatting can reach up to 250 players
    • matchmaking system for breaking the ice
    • no ads
    • real-time notifications
    • no need for login or account, the profile photo is optional

    Compatibility: available for download on mobile platforms (Android, iOS) and Windows


    Voga cheater

    Since this gaming and voice chat was developed as an Android app, its icon can be concealed on the device with the use of corresponding programs. Thus, the activity on it can be discovered only with the use of third-party apps, such as SpyBubble. The purpose of the service stays the same – connect, play, and mingle.


    • dozens of games to play and broaden your social network
    • voice chat in games and personal messages
    • ability to invite friends
    • secure messaging
    • gaming and chatting in real time, with real people
    • virtual presents

    Compatibility: Android 

    Stealth Chat

    Stealthy and private – that’s how many users prefer their online communication. While providing this, Stealth Chat requires installation on the contacts’ side to use it. This is not one of the cheating secret messaging apps that look like games but rather a well-encrypted messenger, which, however, is not very clearly visible from its icon.


    • free service with VoIP calls
    • protected screen lock
    • message delivery status
    • P2P encryption and SSL connection
    • group chats and self-destructing messages

    Compatibility: Android and iOS support


    This one can easily be thought of as one of the secret messaging apps for cheaters since it helps keep private matters actually private. It can also be used to separate personal communications from spam… or secret ties. Besides, the app can be hidden after installation.


    • allows generating a totally new phone number for personal use
    • delete-after-read option
    • backup vault for photos, videos, text messages, and docs
    • leaves no records of activity besides the app itself
    • password protection

    Compatibility: iPhone, Android


    Yubo is a very popular platform with millions of installations. What makes this messaging app so attractive is that it has many interactive tools to make friends in no time. Interestingly, having friends is crucial for 61% of US adults, a far higher figure than the shares for being married (23%), having children (26%), or having a lot of money (24%). User profiles are displayed with their main interests, so it is hard to make a wrong choice.


    • available from age 13+, provides separate experiences for teens and adults
    • allows joining local communities and chitchat worldwide
    • swipe left or right and add-by-tag feature
    • live stream support with unlimited audiences
    • games available during streams

    Compatibility: Apple, Android


    Dust cheater

    Those looking to leave as little online trace as possible will definitely benefit from using this texting app. Within its boundaries, users have the opportunity to create profiles and gather followers, both among their contacts and among strangers. It’s perfect for secret information exchange since everything can be deleted after reading the text.


    • end-to-end encrypted messenger
    • automatic message erasing after 24 hours
    • unsend messages at any time, delete texts on both sides
    • themes customization
    • notifications for someone making a chat screenshot

    Compatibility: iOS and Android


    magicApp cheater

    The app works its magic for adding a second phone number without buying another SIM card, but it is best suited for use in the US and Canada only. Its inconspicuous icon allows the application to get lost among other services on the gadget, making it one of the stealthiest secret cheating apps.


    • unlimited calls and messaging within the US region
    • limitless messages within the app 
    • call-forwarding and voicemail service
    • Wi-Fi call support, with no roaming charging
    • Caller ID identification

    Compatibility: Android and iOS


    magicApp cheater

    The app’s features, intended for business purposes, present a great cover for those who want to disguise intimate chatting under the guise of business communication and work. While it’s not one of the apps that look like games, its main purpose of providing security and privacy for online business meetings may misguide you. 


    • high-quality audio and video calls
    • screen-sharing option
    • 256-bit inter-device encryption
    • quick access to the documents and various formats
    • admin rights to add and exclude group members
    • group video calls

    Compatibility: iOS, Android, PC web browser


    Messages disappear in this secret messenger like sand sipping through fingers – the recipient has only a few seconds to read them to wave them goodbye forever. Also, users should not worry that data or chats will leak through screenshots – this service is blocked here. On the other hand, the presence of such an application that covers the owner’s tracks may alert a suspicious partner.


    • encrypted and anonymous texting
    • text disappearing feature after reading, making it one of the top apps that cheaters use to hide text messages
    • unread messages retraction
    • anonymous chatting is possible
    • screenshot-proof

    Compatibility: cross-platform support, iOS, Android, PC.

    Hide It Pro

    Hide it pro cheater

    Camouflage allows animals to survive in the wild, while in the human world, secret cheating apps like Hide It Pro allow cheaters to hide their love messages professionally. If you come across such a chat application on their gadget that requires you to enter a PIN code, it is highly probable that such a program is hiding something very personal.


    • disguised as an audio manager
    • allows storing and categorizing content based on its type (photos, videos, texts, calls)
    • integrated gallery and video player
    • allows for hidden cheating app icons in the App Drawer
    • supports fingerprint access

    Compatibility: iOS and Android

    Other Apps That Hide Text Messages

    As you can see, apart from common messengers, such as Viber, Snapchat, Telegram, and others, there are quite a few other secret cheating apps used to hide cheating dialogues, sharing photos and videos, self-destructing messages, hidden cheating app icons on iPhone, etc. If your trust has been broken, the following apps are also worth looking into.

    Signal Private Messenger

    This password- and Face-ID-protected messenger has long gained fame as the most secure application, ideal to hide messages and other content, among other things, thanks to its encryption capabilities. This is a difficult nut to crack but a possible spot for cheating.

    Smiley Private Texting

    This is a great option for using a phone number once or twice without revealing personal information, for instance, when posting an ad. This application is not password protected, so if you see a smiley expression on the app icon, you may proof-check it.

    Vaulty Stocks

    While there are many free apps like Google for storing photos, Vaulty Stocks allows you to collect photo content in one place and keeps it from third parties using a PIN code. Being one of the secret cheating apps, this service is disguised as a calculator and stock lookup app.


    There’s no other hidden meaning here with this one – its main purpose is to bring people together based on common interests and appearance preferences. It’s easy to find a date here for regular meetings or a one-time hookup, so using cheating apps like this in a serious relationship is a big red flag.


    Going to great lengths to protect your messages with a tool for hidden chat communication like this one can’t look more suspicious. It uses local encryption, so text messages are securely protected between users, as well as with a passphrase individually. However, the application cannot be used for calls.


    This one can hardly be called one of the hidden apps on iPhone for cheating unless you use a special program for hidden cheating app icons. Bumble is a well-known dating service where women take the initiative to get acquainted, and this approach does not affect its popularity in any way.

    Blur Chat

    By putting communication first and getting to know each other before revealing each other’s faces, this service keeps photos blurred until two people decide to get to know each other better, keeping the intrigue alive in the meantime. Without having a secret dating app icon, its usage may simply be detected.

    Wickr Me

    Relatively recently, the activities of Wickr Me were stopped indefinitely due to investigations into the use of the service for trading sexual abuse material. This application could undoubtedly be used as one of the secret cheating apps.

    Let’s Recap

    Unfortunately, using a secret app to find attractive people with common desires has become commonplace these days. The ability to just encrypt chats is of little use when a cheater’s gadget can fall into the hands of their loving partner at any moment, so cheaters have to resort to tricks. Hiding cheating app icons, using solutions with passwords and PIN codes, and clearing browser history after visiting cheating websites are just a few possible ways. To expose a liar and obtain bulletproof evidence, use SpyBubble for remote device tracking.

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