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    There are many reasons someone would want to spy on Facebook Messenger or a similar messaging app. Here are a couple of reasons for checking messenger chats and spying on them.

    Why May You Need to Spy on Facebook Chats?

    Someone may suspect that their spouse is cheating. If their spouse is using Facebook more often, they may be chatting with a person on there who is worth investigating. A spouse may try to figure out a way to spy on their spouse’s Facebook. Some communicate through Facebook, so check for the messages there and also just who they are talking to, so you can get some peace of mind and figure out what’s going on.

    Another reason is if a parent suspects their minor child is speaking to someone inappropriately, such as a predator. In this case, they may try to figure out how to use Facebook DM spy and keep their kids safe. See who they are talking to, and take action if the person is dangerous.

    No matter the reason, a person may want to know how to spy on someone’s messenger for free. So let’s look at some apps that can help and some free ways to become a messenger spy.

    How Do I Track Messenger Activity?

    If you want to spy on someone’s messenger for free, try logging onto it or looking at someone’s phone or computer if they leave them on. Otherwise, you may need to install a spy app for messenger.

    A spy app is an app you install on a target’s phone. It blends into the background, being undetectable to the naked eye. As a result, your target does not know that they are being spied on. Through a user interface, the person spying can see what the target is doing. They will receive real-time updates, and even deleted messages are forever archived.

    Many spy apps are monthly subscription-based. However, some apps offer free trials or free versions, albeit without some features. With that said, many find that spy apps work well to keep tabs on their children and employees or see if a spouse is cheating.

    Let’s look at several apps that can help you spy on someone.


    First, we have SpyBubble, also known as SpyBubble Pro, and just Spy Bubble. This app is marketed toward those who want to see if their partner is cheating. However, surveillance works well for many other situations.

    SpyBubble is your essential spying app. What people love about it is that it logs everything your target does. You choose a plan, download the app to the required phone, and install it. It works for all modern versions of Android and iOS.

    Feature: Track Facebook Messenger

    With it, spy on a target’s location, texts, call logs, and messenger app. But first, let’s look at some advantages of SpyBubble:

    • What people love about SpyBubble is that it installs quickly. You don’t need to be in the know to install it. Follow the simple instructions, and you should be good.
    • You receive automatic updates. Every five minutes, you learn what the target is doing. So even if they’ve deleted something, their digital footprint will be available for you to see.
    • You receive screenshots every second. With this, you miss no update, making SpyBubble the ideal choice.
    • A person can view the target’s deleted data at any time. So, no data will be hidden, thanks to SpyBubble’s watchful eye.
    • SpyBubble is compatible with all modern iOS and Android systems, meaning you don’t have to worry much about compatibility.


    Next on our list, we have uMobix. This app markets itself to parents who want to keep their kids safe. While children deserve privacy, there are instances where the parent may want to step in. So if you feel like your child is talking to a predator, getting into trouble, or want to keep them safe, uMobix is the app for you.

    In addition, uMobix is an excellent app for curbing your child’s Internet use. Androids and iPhones have parental controls, but many are not that advanced. With uMobix, it’s easy for you to control how much your child uses their devices and what sites they can and cannot visit, and control when they get on their phones. So, for example, if you want your child to do their homework first, control their phone in real-time. 

    What makes uMobix lovely is that you may install it remotely if you have the target’s iCloud credentials. So it’s a Facebook Messenger spy app without target phone required. We also like uMobix because it has robust customer service. With uMobix, we give it our highest recommendations if you’re someone who wants to keep their kids safe.


    Cocospy markets itself to parents of children as well as employers. Since we’ve already discussed children, let’s talk about employers. Many employers use work phones and computers, and as long as they know they’re being watched, they can use spy apps such as Cocospy.

    Many employees can slack off, wasting valuable time looking at social media, playing games, or doing other activities. Cocospy makes sure that you keep your employees in check. Through its robust spying features, ensure that your employees are on the right track.

    Other Methods to Spy on Facebook Messenger

    While these apps can be helpful, they tend to cost money. Sometimes, they may offer free trials or demo versions, but they are limited in time or features. So if you want to spy on someone’s messenger for free, let’s look at your options.

    Guess a Password

    The first way to spy on someone’s messenger for free is to guess their password. If you know the person you’re spying on well, you may have a clue as to what their password may be. However, this method may not work well if you don’t have any clue. Too many failed attempts can lock the person out of their account and notify them that someone tried to log in. We say to try a few times and then give up after several failed attempts.

    Use Forgot My Password Feature

    If you want to spy on someone’s messenger for free, use the “forgot my password” feature. However, you need access to the target’s email (or sometimes phone number) to reset it. Not only that, but the target then realizes that someone has changed their password. You will also want to ensure that you have deleted the emails telling the person to reset the password.

    However, this method, while not discreet, can work if you want to know how to spy on someone’s Messenger. Just understand the risks before you use it.

    Use Browser Cookies

    If you have access to a person’s phone or PC, they may have saved their login information in their browser’s cookies. As a result, they often log in to their account via saved emails or passwords.

    Alternatively, some programs let you save a person’s browser’s cookies and then use them on your account.

    This may not work if your target does not save their passwords and frequently clears their cookies. However, if your target is someone who is not too cautious, you may be in luck.

    Clone the Target’s Phone

    Some apps let you copy the contents of one phone to another. As long as you have access to your target’s phone, you can clone it, enabling you to log in to their social media accounts. However, since cloning a phone takes a long time, this can be a risky process and one that not many use because of that.

    In addition, some things may not carry over. For example, you may not receive the login information you want. However, when done right, this feature can work well for you.

    How to Spy on Facebook Messages Without Installing Anything

    The best way to spy on someone’s messages without them knowing is to have their login information handy. If you log into their account, you are able to spy on Messenger without installing software.

    However, you don’t have many options if you don’t have that information. Otherwise, you may need to look into Facebook messenger spyware. While this can be costly, it’s worth it. Not only can you archive a target’s messages, but you also see all sorts of activities.

    Final Words

    When you spy on someone’s Messenger, you have several options available. Your best action is to look into a phone tracking app, which can help you immensely. Spy apps help you by keeping track of everything your target does, sending it to a safe location.

    Otherwise, you may need to brute force it. It is still possible for you to log in by guessing someone’s password or through a shared computer. However, this method can be riskier.

    In addition, be sure that you do your research on privacy laws in your area. Finally, be sure you are legally clear before trying to spy on someone. We are not responsible for any legal troubles that can happen.

    Either way, we hope this article was helpful to you. Good luck!


    How to spy on Facebook messages for free without a phone?

    The best way is to figure out a person’s password, use a “forgot my password” option, or see if they’re logged in on a shared computer. In addition, spy apps let you install them via the target’s iCloud information. But, again, you don’t need the phone if you have access to this.

    What is the best Facebook app for iPhone?

    The best app is Facebook’s app, alongside their Messenger app. The Messenger app is required if you want to send and receive messages through your phone. There are also several other apps for using Facebook you may be interested in. You should go to the app store and see what they have.

    What’s the best Facebook messenger spy app for Android?

    One of the best apps you may look at is uMobix. This app lets you see what your target is doing in real time and has a keylogger installed. In addition, you will get access to the messages if your target likes to delete them frequently. With that said, most spy apps will work well for monitoring Facebook messages, so try them all out and see which works best.

    Is a free app better to use?

    A free spy app can save you money, but it tends to have limited features. If you only need the basics or only need to use an app for a little bit, a free phone tracking app can work well. Otherwise, we recommend using a paid app. Many have deals for the first month, and you can cancel anytime.

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