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    No matter how one tries to hide their infidelity, everything is revealed sooner or later. Some people may be caught red-handed, while others can suddenly find themselves under suspicion because of certain cheating signs. Social networks have made cheating much easier (according to an Indiana University study, 35% of affairs start on Facebook), but still, if you pay attention to specific aspects of one’s online activity, you will be alarmed on time. Here are 10 Facebook cheating signs that everyone must know about, and if you notice at least one of them – it is always a good idea to gather all evidence to find out what’s going on. Here they are.

    10 Signs of Facebook Cheating

    If your partner uses Facebook, it is a must to know the main Facebook cheating signs. Of course, we are not saying that everyone cheats, but it is always better to be informed and aware.

    1. Hiding their phone. People who do not cheat on their partners have no reason to hide their devices. Let’s imagine the following situation: you enter the room where your spouse sits on the sofa and reads a book. Their phone is on the table. What do they do? A person who has nothing to hide would not even move when you enter. A cheater, on the other side, will rush to the table to grab the phone and hide it/put it in the pocket. It is not even something they can control, it is more like a reflex.
    2. Getting lost on Facebook. The main concept of relationships is that people start living together to spend more time with each other. If you notice that your partner values something more than time with you – it is a good reason to start thinking about what is going on and looking for a solution. Of course, they may just get addicted to computer games, for instance, and it will be a slightly different story. However, they may also be into cheating on Facebook and flirting with other people. The main evidence for this is the time they spend on social media.
    3. Having several accounts. The easiest way for a cheater to hide their activity is to create several FB accounts. On one of them, they are loving family guys, and on the other – sexy stallions/kittens texting about their darkest sexual fantasies and ready to share them with everybody interested. Luckily, you can easily check if your partner has other accounts: tap or click on the FB profile picture, and if they do – you will see other accounts there.
    4. Hiding FB friends. One of the main Facebook cheating signs is hiding friend lists. If a person has always had it hidden – it’s okay, people may value their privacy. But if one suddenly hides the friend list without any reason – it may be one of the signs of infidelity. Think about it this way: one would suddenly make their friend list private only if they want some new names from this list to be kept secret. What names and why secret – it is for you to find out.
    5. Being aggressive. A person who has nothing to hide can easily share their phone with you and is ready to discuss the time they spend on it in a calm and friendly atmosphere; they are not cheating on social media, so why should they worry? Those who have online affairs, on the other hand, will protect their “privacy” and “right on my personal life online” or something like that. They understand what may happen if their infidelity is revealed, so they hide their fear and inability to do anything behind anger.
    6. Accusing in response. It is widely known that the best type of defense is attack, so one of the most standard Facebook cheating signs is an accusation in return. A potentially cheating spouse will shout at you, saying that you may suspect them of cheating only because you are a cheater yourself, or, the best one: “How can you know cheating on Facebook signs if you do not cheat yourself?” Remember, a person who has nothing to hide would not react aggressively in any conversations touching this matter.
    7. Deleting conversations. If you notice your partner chatting on Facebook Messenger, but when you check it, there are no new conversations – there should be a reason for deleting them. Of course, you won’t be able to check what was there, as it has already been deleted, but it should be an alarm ring to pay more attention to what your partner does and how they spend their time. Not everyone who deletes conversations is a cheater, but all cheaters do that.
    8. Not accepting your friend request on FB. It is also some type of subconscious reaction: even if there is no real threat of adding your boyfriend or girlfriend to your friend list, Facebook cheaters still feel uncomfortable doing so, so they would decline such a request in most cases. Of course, you cannot accuse someone of “not befriending” you on social media, and “in a vacuum” does not mean anything, but it is a reasonable signal for you to become more attentive and concerned.
    9. Hiding the app. Some cheaters think they can hack the system: share the device with their spouses and pretend they do not really care, but in fact, they simply try to hide the FB icon. It can be done in various ways, but the most popular one is moving it to a folder called “bank apps” or “games”. It is a very straightforward way to convince a person that you do not have a Facebook app on your device at all, and thus, it is pointless to accuse you of cheating or sexual infidelity.
    10. Changing in other ways. Cheating never comes on its own, cut off from all other aspects of life. A cheating partner shows less interest in you, becomes less sexually active, gets a lot of new friends, and focuses on communication with them. All in all, it is fair to say that general loss of interest is not only a Facebook cheating sign; it is a cheating sign in general, no matter on what platform the affair takes place.

    How to Catch Facebook Cheaters

    It is not enough to know all the signs, as it is also important to know how to catch a cheating spouse or partner. If you cannot prove infidelity, you are doomed to strive in the darkness of uncertainty, trembling every time you see your loved one chatting with someone else and trying to guess if this person is the one or not.

    There are many ways to catch a Facebook cheater, some of which may be more reliable than others, but generally, your choice depends on each particular situation and your technical skills. The best thing is that we live in the 21st century, and technological progress covers all aspects of our lives.

    Use a Spy App Like SpyBubble to Catch a Facebook Cheater

    Use a Spy App Like SpyBubble to Catch a Facebook Cheater

    Spy apps are software solutions that are usually intended to be installed on the target device to share information with you. SpyBubble is one of the most popular titles in this sphere, so we will look at how spy apps work using it as an example.

    So, SpyBubble is a phone tracker available for iPhones and devices operating under Android. It is not free, but it provides a 1-day free trial for all those who might be interested in using it. After you register with the app and choose the payment plan (all the details about payment plans can be checked on the official website), you get access to an online dashboard, where all the tracking information is saved.

    Now, how can it help to catch a cheater on Facebook? First of all, you can access all the Messenger conversations from your dashboard, and secondly, you get almost full control over the user’s page if they access it from an iPhone. This means you can block users, delete posts, and so on. Android users will simply get updates in the form of screenshots, which is obviously not as cool as full control but still provides you with all the necessary information.

    Of course, cheating apps can help you deal with not only Facebook cheating signs. They usually provide their users with dozens of other useful features aimed at revealing different types of cheating:

    • WhatsApp and Snapchat tracking;
    • access to e-mail box;
    • access to browser bookmarks and browsing history;
    • detailed information on incoming and outgoing calls;
    • access to photos and videos stored on the device.

    This way, you will be aware of all secret conversations, no matter where they take place, and thus, catch a cheating partner on Facebook or wherever else on time.

    Check Saved Passwords on Chrome

    If your partner accesses their Facebook account via Chrome on their PC, you can find their FB password saved in the browser. The procedure is simple and does not require you to have any specific skills:

    • open Google Chrome and go to the menu (3 horizontal dashes in the top right corner);
    • click “Passwords”‘
    • find Facebook on the list and view the password.

    You can use the credentials you have just got to access your spouse’s FB from your PC.

    Use Phishing Techniques

    This method to reveal Facebook cheating is more complicated and requires a bit more profound technical knowledge, unlike the previous one. You need to create a fake website looking like Facebook and make the person you suspect open this website and enter their login credentials there. As soon as they do so, you will learn their username and password and be able to access their Facebook page.

    Try Catfishing

    Catfishing to catch a Facebook cheater

    Create a fake FB page and try to flirt with a person pretending to be a stranger. Try to pull them into financial cheating by offering “something interesting” in exchange for “financial support”. Observe their reaction, and if they are not interested in such conversation, chances are high that they do not cheat on you.

    What Should I Do If My Partner Is Facebook Cheating?

    The best advice in this situation is to change your partner. People who have already started cheating on you, even if we are talking about emotional affairs online, will hardly ever stop. They will continue wounding you again and again, so it is better to stop such relationships immediately. 

    It is better not to inform them how you found everything out. If you read your partner’s Facebook messages and they have spot it, they will get mad and switch all the attention from “How dare you cheat on me?” to “How dare you read my private conversations?” And you do not want this to happen.

    Final Thoughts

    How to catch someone cheating on Facebook is not a big problem nowadays, as many modern methods allow you to do so, with SpyBubble being the most reliable and simple. Thus, should you notice one of the cheating signs we mentioned above – do not hesitate. Choose the method that fits you most and double-check your suggestions. If they prove to be true – run away from such person, run and do not look back.


    What type of communication is considered cheating on Facebook?

    Facebook is a means of communication, so millions of people discuss their personal matters there with their friends, relatives, and so on. Only if your partners flirts with someone, discusses sex, dates, etc. – these can considered to be Facebook cheating signs. Each couple defines the line that should not be crossed by themselves.

    What do cheaters do to protect themselves from being revealed?

    First of all, they switch to Facebook secret conversations, cheating by hiding or deleting all the messages. Secondly, they can change their password, cheat only when you are at work or sleep, etc. Cheaters are very inventive, so there is no unique set of rules on how to hide cheating tracks.

    Can I see what my partner likes on Facebook in 2024?

    Yes, we understand that likes are one of the most obvious Facebook cheating signs, so we prepared a reply in advance. Spy apps show you all the likes a person puts and gets, so if you focus on likes and messages, either on Android or iOS – SpyBubble is your best choice.

    What messaging services do cheaters typically use?

    Oh, it is hard to say, almost as hard as explaining how to find out if your spouse is cheating for free (there are no good free trackers; a free trial would be the best workaround). Facebook is the easiest option, same as WhatsApp, but some cheaters switch to Snapchat due to its disappearing messages. It is all individual.

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