Have a Gut Feeling He’s Cheating, But No Proof? We’ll Help You Catch a Cheater!

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    Over 20% of men cheat. While not the majority, it’s still a significant number, and there may be more who don’t get caught or admit it. If you have a gut feeling he’s cheating no proof, how can you figure it out? Let’s explain how, even if the proof isn’t outright and he continues to deny it.

    How to Gather Proof with SpyBubble

    SpyBubble is a spying app that can give you foolproof signs that he’s cheating or disprove it. It’s an app that many have used to catch a cheater in the act. The best part is that it will tell you every detail and provide definitive proof without letting him know it’s installed on his phone.

    Once you’ve installed the app on his phone, it runs quietly in the background. As it does, it sends you information about his activities, which you may view on your dashboard. While there are too many features to list, here are the main ones to get you an idea:

    • Text Message Tracking: You’ll see who he is texting, what photos and videos he’s sending, and read the recipient’s messages. Even if he deletes the texts, you’ll still be able to see them.
    • Social Media and Internet Tracking: See what he’s up to on popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, and dating apps like Tinder. Also, see his browsing history, as not all cheating is done on apps.
    • Location Tracking: Is he staying overtime at work? See where he is with SpyBubble’s location tracking. It sends you his GPS location, letting you see where he is at all times.

    Installing it is easy. On Android, you sign up for SpyBubble, choose your subscription plan, and then scan a QR code using his phone. Once you scan the code, it will automatically download on his phone. Then, you can view his activities on the dashboard.

    If your partner is an iPhone owner, it’s even more accessible. As long as you know his iCloud login information, install the app remotely.


    • Easy to install.
    • Many robust tracking features.
    • Free trial.
    • Live chat 24/7.
    • Compatible with Android and iOS.
    • It will help you catch a cheater in the act.


    • It lacks some features, like listening to calls or geofencing.

    As you see, SpyBubble is a robust find if you have no proof that he’s cheating.

    Where Do Gut Feelings Come from?

    You have a gut feeling he’s cheating no proof, but why? Luckily, science is here to explain it. Gut feelings are subconscious feelings based on your past experiences. Your brain has gathered much information in the past, and it’s using this information to make a guess, even if you don’t know what that information is consciously.

    Say you’ve had a history of being cheated on or know someone who has. You may have gut feelings that he’s cheating, no proof, but you based on this. However, you should know that gut feelings are not always true. You still need to do an investigation and find tangible proof.

    25 Surefire Signs He Is Cheating

    If you have a gut feeling he’s cheating no proof, one way to get evidence is to look for the tried and true signs of a cheating man.

    1. He’s Cheated Before

    If you’ve been cheated on by this guy before, or you know he’s cheated in a past relationship, there is a good chance that he’ll do it again. While some will learn from their mistakes, many men will cheat again and try not to get caught this time.

    2. He’s on His Phone More Than Usual

    If you’ve noticed that your man is on his phone more, then he may be cheating on someone. Especially if he is smiling or constantly looking over his shoulder.

    3. Every Previous Partner Was the Bad Guy

    Look, few of us have nice things to say about our exes. But if your man is always badmouthing his previous girlfriends, saying how crazy they were, then maybe he was the problem. He may be projecting.

    4. He Is Suddenly Mindful About His Appearance

    Your partner is suddenly hitting the gym, buying new clothes, keeping himself well-groomed, and doing more things to improve his looks. Wanting to improve yourself is okay. However, if this is sudden and he seems aggressive when you ask about it, he may be trying to impress a new girl!

    5. No Talks About the Future

    You’ve noticed no discussions about taking the relationship to the next level. Suddenly, the talk about moving in together, getting married, having kids, and more leaves him uncomfortable. He may not want to discuss the future because he doesn’t see a future with you.

    6. He’s Lied About Other Things

    Many cheaters are also serial liars. Even if he is making little white lies here and there, remember that infidelity and dishonesty are two sides of the same coin.

    7. He’s Talking to You Very Inconsistently

    What if your boyfriend is messaging you nonstop, then goes radio silent for a while? If it’s not his bedtime work time, and you know his phone is working, this may be a sign of cheating.

    8. He Says You’re the Cheater!

    Cheaters love to project. If you’ve been accused of cheating by him, then he may be weaponizing his guilt against you, especially if this accusation has no evidence.

    9. He Has a Dating App Open

    If you’ve seen his phone and noticed a dating app, then it may mean he’s still cheating. If you’ve just met him, it’s understandable that he may not have uninstalled Tinder. But if you two have been together for a good while, this may be a sign that he’s not being faithful.

    10. Suddenly He Wants Too Much Space

    It’s okay to want to be left alone, especially because of mental health issues. However, if your boyfriend constantly demands space and you know nothing is wrong mentally, this may be a sign of cheating.

    11. He Keeps Repeating Things

    Everyone is a little forgetful once in a while. But if your boyfriend is constantly repeating things, he may be mixing you up with the person he’s cheating with. If your boyfriend talks to many people, he may mix up who has been told what.

    12. He’s Showering You with Gifts

    Gift-giving is a healthy part of a relationship. However, if he keeps giving you gifts, he may be trying to distract you from his infidelity. Some men also do this because it helps them feel less guilty.

    13. He Suddenly Has Less Money

    Your boyfriend has the same job as ever, but he’s suddenly broke. This may be because he’s spending money on other women.

    14. He’s Arguing with You More

    Disagreeing is expected in a relationship. However, if your boyfriend constantly argues with you about everything, this may not be a sign of a healthy relationship. Not only that, but it can be a sign that he’s cheating!

    15. His Work Schedule Has Changed

    He is suddenly staying late for overtime, or he has an entirely new schedule. Work can be hectic like this, but combined with the other signs, he may not be working after all.

    16. There Is No Commitment

    He doesn’t want to tell people he’s in a relationship with you. Or, maybe he’s always unsure if he wants to make things official. If you’re early in the relationship, that’s one thing. But if you’re deep in, you should look into this further. This wishy-washy behavior may be a sign that he is cheating.

    17. He’s Always Stressed About Something

    What if your boyfriend always seems on edge? Often, it’s for a good reason, like work, college, family, etc. But if he seems stressed for no reason, then he may be worried about getting away with cheating.

    18. Your Friends Are Warning You

    Sometimes, it takes an outsider to figure out what’s going on. Your friends may tell you that something is different about him. Please don’t write it off as jealousy; it may be the proof you need that something is up.

    19. He Gets Mad When You Mention Him on Social Media

    If he suddenly gets aggressive if you tag him in a restaurant on Facebook or post a picture of you and him on Instagram, this could be a sign that he’s cheating. He may not want the other person to know he is in a relationship.

    20. He Is a Flake

    Look, things come up, and you sometimes have to hand someone a rain check. But if your boyfriend is constantly canceling dates or plans to meet up, then he may be seeing someone else. There are only so many excuses he can make before you start believing that he’s not taking the relationship seriously or is busy with someone else.

    21. There’s a Change in Sex

    If your boyfriend is having sex with someone else, he may be having sex with you less. Sometimes, he may have more of a libido because of what he’s doing. Being occasionally not in the mood is one thing, but if it’s repeating, then something may be up.

    22. You See a Lot of Unknown Numbers

    If you glance at his phone and see a text from an unknown number, it may be the person he’s cheating on you with. He may claim it’s a friend or family member, but sometimes, it’s easy to realize there’s more to it than that.

    23. His Body Language Changes

    What if he’s suddenly not looking at your eyes anymore? What if his posture seems stiffer? Remember, body language is a significant part of communication. It may reveal that he’s hiding something.

    24. He’s Never Inviting You to Social Events

    We all have boys’ night out, but if your boyfriend never wants to invite you to parties, social gatherings, or other events, that’s a problem. It could be because your being at these events will spill the beans.

    25. Again, You Have a Gut Instinct

    Some cheaters are clever and don’t show any signs that they are cheating. But subconsciously, you feel something is amiss. Now, your gut instinct is not always right, and there are many other reasons you may feel this way. You may have anxiety or paranoia due to a past relationship. A gut feeling he’s cheating no proof is just that: you have no evidence that he’s cheating. But this instinct is still worth investigating.

    What to Do If You Caught Your Boyfriend Cheating

    • Confront Him: The first step is to show him proof that he’s cheating. Ideally, you’ll want to do this when both of you are in a neutral mood. There may be denial, deflection, and the blame game. Be prepared for this. Express how you feel, and don’t let him gaslight you in any way.
    • Ends Things Off: If your relationship is recent and he’s already cheating, he’s no good for you. Ends things off. Block his numbers; don’t stalk him on social media. Delete him from your mind and find someone who cares about you.
    • Seek a Relationship Therapist: If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you may be hesitant about ending things. Ask him to go to couples therapy. A therapist can help you understand why he’s cheating, teach you how to make amends, and help you determine if the relationship is worth continuing. If you have no proof that he’s cheating, but this topic bothers you, the psychologist may solve this problem. 

    How to Tell If Your Man Is Cheating Quiz

    If you have a gut feeling about cheating and are asking, “Is he faithful?” then this quiz may help you. You may feel like you have a gut feeling he’s cheating no proof. However, this quiz may prove that there’s more proof after all.

    Cheating quiz contains the following questions:

    (Note: A is worth 2 points, B is one, C and D are none)

    1. Is your boyfriend using his phone more than usual?

    1. A lot more.
    2. A little more.
    3. No.
    4. Not sure. 

    2. Have you been fighting with him more?

    1. Yes, a lot more.
    2. A little more than usual.
    3. Not at all.
    4. Unsure. 

    3. Had a history of cheating?

    1. He has cheated many times in the past.
    2. Once or twice.
    3. Not at all.
    4. Not sure.

    4. How often does he say that he’s too busy to hang out?

    1. More times than I’d like.
    2. A couple of times here and there.
    3. Rarely.
    4. He always hangs out. 

    5. How comfortable is he with being with you in front of friends or family?

    1. Very uncomfortable.
    2. A little uncomfortable.
    3. Comfortable.
    4. He hasn’t introduced me to his friends or family yet.

    6. Does he like talking about the future with you?

    1. He avoids the subject.
    2. Not often.
    3. He does.
    4. We haven’t talked about that yet. 

    7. Does he always badmouth his exes?

    1. All the time.
    2. Now and then.
    3. No.
    4. He doesn’t have exes. 

    8. Has he had sudden mood swings?

    1. Yes.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. Yes, but there is a personal, mental health reason.
    4. No. 

    9. Does he seem more secretive than usual?

    1. Yes.
    2. A little.
    3. Not at all.
    4. Unsure.

    10. What do your friends think about him?

    1. They hate his guts.
    2. Some like him, and some dislike them.
    3. They like him.
    4. They have no opinion. 


    • 0-5 points: He is probably not cheating on you. While there may be some unusual signs (particularly if he has a history,) most of them may be regular parts of a relationship. People can get moody, things come up, and life happens. Still, be on the lookout for any odd signs, but rest easy.
    • 6-11 points: There are signs that something is up. They are not irrefutable proof, but there are too many coincidences happening at once. We recommend being vigilant, and if you can find evidence, then there you go.
    • 12+ points: He is likely cheating on you. All of the red flags are there, meaning that the chances he’s not cheating are pretty low. You may want to confront him or look for the smoking gun. Then, consider ending the relationship or getting therapy.

    Of course, all this is very relative. Maybe, in your pair, not everything is so critical. It is clear that the best quiz is a heart-to-heart conversation. Try this method if you suspect your boyfriend of cheating. Anyway, it’s always easier to end a relationship than to work it out. 

    Is Your Gut Instinct Right or Wrong?

    You have a gut feeling he’s cheating no proof. So that begs the question, is that instinct right or wrong?

    As mentioned, gut instincts are subconscious feelings based on past experiences. Because they often are intangible, you may not know if he’s cheating or not. It’s something that you should investigate further. Look through all the signs carefully. If you see too many red flags, use a spy app or find another way to gather evidence to confirm or dispel your intuition about cheating. We hope this material was helpful.

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