Do You Suspect Your Partner of Infidelity? Here Is How to Catch a Cheater on iPhone

How to catch a cheater on iphone

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    Trust forms the foundation of strong and long-lasting relationships. Partners must care for each other, respect boundaries, and always try something new, not to allow a grey routine. However, what happens when the familiar fairy tale turns unexpectedly into a chilling horror story? What if your gut tells you something is off?

    iPhone cheater

    While technology makes cheating more accessible, it can also help catch cheaters. If you have concerns about your partner’s fidelity and want to discover the truth, you may wonder how to catch a cheater on iPhone. Although transparency is the foundation of healthy relationships, sometimes having an open talk with your partner may not be enough. 

    This review will tell you about the most effective apps and valuable tricks to catch a cheating partner in the act. Keep reading to delve in. 

    11 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

    Before we start, let’s list the most evident signs of a cheating partner:

    1. Your SO has more business trips and discourages you from joining.
    2. Your partner is suddenly unreachable.
    3. You notice that they constantly chat with someone and refuse to share their cell phone with you.
    4. They start to pay too much attention to their appearance.
    5. They ignore your feelings and do not ask about how you are doing.
    6. You sense a growing emotional and sexual distance between the two of you.
    7. Your SO stops sharing their days at work or with whom they spend their time.
    8. They may accuse you of cheating.
    9. You have noticed a reduction in the overall deposit into the joint checking account, and certain bill statements are being sent to another location.
    10. They leave the room when they get a suspicious incoming call.
    11. A change in your partner’s phone behavior or increased secrecy around their devices. 

    If you recognize any of the signs mentioned above, understanding the effective methods to catch a cheating partner on iPhone would be vital for you to know about.

    Top Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse on iPhone

    Well, what are the best cheating apps for iPhone activity monitoring? Here’s the list of 3 worth trying. 


    SpyBubble stands out as one of the best apps designed anonymously to track a cheating spouse’s activities. This exceptional solution offers many features, from message tracking and call log viewing to location tracking. With this application, you can check your partner’s secret messages sent and received through popular social media platforms and IM apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more. Audio and video streaming, the ability to turn off outgoing and incoming calls, secret app detection, and the ability to access deleted calls and text messages are some of the app’s features worth mentioning. 

    SpyBubble for instant monitoring

    The best part of our cheating spouse tracker is that once installed on the target iPhone, it will work in stealth mode, meaning that the target user won’t notice any suspicious signs of being tracked. Do you want to know how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free when using SpyBubble? Contact our support team and get a free trial version!

    Are you uncertain where your SO is at the moment? Do you suspect they spend their time with another person? Would you like to reveal how cheaters hide their tracks? LocationTracker is a perfect solution that can assist you with it. Compared with SpyBubble, which comes with over 40 tracking features and requires installation, LocationTracker is a web-based app that only needs a target cell phone number inserted in the search box to reveal their location data.

    The tool was developed as a way to overcome all possible obstacles that can interfere with you detecting the actual location of your cheating spouse, e.g., using a VPN. It works anonymously by sending text messages (using SMS, social media, or IM apps) to the target cell phone number accompanied by a tracking link to an enticing picture, which, once clicked by the recipient, will access their accurate location data and send the report directly to your user space. It can detect the IP address and WiFI network used and even provide you with info about your SO’s cell phone carrier lookup. 


    uMobix, by its features, is very similar to SpyBubble, but has a feature that makes the app unique – it offers full access to the target’s Instagram account, meaning you can not only read the sent and received messages of your spouse but also answer to them directly. The app works anonymously, meaning you won’t risk your identity. But that’s not all it offers – uMobix is equipped with a host of monitoring features that allow you to track calls, messages, browser history, location, stored media files, SMS/MMS, keylogging, monitor changes in their contact list, recently installed apps, and more. 


    Additionally, you can request a $1 trial version of the app to test it before making a purchase. To access it, reach out to their support team.

    Comparing 3 Apps to Catch a Cheater

    Brand NameSpyBubbleLocationTracker.mobiuMobix
    Prominent FeaturesExcellent for tracking a cheating spouse; No jailbreak required; Data encryption; Over 40  spy tracking options are involved;Can detect the installed hidden apps on iPhone for cheating.Detects location on Google Maps in any messenger or via SMS;IP logger;WiFi Tracker;VPN checker;Cell phone  carrier lookup;No installation;100% anonymity.Many iOS tracking features are involved;Full access to the target’s IG account;Quick installation;Complete anonymity.
    Free Trial 2-day trial2-day trial2-day trial
    Customer SupportEmail, live chatEmail, live chatEmail, live chat, phone
    Money-Back Guarantee14 days14 days14 days
    Average Rating5/54.9/54.9/5

    Alternative Tips to Catch Cheaters on iPhone

    Do you want to know the alternative solutions to catch cheaters texting on iPhone? Here are a few ways that can also be used to detect a cheating partner.

    Pull Down on the Screen to See the Most Used Apps

    Swiping down on the iPhone screen lets you check the most-used apps, showing what someone has been up to on their phone. When you swipe down on the iPhone screen, you get a peek at the most-used apps, giving you a glimpse of what someone’s been doing on their phone. The significance of this lies in its power to uncover hidden activities that might raise concerns, helping you reveal the truth. 

    Check His Browser History

    Most experienced cheaters pay special attention to all the signs of cheating: they delete text messages, call history, and even photos from their devices, making it almost impossible to catch them on hot. But how? How to catch a cheater who deleted everything? There’s a solution – check their browser history. 

    Browsing habits often leave digital footprints that can unveil hidden activities or interests. By reviewing the websites visited, you may find info about using secret communication platforms, dating sites, or other questionable online behavior.

    Here’s the best way to catch your man cheating using their iPhone:

    1. Take your spouse’s iPhone. 
    2. Scroll down and tap “Safari”.
    3. Scroll to the bottom and choose “Advanced”.
    4. Tap on it. 
    5. Choose “Website Data”.
    6. Now, you can view some of your partner’s deleted Safari histories there.

    Check Locations and Other Things with Family Sharing Apple ID

    Thanks to the Family Sharing feature, you and five other people can share access to an array of Apple services, purchases, iCloud storage plans, and more. But how does it help with cheating on phone? How to get started with Family Sharing?

    1. Take your iPhone. 
    2. Open “Settings”.
    3. Tap your name. 
    4. Tap “Family Sharing” and “Set Up Your Family”.
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your family and invite your family members.
    Family Sharing

    How to do it on iPhone or iPad with iOS 16 or later?

    1. Go to “Settings”.
    2. Tap “Family” and choose the “Add Member” button.
    3. Choose “Invite People”.
    4. Enter your spouse’s Apple ID on your device. 
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up location sharing. 
    Family Group

    Text Message Forwarding

    If you want to know how to catch a cheater on iPhone, Text Message Forwarding is another method that can help you with it. What does it do? In simple terms, it automatically forwards text messages from one device to another that uses the same iCloud credentials. 

    So, if you want to catch a cheating wife on iPhone or your goal is to reveal a cheating husband who constantly lies about late-night work conferences, follow the guide below:

    1. Sign in to iMessage with your spouse’s Apple ID on each device. For iPad or iPhone: Check Apple ID in “Settings”, “Messages”, and” Send and Receive”. Here, you will be able to check your SO’s Apple ID. For MAC: On the Messages App, click “Messages”, “Settings”, and “iMessage”.
    2. Take your target’s iPhone and go to “Settings”, “Messages”, “Text Message Forwarding”. If you don’t see “Text Message Forwarding”, go to “Settings” and “Messages” > Turn off iMessage and turn on again. Tap “Send & Receive”, “Use Your Apple ID for iMessage”, and sign in with the same Apple ID used on your SO’s device.
    3. Choose your device (you have used to log in with your SO’s Apple ID) to send and receive text messages from your target iPhone. 

    Note: If your target’s device uses two-factor authentication for their Apple ID, a verification code will pop up on the other devices you used to sign in using your target’s Apple ID. Just enter that code on your SO’s iPhone to succeed with verification.

    What to Do After Finding Evidence of Cheating?

    According to Kayla Knopp’s research, a researcher who specializes in romantic commitment, a “person is two to four times more likely to be cheated on if they have been cheated on or have suspected cheating in a prior relationship”, and “someone is three times more likely to cheat if they have cheated in the past”. She also adds that it does not matter whether you were a cheater or a victim of cheating – those experiences are substantially more likely to repeat themselves. However, it does not mean it’s the rule for everyone. 

    Some have even managed to break those patterns and managed to live through infidelity. There are even those who, after this painful experience, decided to save their relationships, and what’s more, their bonds have even strengthened. But how? What should you do when you have experienced relationship trust issues? Consider the following solutions:

    1. Have open communication: Collect all your proofs to talk with your SO. Tell them what you have found and listen to their explanations.
    2. Seek professional support: If you need to talk out, tell about your feelings to your close relatives or friends you trust. Alternatively, you may ask for professional assistance during this challenging time.
    3. Decide what to do next: Did you catch a cheating husband or wife and do not know what to do with your relationship? Give yourself some time to think. Based on the results after your honest conversation, you must decide whether you want to go through the issues together or go your separate ways.

    Final Thoughts

    Revealing infidelity is painful. Therefore, it is essential to handle the situation with care and sensitivity. Now, after reading this review, you are able to easily catch cheaters on iPhone and implement efficient methods to back up your suspicions. Prioritize self-love and ensure you don’t allow anyone to betray your trust!


    What is the best app to catch a cheating spouse’s iPhone?

    It depends on what you want to check. If, for example, you wish to detect the accurate real-time location of your partner, then using would be a perfect choice. However, if you want to check their call logs, text messages, and more, SpyBubble or uMobix would be a win-win solution.

    Where to look on iPhone for cheating?

    Check text messages, browser history, call logs, and location history on your spouse’s iPhone. If any suspicions arise (e.g., you notice odd cell phone numbers or cheating spouse text message codes), keep gathering evidence or ask them about it. 

    Can I track my partner’s iPhone without them knowing?

    Using uMobix, SpyBubble, or is a perfect solution to track your partner’s iPhone discreetly. The apps work in stealth mode, guaranteeing that your partner won’t suspect anything.  

    Are there any free iPhone tracking apps available?

    SpyBubble, uMobix, and offer a 2-day trial version, which comes for a mere $1. It includes all the advanced tracking features and full-time customer support. 

    Should I confront my partner if I suspect cheating?

    If you suspect your partner is cheating, you may gather evidence beforehand and pay attention to their behavior. You may also tell your partner about your worries and express what you feel. Do not criticize; be patient and polite. Maybe there is nothing to worry about. In any case, be prepared for different outcomes.

    How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp?

    Install SpyBubble or the uMobix app on your target’s iPhone. After installation, you will get all the cell phone activity data, including access to their sent and received text messages shared through WhatsApp

    How to catch a cheating girlfriend on Facebook or Tinder?

    If you want to know how to catch girlfriend cheating on iPhone and your goal is to look into their Facebook text messages, then using uMobix or SpyBubble will help you. You can view all sent, received, and even deleted text messages, each accompanied by a detailed timestamp for comprehensive details.

    How to catch a cheating spouse on Snapchat?

    Here’s a Snapchat trick. If you click on someone’s name, it’ll tell you when you added them to Snap. So, if anyone says the person added them one hour ago, you can quickly check the info. The dates never lie.

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