Bring to Light Cheating Spouse Text Messages Codes: What Do They Mean? 

cheating spouse text messages codes

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    Relationships are built upon trust and honesty, but what happens when that trust is broken? Are you suspicious that your partner is cheating on phone and communicating with someone else through text messages? Unfortunately, infidelity is common in relationships, and texting has made it much easier for cheaters to conceal their behavior. 

    However, there is good news: you can easily catch a cheating spouse in the act. In this article, we’ll guide you through the meaning behind sneaky texting codes so that you can uncover the truth and decide what to do next. Read on to learn how to bring to light cheating spouse text messages codes. 

    How Do Cheaters Secretly Communicate?

    Cheaters have many ways to communicate secretly and hide their infidelity. One of the most common ways is to use messaging apps that allow them to send and receive messages without leaving any trace on their phone, such as WhatsApp, Signal, or Telegram. They can even venture into the world of “fake” social media profiles to communicate without getting caught. But it doesn’t end there. They can also use cheating spouse text messages codes or subtle cues that only the cheaters and their partners understand, such as using a particular emoji to signal a secret meeting or a specific phrase to ask for sex.

    Cheaters often use burner phones or prepaid cards to hide their conversations from their partners. It’s interesting how clever they can be, but be aware – their secret will be revealed eventually! How? We’re going to tell you now. 

    20 Cheating Spouse Text Messages, Codes, & Abbreviations

    So, what are the cheating spouse text messages codes? And what does each of them mean? 

    1. ASL/ASLP

    Are you suspicious that your partner may be using dating apps behind your back? Well, keep an eye out for ASL or ASLP on their phone. ASL stands for “Age/Sex/Location,” while ASLP takes things further with “Age/Sex/Location/Picture.” These acronyms are a telltale sign that your partner is conversing with someone new and attempting to gather information about them.


    Discovering the abbreviation DADT (“don’t ask, don’t tell“) in your partner’s messages is like finding the key to a forbidden world of secrets and lies. This elusive code may appear harmless but reveals their involvement in a steamy affair with another married individual.


    If you take your husband’s or wife’s phone and find, a message with the “benching” word included, brace yourself for some severe turbulence in your relationship. Brace yourself for the worst because these cheating husband text messages say to put your relationship on pause or break up, all this to start something new with someone else.

    4. DD free

    DD-free means “disease and drug-free.” This type of message is often used among individuals who are seeking casual sexual relationships and want to ensure that their partner does not have any sexually transmitted infections or drug addictions. 

    5. DOM

    The word DOM stands for “dominant.” You might be surprised that if you come across this term on your partner’s phone, you can indicate their interest in BDSM activities.

    6. DTF

    DTF is a vulgar slang standing for “down-to-fuck”. Therefore, finding the one in your love one’s phone may indicate their willingness to engage in sexual activity without any emotional or romantic attachment. 

    7. FWB

    FWB, or “friends with benefits“, is a frequently used code by individuals engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with one of their friends, often kept discreet from the public eye.

    8. EA

    It’s hard to know which is worse: cheating physically or emotionally. If you find the EA in one of your spouse’s text messages on any social media, you should know that they are having an “emotional affair with another person. 

    9. FFM

    If your partner has many numbers on their call log, FFM could mean they are thinking of having a three-way with two females and one male.

    10. LL

    LL refers to low libido, meaning your spouse may discuss your low sex drive with someone else. They may use this to justify their infidelity as if they were somehow forced into it.

    11. IRL

    IRL stands for more than just ordinary text messages or face time calls. Your partner is going to meet in real life

    12. LTAP

    LTAP, standing for the long-term affair partner, is one of the worst cheating spouse text messages codes you may find in the cell phone of your significant other (SO). It’s not just a one-time thing or a one-night stand. Your partner betrays you with someone else for a certain period.

    13. LDAP

    If you see LDAP on your spouse’s phone, they have a long-distance affair partner.

    14. HL

    Remember: just because your spouse isn’t sleeping with you, it doesn’t mean others do not turn them on. HL, or “high libido”, can be a part of sexting.

    15. LY

    It’s heartwarming to hear your spouse express their love for you, but the thought of them sending the same affections to another person through a text message leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Seeing LY (love you) addressed to someone else on your spouse’s phone can be unsettling.

    16. NSA

    “NSA” is an abbreviation for “no strings attached.” It implies that your SO is seeking a purely physical relationship without the burden of any emotional obligations or commitments.

    17. NSFS

    NSFS is one of the most popular coded text messages meaning “unsafe for a spouse.” If you see it on your love one’s phone, it means there’s stuff you shouldn’t see, like naughty pictures or flirty texts.

    18. SB

    SB stands for “sugar baby,” a younger woman who gets money from an older man. If someone says they’re looking for a sugar baby, they want to spend money on a younger woman. If someone is a sugar baby, they’re getting money from an older man.

    19. SO

    If you see a text that says “SO,” your partner is trying to let the other person know that you’re nearby, and they need to be careful. SO stands for “significant other,” which means husband, wife, or partner.

    20. V-safe

    V-safe means that the guy got a surgery called vasectomy, which stops him from being able to make babies. But it’s important to remember that getting a vasectomy doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

    It should be noted that some cheaters also use iMessage code words that are available only for iOS owners. So, they can send iMessage with bubble and screen effects that can add even more feelings to their text messages (e.g., the “love” screen effect, where a giant red heart-shaped balloon inflates and flies away behind the text). 

    How to Catch a Cheater Through Text Messages

    How to Catch a Cheater Through Text Messages

    Have you noticed your significant other acting strange? Are they hiding their phone? They could be cheating. It’s important to have honesty in a relationship, but if you need proof, there are ways to check their messages for signs of infidelity.

    • Recover deleted text messages

    If you suspect your spouse of cheating, try looking into their deleted texts. They may try to hide evidence of their infidelity, so restoring those erased messages could be helpful. Luckily, retrieving deleted messages from Android and Apple devices is possible if you have a backup. Remember that the messages must have been backed up before deletion. You can use tools like paid or free apps and a USB cable to help you retrieve those deleted texts and get cheaters caught on text.

    • Use special spy apps

    Want to keep tabs on your partner’s texting? Try using a text-spying app like SpyBubble. Install the app on the target Android phone or enter iCloud credentials for a target iOS cell phone in your user account and monitor their text messages. The app also has a keylogger that will capture the keystrokes on the needed device. However, before using the tool, get their permission first to avoid legal trouble.

    • Scroll through your partner’s text messages

    Find out if your partner is faithful with a sneaky mission. Get spouse text messages by being a super stealthy spy. If their phone is locked, devise a clever excuse to get their password. Try asking to check the time or borrow their phone for a quick call.

    • Look for secret code messages

    Check your partner’s phone for coded messages. They may be using secret language to cover their tracks. If you see an unknown abbreviation in a text, think about what it could mean. We have already covered a few of the most popular ones in the section above. 

    • Monitor changes in your partner’s behavior

    Pay attention to changes in your spouse’s behavior to spot potential infidelity. Trust your instincts and look for red flags like strange texting habits or suspicious phone behavior. If something feels off, take the time to investigate before jumping to conclusions.

    • Catfish your SO

    One of the most effective ways to catch cheaters in a lie is to make a new email, social media, or WhatsApp account with a fake name and photo and see if your SO will flirt with your fake identity. However, be careful because it could be dangerous if they discover your deception. 

    Quick Tips – What to Do When You Catch a Cheating Spouse with Text Messages?

    Finding out if your partner is cheating can be tough. But once you uncover evidence, it can be devastating. Here are a few tips for dealing with cheating spouse text messages codes:

    • Stay calm and collected

    Staying calm and collected when your spouse has cheated on you is essential. This approach can be challenging, but making rational and sound decisions for your future is necessary. Take a deep breath and look at the situation calmly instead of feeling angry or sorry for yourself.

    • Save the messages as proof

    If you suspect your spouse is unfaithful, gathering evidence’s significant. One way to do this is by saving any incriminating messages they may have sent or received. These messages can serve as proof of their infidelity and will be invaluable if you decide to take legal action or confront them about their activities.

    • Have honest communication with your spouse

    Honest and open communication can reveal more about the situation, such as a different perspective or misreading the situation. Communication is the wisest route to take for a beneficial outcome.

    • Get professional help

    Rebuilding trust after your spouse confesses to an affair is a difficult task. Consider opting for couples therapy with the guidance of a licensed therapist. They will help you to talk with each other and decide what would be best for both parties. 

    • Take a break to understand your feelings

    Dealing with infidelity can be tough. But taking a break can help. Giving yourself time and space to think things through can lead to the right decisions and important insights.

    • Decide what’s best for you and your relationship

    If your soulmate cheats, it can make you rethink your relationship. So, before breaking up, take a step back and think if your partner is willing to fix things. Just list the good and bad things about the relationship and decide if it’s worth continuing.

    Things to Remember: Don’t Just Jump to a Conclusion

    When you come across any of the aforementioned cheating spouse text messages codes, it’s crucial not to make any hasty conclusions. It’s imperative to study the code words for cheating and understand what they signify carefully. Additionally, take note of your spouse’s demeanor toward you and your attitude toward them. 

    Something may be amiss in your relationship, and it’s time to have an honest conversation with your SO to identify the root cause and work towards a resolution. Consider alternative solutions if your suspicions persist after trying to make things work. Remember, communication is critical.


    When does text messaging count as cheating?

    When a partner discovers cheating message codes on their SO’s phones, it is considered cheating. Abbreviations and cheating spouse text messages codes are frequently used to conceal romantic relationships with others.

    What are the first signs of cheating?

    The first signs of infidelity can be as simple as coming home late or canceling plans. They may also smell like someone else or start behaving differently. Eventually, their words won’t match their actions, and your gut will tell you something is wrong.

    How can I see my cheating husband’s text messages for free?

    Using special free spy apps, you can see your husband’s or wife’s cheating text. One of the best tools is SpyBubble, which offers a 48-hour free trial. So, you may discreetly access your spouse’s illicit messages and dig deep into their suspicious behavior. 

    Should I spy on my spouse?

    If you’re feeling distant from your partner and think they may be hiding something, don’t panic. Watch their behavior to ease your concerns and protect your relationship. By spying on them, you may end any doubts.

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