How to Tell If Someone Is Cheating: 20 Tell-Tale Signs and Proven Ways to Catch a Cheater

How to tell if someone is cheating

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    In movies, catching a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is often portrayed as a dramatic moment. It typically involves a character returning home and catching their partner in the act, leaving no room for denial. However, in reality, we seldom get that Hollywood drama. In its stead, several uncommon signs of cheating often manifest subtly. Are you wondering what the signs of a cheater are? Read on to find out how to tell if someone is cheating.   

    20 Signs of Cheating         

    When you suspect your partner of infidelity, several guaranteed signs of cheating typically scream foul play. A single sign may not definitively point out a suspicious partner, but if multiple indicators in this list align with your situation, it may be time to take steps to confirm or dispel your fears. Here are some of the most common cheating red flags:

    Changes in Behavior

    Sudden behavioral changes can be a sign of infidelity. Maybe your partner has suddenly shifted from an inactive lifestyle to attending the gym daily. While this might be normal, notable transformations in a short period might suggest other underlying issues.

    Significant Mood Shifts 

    Your spouse displaying dramatic shifts in mood can signify relationship issues. If your partner is typically always relaxed but suddenly becomes tense, withdrawn, edgy, or easily agitated, it might be because they are hiding something.

    They Always Appear Stressed and Irritable

    When a cheating partner focuses their energy on not getting caught, they seem more anxious when they are around you. If your partner manifests this and doesn’t provide valid reasons for their stress, they may be hiding things from you.

    Significant Changes in Their Normal Routine

    Humans are typically creatures of habit, which means that a majority of individuals follow a predictable routine. If your partner often claims to be working late without a reasonable explanation, especially when they have no new job, promotion, or a new project they are working on, it could point to infidelity.

    They Are Overprotective of Their Electronic Devices

    A cheating spouse is often overly protective of their cell phone. For instance, they might intentionally hold their phone at an angle to prevent you from seeing their chats with others or place it face down when you are nearby. Once they receive a phone call, they may intentionally step away to have private conversations or abruptly end conversations when you enter the room. What’s more, some might even keep their phone on silent mode to ensure you never hear any notifications. Luckily, there are some workarounds disclosed later.

    They Suddenly Pay More Attention to Their Looks or Appearance 

    If your partner suddenly begins to wear cologne or invest significantly in new clothes, especially if it wasn’t their usual behavior, it’s reasonable to inquire about the change. If their explanation doesn’t make sense, that should raise a red flag. Chances are they’re trying to impress someone new.

    There’s a Noticeable Change in Communication

    If you and your partner usually maintain open communication in your relationship, but they suddenly become silent, it might be a cause for concern.

    Lowered Sex Drive 

    One’s sex drive can be influenced by physical health, changes in hormonal levels, physiological changes, mental state, and emotional health of their relationship. Equally as likely, your partner’s lowered sex drive might be because they’re engaged in another affair.

    They Get Defensive When Questioned About the Reasons Behind Certain Changes 

    A cheating husband or wife may act defensive when asked to give explanations for why some things have changed. They tend to deviate from the topic or bombard you with more questions in a bid to get away with it.

    They No Longer Speak About Your Future Together

    It should become a cause of concern if your partner starts disconnecting from the relationship, avoiding future plans, or neglecting discussions about long-term goals. While these signs don’t necessarily indicate infidelity, they do signal the need for a tough conversation to assess whether you are still working towards the same goals.

    They Become Emotionally Unavailable

    Perhaps your partner used to share their emotions, feelings, and thoughts with you but suddenly stopped or responds with empty answers when asked about their well-being. This could be one of the signs your partner is cheating. If this is the case, it might be advisable to look for additional signs on this checklist.

    Secret Friendships

    If you discover your partner sustaining a relationship with someone you find unsettling, like an ex or someone from their romantic past, this could serve as a red flag for potential adultery. 

    They Complain More Often About You

    If previously playful jokes or teasing now carry a stronger impact or seem unusually harsh, it might be your partner’s altered way of expressing dissatisfaction.

    They Stop Engaging in Their Usual Love Language 

    If your partner used to organize date nights, desire physical affection, or consistently prioritized acts of service but has suddenly disengaged, it might indicate that you’re getting cheated on.  

    You Observe Unexplained Financial Issues

    Substantial expenses or unexplained withdrawals may signal cheating, though they could also be explained by other reasons. It is recommended to address the situation directly with your partner and assess if their explanation makes sense. If their story doesn’t add up and your intuition remains uneasy, practice increased vigilance.

    They Manipulate Your Perception

    When you confront them with your suspicions of infidelity, your partner might react by labeling you as irrational. They may imply that you are misinterpreting things or undermine your concerns as insecurity and cause you to question your reality. 

    They Monitor Your Schedule Closely

    Unfaithful partners typically aim to identify specific time frames that afford them the freedom and flexibility to be with a new romantic interest. They put considerable effort to avoid getting caught. This may manifest as them always wanting to know your schedule and looking for times when you will be away. 

    They Start Presenting You with More Gifts Than Usual

    They Start Presenting You with More Gifts Than Usual

    Cheating partners may start presenting you with more gifts than usual as a strategy to assure you of their love and commitment. Love bombing, as it is often colloquially referred to, creates a false safety cushion that is meant to dismiss any doubts you have about their faithfulness.

    Their Friends Don’t Seem as Friendly as They Used to Be

    Cheaters tend to display less caution around their friends than with their partners. Consistently, you may observe that your partner’s friends feel uneasy around you. This may be because they know something you don’t. 

    You Have an Intuitive Feeling

    Does your gut tell you something is not right? Often, our intuition serves as a survival instinct that picks up tiny hints and signals when something seems off. If this internal warning bell activates, it’s important to pay attention. In a thriving relationship, your partner should listen and empathize whenever you raise your concerns. Together, you can collaborate to mitigate fears and ensure you’re all on the same page.

    But Is There a Chance They Aren’t Cheating?

    Though we’ve tackled how to tell if someone is cheating, your partner may exhibit a few of these signs but have a perfectly reasonable explanation for their actions that doesn’t involve cheating. Conversely, a cheating wife or husband will almost always deny when confronted with allegations of infidelity. Therefore, before accusing your partner, it may be prudent to gather some proof of their unfaithfulness. Let’s look into how to tell if your partner is lying about cheating.

    How to Catch a Cheater or Dispel Your Doubts?

    How to tell if someone is cheating, you ask? The best way to catch a cheating spouse is by monitoring their phone to access their communications. To that end, SpyBubble stands out as a top spy app for monitoring a cheating girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. With features like remotely seeing their text messages, call logs, and social media activities, no cheater is safe when you have SpyBubble with you. Here’s how to catch a cheater with the SpyBubble app:

    1. Visit the SpyBubble website, register, and purchase a subscription.
    2. Install SpyBubble on your partner’s Android phone, or provide their Apple ID and password to track them via iCloud.
    3. Go to your account and wait for their data to start streaming in.

    Here are some of the features you’ll enjoy:

    1. Monitor their calls and contacts: SpyBubble enables you to access their incoming and outgoing call logs, including the deleted ones.
    2. Read their messages discreetly: Suspicious partners will delete incriminating texts if you go through their phone. SpyBubble lets you monitor their text messages discreetly and in real-time to find out what they’re hiding.
    3. Monitor their location: SpyBubble has a nifty location tracking feature that can help you get the exact whereabouts of your partner on Google Maps.
    4. Monitor their social media and dating apps: Are you wondering how to tell if someone is cheating on Snapchat? The SpyBubble catch a cheater app can help you monitor their activities on popular social media and dating sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, and WhatsApp.  
    5. Remotely access their phone camera and microphone: SpyBubble grants you remote access to your partner’s phone camera and microphone. This way, you could record ambient sound or take photo snapshots and videos to see and listen to everything your partner is doing in your absence. 

    Dealing with Cheating

    Though it’s good to know how to tell if someone is cheating on you, discovering that your partner is engaging in what is considered cheating can be devastating. It has the potential to thrust your relationship into a state of crisis that could lead to its destruction. Regardless of the reasons, you will have a lot of complicated emotions to sort through as you contemplate your next steps.                             These tips can assist you in coping with the aftermath:                                                                       

    • Accept your feelings. It is natural to mourn the relationship you once had.    
    • Refrain from seeking revenge, as it could work against you.    
    • Remember to take care of yourself. It is common for people to neglect self-care after experiencing a traumatizing heartbreak. 
    • Avoid throwing blame or wallowing in self-pity.
    • If you have kids, avoid involving them in your scuffle.
    • Seek couples counseling if you intend to salvage your relationship.


    Now that you know how to tell if someone is cheating, it is important to keep in mind that observing these signs in your partner doesn’t necessarily prove that they are cheating in a relationship. Before confronting them, gather evidence using a robust spy app like SpyBubble. Above all, don’t forget that you’ve invested a significant amount of emotional energy in your relationship. In the event that the worst happens, keep faith that not all is lost. 

    How can I tell if my boyfriend/girlfriend is on a dating site?

    If you are eager to find out whether your partner is on dating sites, checking their browser history could provide an answer. Better still, an efficient monitoring app like SpyBubble can help you monitor their phone and find out the truth.

    How can I track my boyfriend’s phone for free?

    You can always use his device’s proprietary location tracker app like Find My iPhone for iOS devices or Find My Device for Android. Alternatively, you could employ monitoring apps like uMobix and SpyBubble to help track their whereabouts.

    Is it possible to track my boyfriend without accessing his phone?

    If your boyfriend uses an iPhone, you could track his location via SpyBubble armed only with his iCloud credentials. For Android devices, you’ll need to install the app on his phone before you can begin tracking.

    Is it possible to track my boyfriend’s location without his knowledge?

    You can track your boyfriend’s exact location without him knowing using spy apps like SpyBubble or GEOfinder. The latter allows pinning down someone’s whereabouts by phone number.

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