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    Have you ever needed to check someone’s reliability or reveal your spouse’s fidelity through text? With many options available, one of the best ones is using an anonymous texting app. These applications empower users to send text messages without revealing their phone numbers or identities. 

    But with so many tools available on the market today, the challenge lies in selecting the ideal anonymous texting app. Navigate through a comprehensive review featuring a variety of options, from free alternatives to those with advanced capabilities, to pinpoint the perfect fit for your discreet messaging requirements.

    What Is an Anonymous Texting App?

    An anonymous texting app is a special application that enables users to interact with each other without revealing their private information. These apps prioritize user privacy, offering a secure and discreet space where two strangers can communicate with each other. No one can access your dialogues, and all the data these apps share is anonymous. 

    Using anonymous messaging apps is an excellent alternative for those who want to make new acquaintances, share some secrets, or express themselves without worrying that their text messages will be linked back to their phone number or identity. But, the fact is, anonymous texting apps do not ensure 100% anonymity, and some private data like IP addresses or cookies can be used to reveal your identity. 

    Who Uses Anonymous Texting Apps Most Often?

    Anonymous texting apps have gained popularity among diverse users because of the unique features these platforms offer: complete anonymity, high-security level, and the ability to chat without worrying that someone might read your messages on your phone or pretend to be you.

    So, who uses anonymous text messages?

    • Teenagers: Teens looking for a secure way to communicate, share sensitive information and secrets, and make new acquaintances without revealing their identity frequently utilize anonymous texting apps. Using anonymous texting apps gives them a sense of freedom and protection.
    • Victims looking for support: People dealing with harassment or those going through challenging life periods often use anonymous texting apps as a way to reach out for help. It is a great and safe place for those who want to talk and share their problems and gain support without revealing their identity. 
    • Online dating: Those looking for new acquaintances frequently use online dating apps, and they often use anonymous texting apps to keep things private before they know enough about the people they chat with so that revealing their identity would be safe as trust grows. 
    • Community activists: For activists, using anonymous texting applications is super important. They use them to get support and coordinate protests without the risk of being detected by authorities. These apps allow activists to share information and speak out without risking their safety.
    • Students: Bullying is one of the most frequent problems many students face at school. They may lack communication and, for this reason, can turn to anonymous messaging tools to communicate with others without the risk of revealing their personality and avoid the problem of possible data leaks in case their identity is revealed. They use these apps to tell someone about their problems at school, college, or university and ask for help without worrying that their personality will be disclosed.

    12 Best Anonymous Texting Apps for Android and iOS

    So, how to text someone anonymously? Despite many anonymous spy apps on the Internet, choosing the best one is challenging. Fortunately, luck is on your side! We have analyzed many apps for anonymous conversations and prepared a list of the best ones, ensuring you make the right choice.

    TextNow – Free Anonymous Texts and Calls

    If you are looking for a global cell phone communication platform for making calls and sending text messages without paying for expensive plans, then TextNow would be a great choice. TextNow is a nationwide phone service that lets you connect with anyone, starting at zero cost. When you sign up, you get a unique phone number for free to make calls and send anonymous texts to US and Canadian numbers.

    Additional features include voicemail, video messaging, and conference calling. Having a synchronization feature, you can access your messages across multiple devices on which the anonymous chat app is installed. You may use a passcode to keep messages safe and secure if needed.

    Choose for:

    • Cheap international communication
    • Secure chatting 
    TextNow – Free Anonymous Texts and Calls

    Signal – The Most Secure Messaging App

    Signal is one of the best anonymous texting apps for iPhone and Android. It is a safe, robust, and secure messenger that uses end-to-end encryption powered by the open-source Signal Protocol, which keeps your chats safe. You may use Signal to communicate with others anonymously by hiding your number functions and caller ID. However, the recipient must have enabled the receipt of anonymous messages for it to work.

    Using Signal, you may share voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and files. You won’t pay SMS and MMS fees because the texting app uses your phone’s data connection. If desired, you are able to use encrypted stickers or create your own ones. You can use the tool for DM communication and group chats to connect with your family, relatives, close friends, and colleagues. 

    It is a non-profit platform, meaning using the tool for free is possible. However, they have a so-called donation option, where volunteers can donate $5 to pay for the development and maintenance of Signal. 

    Choose for:

    • Secure and safe communication 
    • Anonymous texting app usage
    • Group messaging with up to 1K members

    FreeTone Calls & Texting – Free Anonymous Texting App for Android (includ. USA and Canada)

    Using the FreeTone app, users can send text messages or call any US number quickly and cost-free. According to the information provided on the official website, “With FreeTone, your phone service works just like your email. You are free to call or text anyone worldwide, even if they’re not FreeTone users. You can also create multiple numbers and manage them from one account”. You do not need to provide personal data, making it difficult for recipients to track you down.

    The one disadvantage of FreeTone is that you must log in using your Facebook, email, or Google account. Also, FreeTone usage is limited to the US and Canada. 

    Choose for:

    • Anonymous communication
    • Selling items online 
    • Alternative free cell phone number

    Text Me – Send Texts, Photos, Voice SMS, Videos, and Calls to US and Canadian Numbers for Free (Android)

    FreeTone Calls & Texting – Free Anonymous Texting App for Android

    Are you looking for anonymous texting on Android or iOS? If “yes”, then Text Me is a great choice. Using Text Me, you may send unlimited free messages, calls, and picture messaging to any phone in the US, Canada, and over 40 countries (sending messages or making calls to US and Canadian cell phone numbers is free for Android devices). With Text Me, it is also possible to send anonymous pictures, voice, and video messages and find out when they were delivered or read by the recipient.

    Text Me can transform any iPod, iPad, or tablet into a phone. It has a high-security protection level so no one can detect your identity. You can freely call or text anyone worldwide, even if they’re not TextMe users. In addition to this, you may also get multiple numbers and manage them from one account. 

    Choose for:

    • Selling items
    • Those who want to have multiple free virtual numbers
    • Dating
    • Creating an international number for when you’re abroad
    Text Me – Send Texts, Photos, Voice SMS, Videos, and Calls to US and Canadian Numbers for Free (Android)

    Hushed – Anonymous Text Messaging App for Android and iOS

    Are you looking to have as many numbers as you’d like when using one app? Get another virtual cell phone number without carrying another phone with you. Using the app, you are free to add and manage as many cell phone numbers as desired, which is excellent for business, marketing, dating, etc. 

    Using the anonymous texting app is easy; you may access your numbers from anywhere worldwide using WiFi. Having plenty of features like custom voicemail greetings, call forwarding and auto-reply messages, the app offers local numbers in the US, the UK, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  

    Depending on the length of your subscription plan, the prices differ and range between $2.99 to $139.99. Unfortunately, there are no regions where using the temporary number from Hushed would be free.

    Hushed – Anonymous Text Messaging App for Android and iOS

    Choose for: 

    • Dating
    • Online classifieds
    • Business
    • Having a virtual cell phone number
    • Enjoy full-talk, SMS, and MMS
    • Communication abroad
    • Get in touch with anyone when you have not a cell phone with you
    • Keeping your actual cell phone number safe and anonymous

    CoverMe – Anonymous Texting App with Disappearing Messages

    Do you need a second phone number that could function worldwide? With CoverMe, a free anonymous text app, you may use disposable phone numbers for text messages and calls for your different needs and purposes. With this untraceable text app, it is possible to set text messages to self-destruct whenever you feel it would be the most important. 

    CoverMe also allows for encrypted messages, private messages, disappearing messages, and so on. CoverMe is equipped with cloud backup, which ensures that all your shared files, photos, videos, passwords, and text messages are locked so that no one but you can access them. You must download the app from Google Play Market or App Store for anonymous texting on iPhone or Android.

    Choose for:

    • Hiding secret messages, personal contacts, and call logs
    • Business operations
    • Online dating
    CoverMe – Anonymous Texting App with Disappearing Messages

    Second Phone Number – Secret Texting App with Free Unlimited Calls

    Second Phone Number is another anonymous texting app that allows users to use a second virtual number to send anonymous text messages and make calls via WiFi. Although the app allows anonymous SMS texting, you, as a user, have the option to disclose your identity when desired. Second Phone Number allows you to select a phone number from the UK, Canada, or the US.

    Choose for:

    • Keeping track of clients
    • Calls or chats with clients
    • Anonymous private conversations
    • Having an alternative cell phone number where your identity can be disclosed when desired.
    • Sending and receiving audio messages

    StealthChat – Encrypted Texting App for Private Messaging

    If you want your text messages to be accessed only for you, then choosing this anonymous texting app would be a wise solution. StealthChat allows making private and secure chats and calls and encrypting screen displays, preventing unauthorized message viewing. Is your top list of contacts active now? Use the app’s hide offline status feature to make your contact list cleaner. 

    Encrypted VOIP calls feature ensures that phone calls are encrypted, making it impossible to eavesdrop on your conversation. Using the self-destructing feature, you can take control of your messages’ lifetime to choose whether they will be automatically deleted after 1 minute to 1 day. 

    The anti-screenshot feature, screen lock, and SSL-secured connection keep your conversations confidential. StealthChat is a free texting app, making it an excellent choice for everyone.

    Choose for:

    • Self-destructing message sending
    • Secure conversations
    • Private and group chatting

    Smiley – Anonymous Texting App for iOS

    Smiley Private Texting SMS has come with an anonymous text resolution without getting exposed. It guarantees the best privacy system, protecting your identity. All you need to do to start using this communication tool is sign up and enter the number you want to text. Just like regular texting but without a SIM card required, only an Internet connection. Send and receive free anonymous text messages without revealing your personal information. 

    Messages sent via the application won’t reflect on your carrier statement, ensuring they remain undisclosed on your phone bill. Additionally, Smiley provides you with an actual phone number in the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, and many other countries.

    Choose for: 

    • Sending unlimited texts with the ability where the recipients can see your number
    • Image messaging or MMS
    • Using both permanent or temporary numbers and secure your privacy
    Smiley – Anonymous Texting App for iOS

    Confide – Blocks Screenshots and Allows Disappearing Messages

    According to the information provided on the official Confide website, the tool is equipped with encrypted, self-destructing, and screenshot-proof messages. It ensures your chats are safe and anonymous, leaving no digital trace. Confide also allows the anonymous sending of texts, photos, videos, documents, and voice messages to individuals or groups. 

    Confide works on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android, keeping you connected at your desk or on the move. It’s a free tool available in 15 languages and used in over 200 countries globally.

    Choose for: 

    • Discussing sensitive topics or giving unfiltered opinions without fear of the Internet’s permanent
    • Online communication with screenshot and spy protection guarantee that your chats are safe
    Confide – Blocks Screenshots and Allows Disappearing Messages

    AddaLine – Texting App for iOS with a Free Trial

    Need an additional second phone number for personal or business purposes in less than 60 seconds? AddLine is recommended as the best private messaging application with “calling, texting, voicemail and many powerful controls”. So, using the tool, you will not reveal your cell phone number and will be able to make calls and send SMS hiddenly. 

    AddaLine also offers a 7-day free trial that allows you to choose between the USA, Canada, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and the UK and make calls in most of the regions of these countries for free. The other advantages of AddLine are the ability to use from one to multiple cell phone numbers, send voice text messages, make and receive calls, block undesired contacts, and send MMS in UD numbers. 

    Choose for:

    • Selling things online
    • Anonymous chatting and calling
    • Tracking marketing campaigns
    • Sending audio messages
    AddaLine – Texting App for iOS with a Free Trial

    Snapchat – Free Messenger App

    Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets teens over 13 exchange user-generated photos, texts, videos, and calls. Snapchat incorporates a unique feature allowing users to set time restrictions on the visibility of their sent Snaps, ranging from one to 10 seconds before disappearing. While Snapchat permits message receipt from unfamiliar contacts, the restricted profile settings create a secure environment, prioritizing communication among friends for teens. 

    By default, most messages sent over Snapchat will be automatically deleted once viewed or expired. The best part is that Snapchat’s web version is now free for all users worldwide. 

    Choose for:

    • Communication with friends
    • Hidden messages sharing
    Snapchat – Free Messenger App

    How to Check Someone’s Private Texting Without Them Knowing?

    Although anonymous messaging apps provide a high-security level, ensuring your sent and received messages won’t be accessed by anyone else, there is still a way they can be accessed. And the best way is through using a special spy tracking app – SpyBubble. Once installed on the target device, whether iOS or Android-driven, the app collects data and sends it directly to your user space. Importantly, your identity remains concealed from the device owner, ensuring they remain unaware of your surveillance activities.

    Wrapping Up

    So, now you know about the best apps for anonymous communication. Choose the one that perfectly suits your needs and personal requirements. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that while these apps provide enhanced security compared to regular social media and instant messaging apps, they don’t guarantee complete data security. Therefore, exercise caution by refraining from sharing sensitive information with strangers and avoiding offline meetings. Remember, what begins as ‘good online friends’ could become less favorable connections or expose you to online predators. Therefore, always stay attentive and responsibly enjoy the benefits of anonymous communication.

    If you are worried about your kids or suspect your loved ones of inappropriate communication or cheating, sign up for SpyBubble and expose the truth.


    What is the best anonymous messaging app for Android?

    Second Phone Number and Text Me are Android’s best anonymous messaging apps. They are both free to use and work to keep the sender’s number and other details secret.

    What is the best anonymous messaging app for iOS?

    Addaline and Hushed are the best anonymous texting apps for iPhones. They are free to use, making them accessible to all iPhone users. If desired, you can use these tools on your iPad or Mac.Β 

    What are the ways to catch a cheater?

    Although there are many ways to catch a cheater, from observing their behavior and tracking social media activity to hiring a private investigator, the best and the most effective way to do it is through using unique tracking apps like SpyBubble. They offer absolute anonymity, so you should not worry that the target user will discover you are tracking them.Β 

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